docdoom wrote:

Im a go just to see if smooth   can remember  How  to hook up a controller..

We may have to watch him.

Okay we'll be running proxy cars tomorrow here in Tigard.
I'll have the track open by 4pm. So bring some cars (there are also plenty of cars here) and we can run laps until the "working guys" can make it.
I'm told there are 11 proxy cars so that part won't take too long.

I just saw this this morning. I left a message for Stan but haven't heard back.
I can have the track up and ready wednesday evening.
Presumably he'll hop on and let us know.


I'll be out on family business on Saturday.

I'm already on the west side so anytime works for me.

Get a date and I'll be there.

I'll be there whether I have a car or not.

What motor RPM?


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I know that Slot It is working on a proper 510,  but I couldn't wait.


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NASTE's next odd Thursday race; Trans Am & Slot It/Policar Classic.
Along with Open,  BRM and anything else you might want to mess with.


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There were three of us, but we raced anyways.

docdoom wrote:

Did you all get a good turn out? I was busy drowning  in a monsoon  in Florida.


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Brought mine last night and ran a few laps but when it came to racing our third racer needed to head for home.

docdoom wrote:

We used to race those 962 every odd Thursday.covid kind of kill the turn out and 962 class just went  away


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Most of us have some 962s sitting around and a few of us have the smaller 1/24s,  Minis,  Alfas,  Escorts ect.


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For those interested in racing 1/32 I've attatched the schedule below.
Also of note we've combined the right cables,  software,  and hardware to provide glitch free racing. At least last night ran seamlessly.
  If something appears on the schedule that you don't have don't worry about it,  we always have a few spares sitting around.


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What cars are included,  and where are we racing these?

Well if that's the case Bob I'm glad I made it out one last time and was able to stay to help put it to bed.
I always liked the track, and the venue. Thanks for hosting.


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And just where would these rules be posted?
This site has always been difficult to find anything.


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After a bit of a pause we are scheduled to race tonight..... I hope I remember how.

Do you still have enough "leftover" track to create a 4 lane at some point?

I have three BRM classics with 21K Revoslot motors if they fit in.


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Thanks Monte


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Welcome back


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Okay we've gone thru a couple of computers. We can run a race thru Trackmate,  not Al's favorite. But it counts laps and there is no dreaded blue screen of death.
I've installed Race Coordinator but it needs .NET Framework v4.0 to make it run.  We can't make the WiFi work. I went upstairs and tried to put it on a stick but was unsuccessful,  it needs to he loaded directly to the C drive.
If any of you computer gurus know what to do call Al and help him out. This PC Neanderthal is out of ideas.
Meanwhile Trackmate is ready to go. It doesn't count 10ths,  it breaks ties by the fastest average lap. So we can race and the PC will decide the winner. Not usually a concern of mine.


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Due to computer failure tonight's racing has been cancelled.


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We're racing LeMans & Policar F1 tonight at Al's.