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Thanks Bob, I had fun despite loosing my wheel multiple times. I must learn to be better prepared.

Weekends are better for me


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kidvolt wrote:

You only need TWO cars.  I'm sure we can find something beyond the Fickle Fiats of Fate.

Of course we could, but why would we? Fiats are loved and loathed across the globe.


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I heartily applaud this and would attend events but Autumn Hills may not be a good track for these cars. Long wide cars do not work well due to the track layout, but if we're talking Fiats....

I could be persuaded if it fits in my schedule

Thanks Bob, always a good time racing with you guys.



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Thanks for the tip Mr. Smooth, but I do not have  Legends car at this time.

Rico unless something unforeseen comes up


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Unfortunately Mother Nature spoiled our plans to race this evening, but I was ready...

I received my first slot car set for Christmas when I was nine years old. An Aurora T-Jet figure 8 with two Mustangs, one hardtop and one convertible which I still have.  I remember racing against my uncle Ray on the floor of my grandparent's basement. I would go fast and crash out while he went slow and steady beating me every time calling himself Raymundo Petty. I sure do miss him!

A Christmas or so later we visited my cousin's house and he had a Sears/AFX four lane set with lots of cars. My brother and I were blown away by the AFX cars.  Some time later that set ended up at our house and that resulted in lap after lap of carpet racing in our bedroom with the neighborhood gang.  Eventually many of the plastic tabs got broken from being stepped on. We procured some of the metal spring clips for repair but there were never enough of them to fill the need.  Our solution was to use a Bic lighter and melt the pieces together. Oh the smell of burning plastic :-) Sometime during this period we got an XLerator set that provided a different challenge. 

As we grew older our interests turned to real cars and girls. Slot car interest faded over time but was never completely forgotten. After I was married I purchased a Tyco Magnum 440X2 set which got used infrequently.  When our oldest was in third grade we had the obligatory birthday class party to provide and ended up at Raceway USA. That led to the purchase of several Parma flexi cars and renting track time as time and money would allow until it shut down. 

Some time around 2006 a co-worker showed me what I thought was a model kit he purchased or built but it was a Slot.it Ferrari 312PB.  I immediately felt the need to get some of my own.  He told me about some guys house in Beaverton where they had races.  Soon my son and I were regulars at the Beaverton Slot Car Club where we were introduced to the fine folks of NASTE and have been racing, building and collecting ever since.  I now have more cars and parts than I could ever use and there is no end in sight.

Merry Christmas To All,



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kidvolt wrote:

I seem to recall that van being more like an unguided missile.

You are not wrong


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Thanks for a fine report Bill. I finally learned that lower is better after years of baby lobotomies and skull smashing to gain clearance. Guess I’m a slow learner

I had to miss out because Dominic had two football games Thursday. JV at Sunset, a 12-6 win and a TD. Followed by a Varsity game at Aloha where he could only play one quarter. Game was a total blow 70-0. Due to running clock only got one touch but made the most out of it by going 40 yards for a TD.
Good news for me- no games this Thursday, so I can come out and race.

Very sorry to hear this news. I personally have always felt very welcomed at Springwater and the the local racing community in general.


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Thank you Bob for hosting today. I really enjoyed the race today and mostly survived the misadventures inflicted upon myself.


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docdoom wrote:

Ok well I quess I'm out then. Not that I have the time. But really feel  left out being from the Evergreen  state  ..... all well go huskies  only good duck is one the barbq  spit....



And I won't even watch college sports anymore with the new conference switches


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I will miss tonight and Sep. 21? (no race on current calendar) due to Dominic's football games.


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Out of my league


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wb0s wrote:

You've got some great builds you could show off Doc!

I was thinking the same


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Bill's latest round of posting his impressive and unmatched collection has got me thinking we all should post our rare, unusual or favorite slot cars for documentation purposes and just for the fun of it. Taking Bill's lead, I will go first. I cannot match his knowledge or collection size.  The following are some of my more rare and unusual cars in no particular order.

Older and well used MRRC Gurney Eagle with what I believe to be a Monogram chassis


Cox? Ferrari 158 mounted to a custom laser cut metal chassis


Scalextric Ferrari 375 Tin-plate version with metal body


Marklin 1956 Ferrari 555 Super Squalo with steerable front wheels


Marklin Indycar resembling 1969 Brawner Hawk. Also has steerable front wheel and a very unusual gear drive system


MMK Ferrari with stock production chassis. Simply beautiful


Petrolati built Ferrari 375 Plus running a scratchbuilt brass chassis


Scalextric/SCX Chaparral 2E with modified Japanese Riko chassis.  The motor pivots on accel/decel which moves a rod connected to the movable rear wing


Custom made '57 Chev model kit conversion on a Carrera chassis just because it's fun and cool


Unknown brand Indy Turbine car on custom made chassis


Another unknown brand CanAm bodied with scratch built brass chassis with some rare rear wheels


Lola T70 CanAm with what I believe is a Classic chassis


A very well done model kit conversion of a '61 Corvair mounted to a K&B chassis (notice the wood blocks)


Several of my HO cars





My very first slot car- Aurora Thunderjet Mustang my brother and I named Kolchak after the Night Stalker TV show



BRM Ferrari 512M


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Nice to see you are making progress. Definitely a rare and varied collection, impressive indeed.

Very nice and unspecific smile

Me, me, meeee!!!!


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Same here

Looking ahead, the calendar has a race scheduled at Al's on July 6th.  Is this correct? Understand I have no problem with it, but it is out of the norm.  If correct, I will be looking forward to it since I have to miss this week's race due to our 38th anniversary. smile