Looks like it was an awesome race!

I miss me some Springwater!


I am planning on being there!



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I will take the red and yellow McLaren Bob!


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I am in favor of these changes also.

Doc, I can build you a econo car sometime soonish. I am finishing one now for Tim then I will start another.


Had a good time even though my race didn't go so well.

Thanks for having us Rob!


Had a great time racing last night.

Thanks to Bill and John for coming out and helping us fill the field and have sufficient marshals. It made a big difference!

Bill's Lancia was FAST!



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I will be there and I am pretty sure I roped John G into coming and having some fun as well!



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I think I am going to make it.


I put this together after the last race to hopefully help some of the newer guys, but there may be a couple good ideas for everyone.

I hope to do something similar for other chassis as we race them throughout the season, I will do my best to put one out BEFORE we run them.



I really like this class. The cars look great and this chassis handles awesome with a NASCAR body.

Thanks for having us Howie!


I had a couple more thoughts on these rules. Just seeking input on whether or not we need to add clarification.

Track width. Seems to me that adding spacers should be legal on these cars. The DTM cars especially look terrible and would likely improve on performance with some spacers. This is a very low cost and easy to do upgrade. Also, anglewinder type cars will have this built in.

The second is tape, I know taping the screws is needed to but adding tape to the pod as a tuning tool seems like something that would be worthwhile and cheap.

just a couple things to think about.


Congrats to the podium. Looks like John was on form!

I was sad to miss this one, but you gotta have money to buy slot cars!


docdoom wrote:

Sound good I will make the adjustments. the revo slot tire spec may be hard to in force, but I think the fast tire drop off will be enough to police that rule

Doc, upon reflecting on this more. I do think it would be smart to limit the revoslot class to a certain type of car. We could open this up or add others in down the road, but they clearly make cars that are meant to compete with one another.

I would recommend going with the "GT" category to start, since there is a massive range of liveries and cars available.

Porsche GT2
Viper GTS
Toyota Supra
McLaren F1
Mercedes clk.

(this is just a suggestion, i would be fine limiting it even further to GT2 cars only, supra, marcos, viper, porsche)

Staying away from the open top and LMP cars will keep the class more consistent IMO.

I also think Al should have the final review and say on this classing, since he is the primary support for this section of the club at this time.


I think these classes look like a good start Doc.

A couple things that I would submit to be added.

1-make the changing of the guide legal in all classes. Not just because it can help increase performance but also because they can fail, and replacing them with an aftermarket guide just makes sense.

2-For the Revoslot spec class. I think the Factory installed 30shore tires should be the spec. This is partly because they work very well as is, and because this is a higher priced car it will limit the investment further.

As far as the motor limit in LMP, I think the 22k limit is a good one for this class. The reason the other classes include the 23k rule I believe is because many of the cars in that class came with a 23k slot.it motor. This basically just means that there isn't much need to change the motor since it is already near the legal limit. I think this is a good thing.

I also agree with the removal of Classis 2, unless you want to exclude the GT40 etc instead. PGE has easily take the place of this class, and well the cars just work better with the larger tires installed etc.


I should point out. I don't think we need to get rid of "all" of the classes.

I think we should simply remove the ones we haven't ran in the last couple of years, and replace them with some lower barrier to entry but still race-grade classes.

I still think the primary issue is finding the people to come out, but having a few more easy to buy and race classes would help retain them IMO.



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Hey guys, I am sure most of you have seen this. NSR is doing a holiday sale through most distributors and almost all of them have an assortment of cars available for 49.99.

This is a fantastic price for these cars, they are regularly priced at almost 90 dollars.

I bought one from Cloverleaf, but electric dreams, slot car corner, LEB hobbies and possibly others all have these deals going on.



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The drive is one thing we will never be able to fix. Just have to figure out how to make the racing worth the hard yards!


Fantastic move. I will do my best to make the next one!



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I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I have been back racing some. Though not at the Thursday races just yet. The 6pm start is just a hair earlier than I can usually make happen, though I intend to start trying harder.

My push back against this as a viable way of increasing attendance is this. Would we ever turn anyone away right now that would like to come race because they don't have cars or a controller?

My experience, and certainly my practice has been to loan any interested person a good car or controller at any time. Al let me borrow a controller for more than one of my first few races there as well.

I guess I just don't see how this is going to change the attendance level if that's the case. Seems to me that getting people to turn up in the first place is the hard part, after that getting a car and controller in their hand is easy.

I have seen many people show up for a few race days since I have been part of the club, but for some reason we don't have a high retention rate.  Upon typing this, i realize that may be because of the number of cars you need to complete just a few nights of racing. That IS something that could potentially be curbed by the IROC thing, though if they want to stay with us my guess is they will be buying anyway.........

Just my .02, I think this subject is worth some thought as a club for both 1/32 and 1/24 racing. We are gonna need some newer racers at some point to keep alive.



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Thanks for the loaner Howie, I will try to have my own stuff put together in hopes of making the next race.


It was my pleasure to be able to do it.

I have the Gearloose recording as well. I have to figure out what I want to do for a format, but I do plan to get it out at some point!


Hey guys, Bill had sent me this recording about a year ago now. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out what to do with it, nothing really struck me so and I wanted it to be out there. So I just overlayed the audio on a bunch of club and chassis photos of Bob's work.

It is well worth the listen, I found the story of the early days of forming the club pretty interesting.





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I am assuming "Big Nascar" means our usual Large wheel late model cars?



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Thanks guys.



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Hey guys, i figured with some new guys coming and the nee season approaching it would be a good time to post a couple cars I am not using.

1st up is a true scale can-am car. Jersey John built chassis, inline motor, betta and classic 917/30 body.

Very fast car, could use a new body at some point. The Dennis Sampson ball bearing front wheels are 30 dollars alone. Setup to run between a .910 and .920 tire.

For some reason my photo hosting site is on the fritz. I can email photos upon request.

$100 RTR

Second up is a Hanna built small tire nascar. I have done some small modifications to the chassis. Runs well. Comes with a fusion body, not pretty but it will get you started. 

RTR w/new china s16d $100
RTR with used but rebuilt american arm motor $145

Email is wanabgts@gmail.com
Or text me at 503-750-2099