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Following the Trans Am race at The Gorge Raceway on Saturday February 24th, a meeting of the PASER Club was held. In this, the first meeting, the ground work was laid for the re-organization of the club. It was encouraging to see some attendees in the meeting that actually could not make the race, but went the extra mile to make it to this meeting. We are all optimistic about what we can accomplish as a group to improve upon our racing program, and our club in general! Anyone (new racer or veteran) that is interested in being part of these ground floor activities is welcome!

PASER Charter Members as of February 24, 2024.

   Looks like a police  line up


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Thanks Bob, I had fun despite loosing my wheel multiple times. I must learn to be better prepared.

The worst day racing is still better than working  when every body out racing..

Race report for 2/15/23.
we had 6 racers make it out to do battle On Al's track. Up 1st was classic sport car and Doc showed up with scratch bult zerex special.
on a side winder brass chassis and the car was hooked up and took the win. there was very close race for 2nd Rico was able to take 2nd with a fly 250lm and just 3 tenth back from Rico was David in a Doc tuned 250lm. one little off by David allowed Rico to  take the 2nd step.
Next was slot it/Policar, Doc was able to repeat and take the win 2nd was once again a battle between Al gt40 and Rico's Ferrari 330 P4 if not for a rough red lane were nothing went right for Rico it could have been a whole different outcome in the finish order. but Al hung on and was able to take 2nd followed by Rico . That was it 4 the night Few stayed around and did some tuning on our revo slots for the next round of points races. full race results are to be posted




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Proxy racing same way. Expect a bag of parts with your car return. ( if your lucky)


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Iroc=== I regret  offering  cars

No car and I have to work so no show 4 doc

All depends  on  what day and time 4 me

Another  odd Thursday  race has  come  and  gone.  It was  good night of racing with some very close finishes. Up 1st was gt3 and with these being a spec class the racing was pretty close through out the field in the end Doc was able take the win with Al 2nd and Rico. Up next was slot it dtm and when the buzzer went off it WAS very clear that Al had done some tunning on his car and it was a race. Doc had one quick off and that was all Al needed to  scratch  out the win by 3 tenths. Up next was open and we had yet another winner  for the night with Rico taking the last win of the night with Doc 2nd and Al 3rd. That was it for the night

Hey the sideways come with 17k long but they feel more like a 20k

So Scalextric  gt3 is on the menu  for tomorrow  1st race. There was some comments  expressed  last race that  there is more than few are not a big fan. So with that said I'm bringing 4 of my sideways  gt3 cars along with my Scalextric  cars. If we get a few more to bring a non Scalextric  gt3 car nsr slot it  scaleauto ect if guys are willing we can run those instead  of the slower spec class.

No pictures  it didn't  happen.  Looks like I missed some great racing.


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I have one, been in two proxies was a mid pack runner both times. Has slot it axile and cb wheels

Knock knock anybody  out there?


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Ok it just a project  I'm playing  around with.


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I have to bring it over and show. But it is the plastic  chassis that has the motor up front with a long shaft going back to the rear axile.


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You are welcome.  Hey I have question 4 u. I'm looking for a stombecker front engine  chassis. You wouldn't  have one of those would u?


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Yea I was dealing with service and broke down trailersxand trucks all day  I clocked out a 630 and just made it over the bridge  before the freezing rain hit.still have truck stuck waiting for a tow.

Well hope everyone  staying harm and safe.lights blinked a few time but no power loss in my neck of the woods.

Another exciting  odd Thursday  race report incoming. We raced we had fun and we went home happy. If you weren't  there you missed out on some fast cars. Amazing wreaks and the bitter taste  of defeat. We had a new racer come out and get there feet wet. Hope you can make it out again. All in all it was good night even with the low turn out.we were done before 8pm rest of the night was test and tune and shooting the breeze  with good friends. Results fourth  coming.

Vroom  Vroom.  Little  over 24 hours till we are racing  in Al's man Cave lmp and slot it DTM are on the schedule.


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I also heard there was  some racing going on if they were going to make it to the bathroom  in time kind of racing..


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Nice write up. Only race I ever did I had to duck from a airborne car when I was actually  driving at the same time..

Well we had full basement  of racers . It was standing room only there. We ended up have 8 stay and race and race we did. ZACK AND CHRIS  made it out for the 1st time in a long time and I can say they both have not loss any of there speed  on track  and the night results showed it. I don't  remember  were every body finished  so have to wait for the results. It very tight through out the field and if your car wasn't  firing on all cylinder  and  driver made any mistake  you  dropped  like a rock through the standings.   All in all it was a GREAT GREAT night of racing  and see old faces that have not been out for a long long time..hope it a turn and 24 is a great year of racing. Happy holidays  all see you all in 3 weeks

Well most likely  only the crickets are going to read these post. But here I go anyways...LAST CHANCE TO RACE odd Thursday  these year coming up on the 21st CanAm and Slot It Classic are on the schedule.  Hope to see a good turn out just before the holidays. Santa watching and he nows who been bad or good.   A attempt was made on my part..

Well another  Thursday  night  race report.We had our normal  diehards show up to race. Race we did.Up 1st was classic  Policar  F1 and Doc car was wisper quite  and  fast as the wind to take the win followed  by Al in 2nd and Greg taking 3rd.Next race was slot DTM and these race was a little closer.  Doc was  able to take the win over a hard charging Al in 2nd and Ricco in 3rd. Last  race was open and Al was Done coming in 2nd and took the win with Doc a full lap back and Greg in 3rd.  I was able to take bragging right with geting my car down in the high 5's but a fource off into the weeds cost me a lap and Al had 3 prefect heats. So hats off to that..For those not making it out your missing some very close and clean racing