NASTE 2024 Point Series Championship Race No.12 @ Rippin' Ridin' Raceway April 11, 2024

Race Results - Group C Class:

1 Doc 82.2 laps - 8 points.
2 Zack 79.5 - 7 pts.
3 Greg 77.5 - 6 pts.
4 Rico 77.0 - 5 pts.
5 Mitch 74.4 - 4 pts.
6 Al 73.8 - 3 pts.
7 Doug 68.3 - 2 pts.
8 Brian 65.5 - 1 pt.

Current Standings for the 2024 NASTE Point Series Championship After 12 Races:

1 Daniel - 66 pts.
2 Al - 53 points.
3 Rico - 41 pts.
4 Greg - 38 pts.
5 Mitch - 24 pts.
6 Zack - 14 pts.
7 - tie Chris Kouba - 9 pts.
7 - tie Douglas - 9 pts.
9 David - 4 pts.
10 Frank - 2 pts.
11 Brian - 1 pt.

Results from April 11th:

Box 014. This box measures 15 3/4" wide x 11" tall x 8 7/8" deep. The box has a removable top tray under the lid. The tray will hold cars up to 6 7/8" in length. The box has one drawer that will accept cars up to 6 3/4" in length. This is a good sturdy box in original condition. Price is $90.

Box 012. This box measures 15 5/8"" wide x 11 1/2"" tall x 9" deep. The space under the top will accept cars up to 7 7/8" in length. This box has no drawer. This is a good sturdy box in original condition. Price is $70.

SOLD - Box 011 is a vintage Hoffman 1200 box. The box measures 15 3/4" wide x 11 5/8"" tall x 9 1/2" deep. The box has one drawer that will accept cars up to 8" in length. The space under the top will hold cars up to 8 1/4" in length. This is a good sturdy box in original condition. Price is $75.

Box 004 is a box I purchased off of Ebay. The box measures 11 5/8" wide x 11 5/8"" tall x 11 1/8" deep. This box was damaged in shipping and arrived with the top crushed in. I removed all the hardware from this box and repaired the broken panels. The wooden panels were sanded and a new protective clear coat was applied. The top still shows where the damage was, and to what extent. The box will accept cars up to 8 1/2" in length. This is a good sturdy box. Price on this box is $130.

I am always being asked to sell a box or two out of my personal collection. I have decided to downsize my collection.  I have completed some restoration work on some boxes. When I re-work my boxes I do not attempt to restore them to "as new" condition. Instead I try to keep the boxes "character" in tact. None of the boxes I will be selling will be "new" or in "perfect" condition. Here are the details for the wooden boxes I am willing to sell.


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Any involvement you may have had Chet was purely defensive!


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Rubbing hell.......bump 'em till ya punt 'em!


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Thanks for hosting Bob!


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Dennis Hart's Hawksbill Station:


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Sadly I must report the passing of Dennis Hart. Dennis passed away on Feb. 22, 2024. He was a long time NASTE racer. He started out building Hawksbill Station in Warren, just outside of St. Helens Oregon. The track was in the attic of his shop, constructed of Carrera track. Dennis held many races there, always providing maximum excitement and entertainment!

In addition to the slot car racing activities, Dennis took NASTE members on a totally different adventure by introducing us to the world of Portland's Adult Soap Box Derby event. This involved Dennis and members of NASTE constructing an adult size soap box derby car, The Hawksbill Flyer built using official USA soap box derby parts, with which Dennis himself raced in the event. Picture this: Dennis at 70 years old is a big guy! This derby racer is constructed mostly of wood! Only the axles and steering components were metal! I have many great memories of building the car together and taking it out for testing before the actual race. In the first test run we were having trouble getting the car to roll down the hill due to the less than desireable grade of the hill. Dennis told me to push the derby car with my Jeep......with him driving the derby car.....One of the issues with this was the fact that when I positioned the Jeep behind the derby car to push, I could not see the car or Dennis because of the Jeep's front bumper! I told him to throw up a hand if he was in trouble so I would know to stop! This proceedure did not lead to satisfactory results so we loaded the car back up in the trailer and moved on to a better hill. For this second test run Dennis chose the highway into St. Helens. There was plenty of grade on this hill for sure, as well as plenty of traffic! I gave him a push out into the road and he and the Hawksbill Flyer were off! I jumped into the Jeep to give chase. It was frightening watching Dennis try to keep the derby car in a single lane! On more than one occassion I thought he was going to crash, but he kept it going, sorta straight. I clocked him at over 40 miles per hour by the end of the test run. Believe me that is fast for a rolling wooden apple box! I drove the Hawksbill Flyer in quite a few test runs and I'll tell you, Dennis definitely had balls of steel!

Charlotte Hart would like some slot car friends and soapbox derby Mt. Tabor folks to attend a celebration of life this Saturday, April 13, from 1 to 3 pm, at the Columbia City School. She said he always enjoyed these activities and the people involved. She mentioned she doesn't have any pictures of him doing these things and would really appreciate any photos that can be shared. We will all miss Dennis, but we will never forget the adventures and friendship he brought our way!

NASTE 2024 Point Series Championship Race No.11 @ Rippin' Ridin' Raceway March 21, 2024

Race Results - Revoslot Class:

1 Doc 77.4 laps - 7 points.
2 Al 75.5 - 6 pts.
3 Greg 73.8 - 5 pts.
4 Rico 72.7 - 4 pts.
5 Mitch 69.5 - 3 pts.
6 Doug 68.6 - 2 pts.
7 Frank 60.4 - 1 pt.

Current Standings for the 2024 NASTE Point Series Championship After 11 Races:

1 Daniel - 58 pts.
2 Al - 50 points.
3 Rico - 36 pts.
4 Greg - 32 pts.
5 Mitch - 20 pts.
6 Chris Kouba - 9 pts.
7 - tie Zack - 7 pts.
7 - tie Douglas - 7 pts.
9 David - 4 pts.
10 Frank - 2 pts.

Race results from the March 21st race:


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The rules have been updated as of today, March 31, 2024.

A big thank you to Kirk Smith for his efforts in this re-write.

The format is now the same for each class making them easier to read and understand. The rules for each class can be printed off individually as a single page.


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I would encourage anyone interested in being part of the organization of PASER to attend the next meeting. This is your chance to be involve in more than just a race day event. You can have input on the scheduling of races, rules, and the types of events the club will hold. This is your opportunity to have a voice and be part of the behind the scenes activities!


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Great race Bob, thanks!

....Coming to my driveway soon!

Looking forward to it Smooth!

I don't know....has the Alfa actually ever gone that far?

By now you can probably see how Kaelah earned her nickname "Bomber".....She also won the Turn Marshal Draw!

A few photos from race number three of the 2024 Gorge Championship race.

On Saturday March 23rd, the third round of the 2024 Columbia Gorge Championship for the Porsche 962s was held at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway in Vancouver. Fourteen racers showed up but only thirteen made the starting grid. Mitch lost a motor during practice becoming the first of multiple DNFs for the day.

The format for this race is 4 rounds of 4 minute heats. The race started close to the scheduled time of 10:00am. At the drop of the flag John started setting a very fast pace with laps in the 4.8 to 4.7 second range. By the halfway point John had established a pretty good lead over Bob, Kirk, and Zack. After a lunch break, the worms started turning.....

This is a long gruelling race! Problems started showing up for some racers late in the third round and continuing into the fourth round. Motors were giving up and chassis were being damaged. Both the leader John, and Rob were DNFs before the end of the fourth and final round. While some experienced poor luck and equipment failures, others were posting some great results! New racers Beau, Kaelah, and Scott all had very good runs! Mark and tim also ran well! The results between those five were very close, especially when you consider the length of this race!

In the end, racers had over an hour of controller in hand, power on, racing time. The top four had completed over 700 laps! It was great to see Zack make it back out to race with us! A big thank you goes out to Mitch for sticking around to turn marshal even after his car gave up and failed to make the starting grid! Thanks to all that made it out to race, I had a great time!

Here are the results:

DNFs included Mitch, Rob, and John.

It looked like you had a good race Rico. Your driving was great and your car was working very well!

Scott Etlinger showed up in proper attire and ready to race!

The grid for this race was impressive!

It was a great day of racing with a very good driver turnout from all over Oregon and Washington!

Kirk Smith, the founder of Inslot Racing Products, fondly known as Capt'n Kirk, is probably the best turn marshal known to slot car racing!

Track owner and host Bob Nakamura gave instructions during the driver's meeting before the start of the race.

Bob does an awesome job explaining the details of the day's race program.

After the driver's meeting the cars were placed on the start line for the Concours judging. A popular vote by the drivers determines the winner of the Concours award.