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I don't know Doc,  Chris and I got sick at the same time and she didn't go,  while Al and I rode together and he's fine so far.

well Bill under the weather also . So is the race on Thursday on hold then?

Mitch58 wrote:

Doc, there are issues afoot. Several in our local slot community have come down with Covid. Chris and I seem to be over the worst of it, but others are still very sick. Those who were exposed but aren't sick may still become sick for up to 10 days after exposure.

                                                                      you all get the crap at  at Daves race Last Saturday. If so I'm glad my work got in the way..

heads up there is racing these next odd Thursday. not sure why it is not on the Upcoming Events.
classes are CanAm,GFX and OPEN normal start time.. come get some


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Sorry to hear that you had to cancel the last race. hope you feel better soon Bill. maybe you need to eat more of my salsa to clean you out..


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The rules state inline. That can be adjusted if we want to go that way.inline you can get the 1mm ride height rather easy with sidewinder  gear going have to go taller tire to make the gear clear the 1mm rule.


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Well dust it off. Sand the glaze of the tires and let go racing... bring next race. What pod does it have?


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Any body else want to put one together????


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well after last Thursday night racing there was some concern that the brass am class would be to open of a class with the builds so it was decided to just go with the 3d chassis class instead. with that being said the rules need up dating.

Bodies must be injection molded or resin cast in 1/32 scale.
Lightweight interiors allowed, but must be 3 dimensional and painted to show drivers head, shoulders, arms, steering wheel and dash.
Tires must be fully under the fenders. Tires may NOT project beyond body work when viewed from above. Bodies may be realistically flared if proven the car ran that way in T/A from 1966-1976. Group 5-type flaring is NOT permitted

Chassis 3D printed.
Podded chassis are allowed.
motor configuration: IL,
Underside of car chassis and body must clear track road surface (not rails), on level track, by 1.0mm minimum.
Guide must be entirely under body, and NOT visible when viewed from above.
Traction magnets are NOT permitted.
Bearing-type of axle bushings are NOT permitted.
Body Mounting: All chassis MUST be mounted like an RTR car - meaning screws through the chassis to body mounting points and no pins THROUGH the body, Velcro, etc. However, a chassis with side mounts such as the HRS can be used - as long as the pins do NOT go through the body


ANY aftermarket gears and ratios of your choice may be used.


Any FC-130/S-can or FK-180 long can motor up to 21.5k in RPM is permitted / there is no torque spec.. This will allow for the new Scalextric motors as well as the Piranha, and NSR. NOTE: We are aware that motors that may list at a particular RPM can come in higher or lower. Therefore, if the motor is MANUFACTURER RATED at or below 21.5k RPM - it qualifies
Motors may not be opened; only stock motors as the come from the manufacturer are allowed.


ONLY Rubber or Urethane Tires permitted
Nail polish or clear coating of front tires is permitted.
Tires are NOT permitted to be wider than 11.0 mm as measured inner-to-outer sidewall


ANY Plastic or aluminum wheels NOT larger than 15mm x 10 mm may be used.
Wheels must have period inserts or look reasonably period for the car - no blank aluminum wheels please.


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hey work turned into a cluster so I ended up having to work the full day and then some. looks like it was fun event. my loss..

Mitch58 wrote:

Bah,  humbug.

                    I think Mitch wants  to be the one pulling the classes out of the hat...

Well we had a light turn out with only 4 die hands making  it out to race so Mitch wife was drafted  into corner Marshall  duty. Up 1st was the over 50 cars and Al took the win  with doc 2nd and then rico and Mitch. The 2nd class was lmp and Doc took the win followed  by Rico Al and Mitch. Last race of the night was open and  Al took the win with Ricco 2nd then doc and mitch..that was it for the. Night.  We discussed  what classes to run and it was decided with lack of input that all classes would be thrown in a hat and be drawn my Al granddaughter.


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Vote !!!!!!!


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my vote revo
3. Can Am
4.Sportscar Era Class - Pre-Ground Effect (PGE
5 trans am
6. sports car 1


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these are the classes that have been run in the past for the championship
Class 1 - Classic Sports Car 1
          A.  Classic Sports Car 2
Class 4 - Trans Am
Class 7 - Can Am
Class 8 - Le Mans Classics
Class 9 - GT3
Class 12 - Carrera DTM
Class 15 - Sportscar Era Class - Pre-Ground Effect (PGE
Class 16 - Sportscar Era Class - Ground Effect Era (GFX
Class 17 - Sportscar Era Class - LMP Era (LMP)
new classes see first post on rules
gt revo
                                               VOTE FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO RACE


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Going need a post-race pic also mitch...


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Well not much action on the subject for yea or na from the peanut  section. Free krispy jelly dounat  for all of those that vote yes or no... Al buying...


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Ok have to try  that thanks

breaking news Al just text me no racing these Thursday.


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I HAVE  never figured out how to add pics to these forum...


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Sure why not. I have tried that before myself. Ended up it being more brass that styrene. I thought it be easy for some one print or buy a chassis and go racing . And there are enough of us that can build a brass chassis  rather easily.


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I spent a few moments and swapped out the 21.5k motors I had in mt brass am and 3d printed trans am cars and will have them at the track These upcoming odd Thursday.  if anybody want to take one for a spin both have predator 18 k motors in them. brass am As Paul Gage tires and the 3d also has  pg tires.


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Well, the next season is just around the corner, and we need to talk about what we want to race for classes.
these last Thursday it was brought up that most guys are not that thrilled racing the ta car in their current rule package and discussed that it would be nice to either have scratch brass class or go with a 3d chassis and pod set up.
I think keep the rules simple and easy build. 
1. chassis inline only
2. spec motor. 18k
3. stock body and glass lexan interior
4. 8mm tires and paul gage pg tires or rubber we can decide with a vote
5. open gearing open tuning build the chassis any way you want just has to be inline
6. 1965 to 1974 cars that ran in trans am

same ass brass am chassis can be any 3d printed chassis
I suggested that we could have two trans am classes. 1st 4 rounds with old rules and the next 4 with the new cars, that would give guys a chance to build and tune if we do decide to go down this path.
Another class that was brought up was a revoslot gt class.
these are great cars right out of the box and would be a easy class to spec out and run.
rules would be very simple
1. only gt revo cars
2. must only use revoslot parts including tires, tires can be glued, and trued front tires can be coated.
3. have fun. that's it.
well, that 3 possible classes that we can run. put your two or 4 cents in one what you want to run.or what you do not want to run..

It summer time and the race count been low all summer long. These odd Thursday  was no exception  with only 5 brave souls battling on the track. The race count may be low but the lap totals  have not. The racing been fierce  and you better bring you A game to the track. Up 1st was pge and it was tight battle for the win with Ricco   just getting the win Over doc by two tenths. I had two offs and that all it took with Ricco running 9 min mistake free.  Up next was sport car 2 and once again it was a fight for the win and it came down to the last heat and last two feet of the track to find out who the winner was. And after the totals  were added up Doc took the win by another two tenths over Al. After that race we Lost a few racers so it was practice and shoot the Bull time. We need to come up with some classes we want to run for the next up coming championship. Some thoughts were given. Some new classes were talked about. We should start a new thread on the matter.

great  job. does that mean you may make it out to some slot car races??????

I did make it and so did my belt.