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hey happy turkey day to all 1st time in many years not doing the big cook out at my place. no it not do to the covid19. I have no kitchen to do the cooking. remodel still not done so no stove the roast the bird or a table to eat it on......

will not be long and you be doing laps nice work there bill


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wb0s wrote:

Hang in there Doc. There may be opportunities coming!



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reek455 wrote:

I was looking forward to racing today. I resoldered my Sportsman chassis and narrowed the front axle some more along with a new motor. I also transformed my truck from a 4x4 to a low rider in an effort to make it handle better. I hadn’t noticed how high the chassis rode but thanks to Bill for pointing it out. Sadly a change in plans has made it difficult for me to make it today


nobody made the race ricco covid19 restriction can be thanked for another cancelled race


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one thing they are forgetting to tell every body is that the mortality rate has dropped per cases since march. which is a good thing..


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stumbley wrote:

Well, I would be holding races if my Airbnb renovation was progressing or finished. It seems as if the project is cursed...first contractor pulled out the day before he was supposed to start construction. Neighbor contractor lost a gig, so was overjoyed that he could work on our project. Yay!! But...his helper had back issues and had to have surgery, so it was "go it alone". Then he got concrete dust in his eyes, and was sidelined for a week. Then the wildfires made the air quality in our area unbreatheable....lost another week. Got his son to help out, son slipped in the bathtub and threw out HIS back....back to "go it alone." Plumber ordered the wrong shower, took six weeks to get the new one. Roll-up doors factory is behind because of...wildfires...doors are 3 weeks late. Contractor got his son back and....suffered a bout of congestive heart failure. We have had no work done now for the last 2 weeks, and the project that was supposed to be STARTED last December and finished by the summer looks like it will take until the end of the year or possibly February. Who cursed me?

I can relate. been waiting 4 weeks to get my kitchen and dinner room done. still waiting. getting take out is getting old really fast.


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I keep waking up in the morning hoping it all was a bad dream. no such luck..... lets hope 2021 is not a carbon copy....


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well looks like the new normal is another shut down.....


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just put it down to spray painting in in closed room..


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ha ha ha..... good see that c
Chris and Montie are still  trolling the forum...Ii was sure that post would get more hits that it did....


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Sure hope so. let see what happens on 1/23/21 we all might have more time on our hands than we all think.....


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wb0s wrote:

Doc, I think we finished racing by 5:30pm or so.

thanks well that means that  Saturday racing will not work for me. pulled out of Canby at 430  40min drive to track. I would of made it just in time to see the last heat cross the finish line....all well that is the way it goes........


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What time did you all finish up yesterday? I was wondering if I did make it out there after work how much racing I would get in.

Must be that new chassis
I heard it has a oil pan that helps cut through the wind and a fuel line that holds a extra gallon of fuel..


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Well we all see what Bill has been doing. I have a major remodel going on and working on few slot  car projects when I can  .finished up my legend proxie car. and working  on that area71 ats gt3 Cadillac  I got from zack.  It will sure be nice when we all can get back to racing together again....till then stay safe.


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Look like it was a fun race for all that made the trip. Had plans on being there but ended up having to drop the car of at the dealership for major repairs  did not get the car back till late.

reek455 wrote:

Da dada dada da da... Tequila

no that just make him sleepy.  maybe some nose candy....

Bill all that hard work  is stating  to pay off
If you drink three or four red bulls every other hour sleep is not needed for days. You could be all done by Friday.  Looking  great by the way

Get your wife to open it and then your not the one that ruined a un open vintage model box.......

just because I can..... got nothing else to do right now.......


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No car but will try and stop and watch and  talk some bs.


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wb0s wrote:

The date for the Halloween Race has been changed to Friday October 30th. The doors will open at 5:00 PM. This is a pot luck event as usual, so please bring snacks, food, or drinks along. Although I did not receive many responses to the date change proposal I did receive at least two comments that Friday might work out better. I’m looking forward to another great Halloween race in the typical NASTE fashion! Something new for this year………….the expanded role of the MASK?

I hope your not still thinking about dressing up like a nun...


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wb0s wrote:

That's nothing Doc.....I farted and the batteries were dead!!!!

Or maybe that is what killed the batteries.......


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wb0s wrote:

Unfortunately this was all the video I got because my batteries died!


man BILL I sneezed and the video was over.

knock knock.. wake up....