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Victoria & Monte: Thank you for the great food outlay, chit chat with great people, and of course good racing, even though i did lousy. One great way to fulfill a Naste Sunday!


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You lucky guys, looks like that was a lot of fun. What kind of chassis/motor combo's where used under the cars.

Hey Mitch: Hope you get well soon. Missed racing with you and seeing you're new creations.

Bill: Thanks for a fun night of racing. Those cox controllers were not only a kick to use, but they actually worked better than i expected, but my thumb is sore this morning!

Hey Mitch; I will trade you the red lane for the blue lane! Seems like the blue lane does not like me and my BRM car.

AL: Thanks for the fun filled night of racing on you're track. Congrats to Mitch & Stan on you're wins. Thank you Bill & Monte for you're efforts of creating those new Naste donuts tires for us to use, looking forward to getting some mounted on my cars to try out.

Bill: Thank you for a great night of racing, and opening up early so we could try the new class cars. Greg thank you for letting me drive the USRRC Lola T70 car, it was fun to drive.

Al: Thank you for providing a great night of fun racing. Thanks for the salmon also, great treat & nice catch you made.

HuH Mitch58: Are you picking on me per you're last comment about Goose hunting???????

Chris: If we are going to allow Slot it rear axle/gears/wheels to be used in this new class, should we also specify a spec motor (H&R 15k or 18k) to try and keep a more level field of speed competition? I believe someone said they already had a scaley motor go dead on them.

Hey Bill: Thanks for a great night of racing. Even my accidental gentle nerf on Chet', which now i have stay out of his way, but he will get me (again)!


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Bill: I have magnets, i will (try) to find them and let you look at what i have. Huh-what kind of 1/24 project (secret?) is going on at the skunk works?

Chris: I feel that is only fair to allow "trim for weight only". Hopefully that will put more different style cars on the track, and allow people to use a car they may already have and not feel pressured to purchase a new car. We need to do some fun/practice races with the different cars to get them dialed in under the (finished) rules and find out if there are enough people interested to continue with this being a Naste class.

Mitch: According to Chris's entry list it says "Any Le Mans competitors modeled by Scalextric or Fly which ran in the 1971 event or prior are eligible for competition". The scaley corvette is based on the 1968 model year.

Yes Bill, i agree with you're 2 cents worth.

Mitch; if we have a separate class for front motored cars they will all have the same weight issue, and i am sure you will find the "expert" answer for that and share you're findings with the rest of us racers.

Bill: I like the idea you just submitted, with only the rear tire change i assume. I do question that the cars may need to have weight up front to keep guide planted.

ckouba wrote:
Goose wrote:

Chris: with regards to; "Valances and other bodywork may be separated from the chassis" a modification to the car, and thus moving away from the "RTR" car concept of the class?

Are you not in favor Goose?

I am kind of leaning to the not so in favor at this time.

I am afraid we start allowing this type of modification we are going to start having the same possible problem as in T/A class where the modified body/chassis float may be creating run-a-way cars vs the box stock body/chassis layout. I would like to start out running the the cars with no body modifications to see how well the cars run, and then have some modified body cars to run against to see if it creates a advantage, if it does then vote on the modified body into the rules.

Chris: with regards to; "Valances and other bodywork may be separated from the chassis" a modification to the car, and thus moving away from the "RTR" car concept of the class?

Victoria & Monte: Thank you for a fun day of great soup and snacks, and more great racing. Thank you Bill for the ride out & thank you Al for the the ride home.

Jeff & Amy Fields were both there.

Jeff & Amy Fields were both there.


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Thank you Al for a fun night of racing. And thanks for the meat treat you put out for us.

Thank you Bill and racers for a fun night of competition, and good munchies.


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Good morning and Happy Birthday Bill. Thanks for putting on a fun night of racing and having some good goodies to munch on. It sure was fun watching some great side by side racing with nice looking cars in the field.

Victoria & Smooth: Thank you for letting me join you're Sunday mass hysterical digital racing meet. What a hoot ! Team one; thanks for letting me join you for some great racing, had a great time.

May i please ask what is bad about the tire razor.

Thank you