Billy bar pic posted

wb0s wrote:

You're welcome Rico!

Let's refer to the brace as the Billy Bar!

Henceforth, it will be known as such.

Just a shout out to Bill for repairing my damaged chassis last night.  We got it all set up on the jig and got the axle tube and bracket re-soldered in place.  Then Bill devised a secondary brace which he fabricated and soldered in place. It would have to be a devastating hit to knock it loose now. I will post a pic this evening if I have time. Once again thanks Bill.
As promised- one Billy bar



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I can only echo Bill's sentiments. I will take full responsibility for breaking the trunk section off the body, I just overcooked it. I'm not sure exactly how the front axle tube was torn off but I sure had fun while it lasted and so did my stinky motor :-) I think everyone was amazed it kept going and going. Time to get started on a new body.


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Vote early, vote often!!

PGE, GFX, Can Am and LeMans

Just following orders

It is my luck that all but one of Dominic’s football games are on a Thursday so I will have to miss a race or three. I’m sure you’re all going to be disappointed.

PGE, GFX, Can Am and LeMans


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I'm out of town this weekend and the following weekend is Labor Day and most likely have stuff going on.  The 11th/12th is also not doable for me. Saturday is the race at Bob's and Sunday I will be at PIR for the Indy car race.

A BIG THANKS TO Bob for hosting a hot summer spectacular race today. The racing was as hot as temperature outside. I had a blast and got to know some new faces to me.

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Nice try but still open cockpit

Not WHEN I'm DONE....

My latest entry.... HeHeHe

I just want to congratulate Al on his hard fought championship.  It a battle the whole season long. I've been trying to catch up with those guys all season, it was a win for me to be on the same lap. I also want to give kudos to Bill and his single point, that's a top ten finish. Plus, racing against him always brings a level of shall we say uncertainty.

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wb0s wrote:

I will be at Al's tomorrow night!

I am bringing some parts as well as some cars for anyone interested.

Last race of the season!

Doc, you gonna be second?


Im ok with taking 2nd. just as long as Al is in 3rd.....

So your going to let me win???


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Doesn't pretty much everyone have a 4" Flexi?

Here's one of mine.  I can't seem to find the others at this time. I'm pretty sure they're around here somewhere.



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Wow Stan, simply beautiful.


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I’ve got a 4.5 ready to go and my calendar is clear at this time

Happy 4th of July to all my racing friends

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We had a ton of extra insulation blown into our attic in the spring of '19. It definitely paid off!

We just did back in March and I believe it did make a difference, plus we got paid to do it. That’s a win win!

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reek455 wrote:

Have a drink for me

I'll  have two for you. Don't  want to short change you.

Thanks Doc, I knew I could count on you!!

Have a drink for me

Mostly just old stuff, with the exception of the dishwasher, all were 15 plus years old.

Another weekend, another appliance failure. This time the garbage disposal gave up the ghost and with a backed up sink I had to repair/replace last night. It’s been an expensive year with the dryer, water heater, dishwasher prior to this. I hope I can make it one day.



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I can’t make it, we have a prior commitment.

docdoom wrote:

Yes lmp was one tough battle.  Zack got me by one tenth at the end. We both had some deslots trying to push  to hard.

Which one wasn’t?

Another fun night of hard fought, close racing last night at Al's. Al, thank you so much for allowing us to race, it's so good to have an outlet for fun again. It was also very good to see Mr. Kouba with a controller in his hand, he's always tough competition. Sorry the rest of you had to miss it.