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U bet it was fun. FYI
BAD BILLY  favorite  saying is rubbing is racing. Good thing the paint is on the inside of the bodies  or Bill wouldn't  have  any paint on the side panels  leftover.

Wtg Howie graduation  on taking Championship

Well, it looks like we maybe have turned the corner and racers are slowly making it back out to the track.  We had our best turn out for some time with 8 racers with one being new to the Track Brian. He been out to a few 1/24 race so, but these was 1st try at Al's. We threw him to the loin den with the not so easy to drive Policar Classic f1 cars. He struggled at 1st but slowly got the hang of the car.  It was a very close race from 2nd down with only tenths separating the finishing order Doc took the win with a big lead over 2nd. I don't recall the order will have to wait for the results.  Up next was group c and it was a wild race. There were some closely match cars, and it was anybody race to win if you stayed clean and in the slot. well, it is racing and there was lots contact with cars being put off and knocked around. Al looked like he was going to have a good point night till it all fell apart in the last 30 seconds of the race when is car came to a stop on the main straight with a lead wire coming off. The race was paused, and it was able to get back into the fight, but the damage was done, and he tumbled down the standing and ended up in 6th place with Doc taking the win it not looking too good for Al.  With only 4 more points races to go. But it is racing, and Doc could have the biggest choke in racing history so. Don't throw in the towel yet Al... see you all in two weeks.


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Damn I was have a good day! Very sad to hear of his passing. R.I.P Dennis

Im a go just to see if smooth   can remember  How  to hook up a controller..

have you tried texting or calling?

Make it a Wednesday  night at either Al  or Mitch and I could make it. Mitch would be the best for most. More central  location wise that is. But there call.......


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look like it was good night of racing. I thought racing was on these side of the river, so I didn't bring my stuff the driver back across to Portland was a parking lot, so I took a pass. my loss

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I'm thinking if we start at noon, we can be done by 4 pm. That gives me time to prepare for my play at 6:30. Does that time work for you? (And others?)

no go 4 me working hours 7 till 3ish have fun all

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Doc, the engine has about 200 miles on a rebuild.  We should be good.

It not even broken  in yet...worst thing to do is let a motor sit seals dry out ect. Drive it like you stole it at least once a month..

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I don't know....has the Alfa actually ever gone that far?

Only if there a case of oil and bag of tools in the trunk

Big race at Bill Saturday so getting drivers is going be tough. Next Saturday looks like it open no racing.I have to work so I couldn't  do it till after 6pm.

Another  great night of racing was to had at Al's  man cave. We had 7 racers show to battle. Up 1st was sports car one and the zerex special was the class of the field and took the win. I'm retiring  the car from the class just to dominating with the current set up. AL  was 4 laps back in another scratch built car and Rico in third with a rental.  Next on the docket  was revo slot and there was a little rubbing and elbows out. There was more than one forced off by drivers trying to get that little extra in the corner. No blood was spilled so all was good in the end. Doc was able to squeeze  out the win over a hard charging Al with Greg taking 3rd.  Last race was open and  1st heat and it was clear Rico was out to to take no prisoners  with a really fast run in red.  One force off in white and a less than  steller  marshing job by no other than me cost Rico and in the end Al took the top spot with Rico just 2 tenth behind and Doc in 3rd.  One note is to make sure that all cars running are on rubber or urethane.  Had one car racing that had silicon  installed and following drivers did struggle  for grip..lesson  learned...


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Good luck. Don't forget  get us nobody's  when you get to Hollywood..

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Do the tires sides on the back match those on the front?  Jeff was a tire changer.

After taking a good look they are nsr Evo on the back.the gt does have factory rubber on all 4 corners

Yes on the Ford gt not sure what's on the BMW I got that one from Jeff half built they are the tires that came with it from Jeff.

No up grades needed with the sideways  cars. That BMW and  Ford gt  are bone stock. Just glue and trued tires and little weight.

I have few Scalextric  cars thar are great runners. One is a Mercedes gt3.  Great runner even with all the stock  running gear.

Anybody  wish to comment  yes or no???

So lets talk class rules.

Some racers are asking/discussing a rule change when it comes to the GT3 rule package we are running.

Some are happy with the rule set while others want to change to more pro car builds using the current race kits from NSR, Sideways, ScaleAuto, etc.

I would like to keep the rules simple.

1. Any GT3 car is legal from any manufacture. 3d printed cars and chassis will be legal if purchased from a manufacturer. Example: Area71

2. Motor pod open - can be inline angle or sidewinder - open gearing.

3. Rubber tires only.  Any manufacturer Rubber tires are allowed.

4. Tires may be glued and trued.

5. All weight must be on inside of body/chassis.

6. Guide and braid are free to replace.

7. 20k rpm motor limit.

8. IMSA Pro GT for the new cars (non-Scaley) and GT3 Grand Am for the Scalextric cars.

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Race results from the March 7th race.




SINCE the results are posted let's put the stories to the picture. The number 4 was themn  for the night with all the winners having that number next to there win. Up 1st was Le Mans and Al proved that you don't have to spend a bunch of money to make a car go fast to take the win with pretty  much stock fly 908. Doc made it easy on him with a rough red lane but two strong runs in the other two lanes help him secure the 2nd step. Up next was group c and Doc car was dialed  to a razor edge and raced off to the sun set with Rico 2nd and Al taking the final step. Last race was open and these was the closest race of the night and when the dust had settled  Doc edge out Al for the win. That was  it for racing. Two week break before we race again

9.5 hours before the party begins..


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Been  missing u two at the track on Thursday.  You all been missing some great racing..

Well one more odd Thursday  race has come  and gone. We had 6 racers make it out to battle on Al's man cave  track. Up 1st was Trans Am. We were little easy on the rule set  if  the car had a 18k  motor We let them run.we had a mix of 3d printed, brass and messaged  stock chassis running  tonight. Doc took the win with a stock chassis Scalextric  camero  with all slot it up grades followed  by Al with another equallly Scalextric  equipped  car followed by Rico and  greg tied then mitch with 3d printed Cuda chassis. Next was Revo slots and after we we figured out why Rico car sounded like a cat in heat. It amazing what few drops of oil will do..... we were off and racing. After much thought Doc decided  to stick with is trusted Dodge Viper and not run the new Vett. His wise decision  payed of with a commanding  win followed  by a very happy Greg in 2nd and a rejected  Al in 3rd.  Al spent days getting his car ready for the race.he had a car that could of taken the win but to many forced offs and few helped offs cost him time and laps on the track..next up was open and Doc put in a blistering opening heat  and never looked back and pulled out the broom for the night. Al was 2nd followed by Ricco in 3rd. Back to back odd Thursday  up next is LA Mans and group c. See you all at the track.

Race results from February 29, 2024





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can't turn away from a green race car