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A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this years race. There were 13 racers and the racing was fast and furious.
There were some BIG wrecks and side by side racing. It was a lot of fun. Tight racing through the entire field. Unfortunately, there were 4 DNF's due to damage beyond repair during the event. Here are the final results....

  1st Place -     Gary Tipton       477.0 Laps
  2nd Place -    Racerbob          470.8 Laps
  3rd Place -     Stewmeat         445.1 Laps
  4th Place -     Bartman           434.4 Laps
  5th Place -     Gearloose         432.5 Laps
  6th Place -     Scary Gary       417.6 Laps
  7th Place -     Beau                404.6 Laps
  8th Place-      Matt Bell          399.6 Laps
  9th Place -    Bill Bostic          386.8 Laps
10th Place -    Al                     319.6 Laps
11th Place -    Rico                 114.9 Laps
12th Place -    Mitch                    19 Laps
13th Place - Turing John (DQ)  432.5 Laps

Racer's Choice winner: Beau / #11 Budweiser Monte Carlo


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Update for the rules package for the Classic NASCAR class. The bodies for the class will be any 1/24 Revell-Monogram NASCAR
body that will fit the chassis. The year range is approximately from 1981-2007. The body trim rule stated no trimming of the body sides other than the sideskirt and front spoiler. Since there is a variation of body heights in the aforementioned year range, the minimum 1.850 height rule will be the standard. You can trim the bodies as needed. No raking of the body is allowed. Thanks for your cooperation.

Here are the final results of the 4.5 Flexi NASCAR Race.
1st - Gary Tipton              511.5 laps
2nd - Bob N. (Racerbob)   495.5 laps
3rd - Scary Gary              494.1 laps
4th - Turing John             485.1 laps
5th - Bill Bostic                455.4 laps
6th - Rico                        452.7 laps
7th - Bartman                  443.3 laps
8th - Herb                       441.3 laps
9th - Al                           430.5 laps
10th-Matt                        424.9 laps
11th-Gearloose                39 laps
12th-Mitch (DQ)               364.4 laps
Thanks again racers. The battles were intense through the entire field.

A BIG thanks to everyone who came to the race. Thanks to Bill and Mitch for posting pictures and video. 12 racers showed up to battle. Congratulations to Gary Tipton for the win. Bob N. was second and Gary Klein was third. I will post the full results soon.


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The track will be open from 1pm to 5pm Saturday August 7th for open practice of any car plus prep time for the 4.5 Flexi race on the 14th.
Will have water and snacks available.


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I have heard back from enough people, the race is a go. Please keep passing the word to other racers who might be interested.
I am recovering well and will let you know if there will be a tune session before the race. Thanks for all your support of our racing adventures.

Ready for some summer heat at Springwater Raceway!  I am scheduling a race on August 14,2021 for the 4.5 Flexi NASCAR Class.
The rules are on this forum page. I know it's summer with all kinds of activities and vacations. If you are interested, please respond on this page or email me at rnak94@aol.com. Doors open at 8am, tech at 9:30 with race start at 10am. This is a pot luck event, so bring snacks. The race will consist of 4 minute heats, 3 times through.  No awards, just a fun time. I will need to have at least 10 racers sign up in order to run this event, so please let me know if you are coming. Thanks.

4.5 FLEXI NASCAR General rules


Body must completely cover the frame and guide flag, from both top and front views.
All wheel openings must be cut open to reveal the full tire. Must have clear windows and a painted 3-dimensional driver figure. NASCAR paint styles with three numbers are required. Body height is 1.750”, measured from bottom of chassis to center of roof.


Any 4.5 stamped steel chassis. Chassis may be modified to run a 1/8th inch axle. Wheel base must not exceed 4.5”. Frame may be weighted and reinforced. Frame may be bent. Motor plate may be slotted. Lead wire restraints may be soldered to frame. Pin tubes no longer than 1.25” may be soldered to frame to attach body. No other cutting or grinding is allowed. Car must have .055” ground clearance without guide flag supporting the car. Any commercial guide and wire may be used. No weighted guides.


Proslot #2101, 2001, 2003 or Parma 502 motor. No ball bearings. Motor may be soldered, taped or siliconed in place. Armature may be shimmed and the commutator may be trued.


Cars must use 1/8” axle on the rear. Front axles may be 1/8” or 3/32”. Gears must be plastic 48 pitch. Gear ratio open. Oilites may be glued, LOCTITE’d or soldered in place. No ball bearings.


Front: minimum allowable diameter is 13/16 (.8125). Minimum width is .500”.
Rear: Any rear tire combination may be used. Maximum track width is 3.25”. Appropriate spacers may be used to achieve this width. Minimum rear wheel diameter is .750”.

*These rules are the same as Tom’s World rules except for the motor rule which states:
“Anybody’s 16D, balanced or not.”

Yep! All is good. Thanks.


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One change to the Patriot 500 race information for September 11th. Doors open at 8am, Tech at 9:30, race start 10am. Practice Friday September 10th from 4-8.


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The 2021 Classic NASCAR race will be called the "Patriot 500" in honor of September 11th (Patriot Day)
Doors open at 8am, Tech (Body Off) at 9:30, Race start at 10am. Cost is 10.00 / includes lunch.
Race will be 4 minute heats / 4 times through. Plaques for 1st through 4th plus Racer's Choice.
Rules as per NWTS Rules on the forum page. Practice from 4-8 pm, Friday the 10th.
Looking forward to a fun 2021 racing season!!!

Bob N.

A big THANK YOU! to all who came to race! The racing was close and intense throughout the field. Battles everywhere.
It is an honor to have all of you support slot car racing in our area. But now........
Final finishing order:
1. Zack Morgan 681.1 Laps
2. Gary Tipton  676.4 Laps
3. Racerbob     666.7 Laps
4. Scary Gary   618.3 Laps
5. Terrible Tommy  617.2 Laps
6. Bill Bostic  614.0 Laps
7. Gearloose  594.1 Laps
8. Ted    592.9 Laps
9. Bart   589.7 Laps
10. Professor Fate 588.7 Laps
11. Korbinator 587.6 Laps
12. John G.  DQ


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Hey Racers,
The club has 3 2NASTE Chassis left at 75.00 each. Let me know if you are interested in buying one and I will bring it to the next race (someday) or you can pick one up at my house in Troutdale. Thanks again Zack!!!


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Thanks for another excellent race event! It is great to have slot car racing in the area without a commercial track anywhere close.
Congrats to Marty for a hard fought win. There were so many battles within the field, the final results showed how close they were. Folks....That's racing as it should be. A special thanks to those who finished the race in spite of problems. You guys are heroes too.

A HUGE thank you to all who came to race today. The racing was fierce and the crashes were.......well....... BIG!!!!!!!
Congratulations to John Gill (Turing John) for a hard fought win today. 20 total Racers showed up for battle and with computer issues aside, we managed to run a fun and competitive race.
1. John Gill         320 laps               11. Bart Ouchida         250 laps
2, Zack Morgan   318 laps               12. Mitch Brooks         246 laps
3. DC Dynamo    311 laps               13. Tommy Thompson 245 laps
4. Howie            296 laps               14. Rico                     243 laps
5. Gearloose      291 laps                15. Scott                   237 laps
6. Ted               288 laps                16. Stewmeat            148 laps
7. Bill Bostic      285 laps                17. Ken                     119 laps
8.Craig Rieland 284 laps                 18. Tim                     116 laps
9.Marty            268 laps                 DQ. Bob                    294 laps (changed cars)
10.Stan           266 laps                  DQ. Beau                  121 laps (changed cars)

Sorry I missed the interaction about the race. Everyone is welcome!!!!! We also have extra controllers and stuff to get someone going. The more the merrier.


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Thanks to all who participated in the 962 Championship Series. I will double check all the lap and point totals and post the official
standings soon.

Just another reminder for the championship 962 race on Saturday July 11th. Doors open at 9am. Practice the 10th from 4-8pm.
Looking forward to a great day of racing!!!!! Letting you all know, there are only three sets of N244 tires left in stock and will be available on a first come basis. If you need a set, call me @503-319-9990. Because it is the end of the season, I won't be placing any parts orders till fall. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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The race at Tom's World was fast and furious. There was a mix of veteran and newer racers which was good to see.
There was some excellent side by side racing, cars flying through the air and some just plain old bad luck. The "B" main was won by "The Good Bob from Roseburg and he moved up to the "A" main which left Mortar Mike from Cottage Grove the winner. The "A" main was won by the masterful driving of Curtious Curt from Bend.. I will post pictures from the race and the full field rundown from both races if I can.
Thanks to Tom and Susan for being such great hosts.


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For anyone who would like to test before the NASCAR race on June 13,2020 at
Tom's World, Springwater Raceway will be open Saturday June 6th from 10am - 4pm.
Parts will be available too. Looking forward to race!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone, you'all made this race a success. Next years race will have the following rule change. The body list will be any Monogram 1/24th NASCAR body that fits a Hannah style chassis except Gen 6 models and slabside Monte Carlos. These bodies are to wide and the maximum chassis width at the pans will be 2 13/16 of an inch excluding the "L" rail the body sits on. The minimum body height will remain 1.850.
Bob N.

Thanks to everyone who came to race today!!! The Racing was close and competitive with a few hard crashes. Typical NASCAR racing....right? Zack Morgan led the way with a hard fought win. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Here is the final rundown:
1st-Zank Morgan-485.8 laps               11th-Mitch-360.1 laps
2nd-Bob N.-468.9 laps                       12th-Scott-231.9 laps
3rd-Stuart-459.2 laps                        13th-Ted-111.0 laps (car broke beyond repair)
4th-Gearloose-432.8 laps                   14th-Tom-382.1 laps (Disqualified by changing cars-still a great job)
5th-Howie-432.4 laps
6th-Marty-416.2 laps
7th-Beau-411.1 laps
8th-Bart-381.1 laps
9th-John G.-369.7 laps
10th-Al-361.3 laps


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I received an e-mail from a woman who has 3 tubs of Carrera Evolution track she wants to sell.
Her name is Hilliary Demary. Her e-mail is hidemary@aol.com.
You can either e-mail her or I can forward the pictures to you.
Bob N.

Hey Zack,
All the Monogram kits from that era are all about 1.850 plus or minus. You can radius the rear wheel wells for tire clearance and chin spoiler for ground clearance. A few of the kits have side skits on one side and that can be trimmed to match the other side. That is it.

Practice for the Classic NASCAR race will be Friday March 6th from 4-8pm. Parts will be available during the practice time.