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I think this is a sensible compromise


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What Mitch said


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I use postimages.org. You just set up a free account and you can upload your pictures to their site. Once uploaded, you choose the picture you wish to post and click on the share button and it will bring up a list of links. I usually choose the hotlink for forums but others will also work. When you choose what link you wish, click the button and it will pop up "link copied", then you simply paste the link in whatever forum you are posting to.


If you don’t like the wise cracks, maybe you should’ve spackled that sucker shut….

Another small turn out tonight but the racing was still fierce. We did have a first tonight and not soon to be forgotten any time soon. I’m sure you’ve all heard “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR. Well, we had a “Crack of Doom” sighting. I’m pretty sure Doc will not forget his belt again. I’m pretty confident Greg hopes he doesn’t as he had the first sighting and coined the term.


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Nice work!!


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A crane blew a tire and had a massive fiery accident near Cascade Locks so I-84 was closed causing traffic gridlock


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Mitch was thinking we might do it after the Odd Thursday race on the 7th but you might want to check with him on that.

Doc is correct, an intense evenly balanced night of racing. Oh what fun!! Not a good night to have a lead wire come out of the guide in the points race :-(

Thanks everyone. The surgery went well and they found no more cancer. So, onto reconstructive surgery tomorrow

I most likely will miss the race tomorrow. Kelly is in surgery right now having a small cancerous spot removed on her lower eye area and is scheduled for reconstruction surgery tomorrow


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Are you looking for a complete car? Or just a body?

Once again, very close racing indeed, just a matter of who doesn't make a mistake. BIG THANKS  to Al for the use of the loaner. I stopped to marshal a car or I would've beat him with his own car :-).


Contrary to popular opinion that was me at Al's last night sans licorice.  Sorry, no time for a store run yesterday. As per Doc's news flash there was a good amount of close hard-fought racing last night. Thanks again Al for letting us use your track for these contests. Looking forward to the next race.



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Counter clock-wise


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stumbley wrote:

If I qualify the cars on my track, then run the proxy on Al's, do you think people will think that's unfair? I don't think we'll have time to qualify and run 2 proxies on Thursday.

I believe you may have meant to say "run the proxy at Mitch's".


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I just found my missing side pipe. Thanks to anyone who happened to look for one on my behalf


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OP says 7 cars Doc


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It definitely was an enjoyable evening of racing for sure despite my car issues.  I was encouraged by the improvement in my womp car, it's finally headed in the right direction.  Thanks to all for a great time especially our host.



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puddy cat?


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I am in the process of building an 1/32 L-88 Corvette but have managed to lose the left hand side pipe. I know it's in my shop somewhere but I cannot find it.  Does anyone have a spare they would be willing to part with?


It felt good to get some laps in, it had been quite a layoff.  I was happy that some of my tweaking has helped close the gap to Doc "Super wide" Doom and Al. There's always close intense battles at Al's and last night was no different. See y'all next time.


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I only have the solid silver one and probably not for sale.


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Just another day at the races for "Wild Bill".

I had to go to a VERY boring and long football awards gathering. I wish I could have been racing instead.