There are collectors, and then there are consumers.

When the boys were young the youngest's favorite part of Slot cars was crashing, I had to remove the chicanes because he would just park there and wait...

Anyway, I spent a long time looking for an Eldon Demolition Derby set. When I finally found one it was an un-opened, sealed in plastic set. I had to force myself to pass on it.

I eventually found enough pieces to build two cars, but never the correct track.

"We might have everything done"

Silly Stan, When you own a home and particularly if you're married it's never "done".


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Looks good Rico


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Thanks Howie.
I was running my best mid-pack race ever until My old Parma Motor heated up so much the wires were coming unsoldered. I guess I'll need to install a fresh Proslot and build a cooling fan. Meanwhile my Nastruck just need decals and it's ready to go. My Olds and '56 Ford just need screen and decals then they are ready also. See you in a couple of weeks.

I hear ya Chris, I visit a few interesting pages and keep up with some far flung relatives but the rest is pretty much just crap.

Chris, I posted photos and videos on HRWs facebook page and Slot racing old schools page, Also NW truescale's page.

This site won't let me post videos and only 1 photo at a time.

Ooooh primary colors. I like that.

At Bobs the orange and green look the same to me. At other tracks I've had trouble with the purple and blue, Sometimes if the yellow is not bright enough it looks like the green, but the yellow and orange are never a problem, go figure.


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they run like a typical Pioneer. Once I trued the tires they make decent laps. The Pioneer tires are rather hard, they would be quicker with PG tires on them as they are, they slide about like a dirt track car would, perhaps that was their intention. They come with three different pinions, 11, 12, & a 13 tooth gear. The Gulf car came with the 12 tooth installed, the black car was a kit. I used the 11 tooth pinion and I like it a bit better.
  They could be fun to race together but they only have the two cars, they need a Dodge or Plymouth from the same era.


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I got around to fooling with these

Stan I'll have an extra car, but you'll need a controller that can handle the amps without melting in your hand.


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Hey guys we've had quite a racing drought here lately. I still don't know just when we might be getting back to regular racing, but it looks like we may be hosting a round of this years GT-3 proxy sometime in December. That is all I know at the moment. When I get more details I'll pass them along.

Looks good Bill

Keep talking Doc, just keep talking.
I was going to retire at the end of the month but I may put that off for another year as there appears to be too many homes and businesses that need to be rebuilt.


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I don't know what I need, I was going to pick my chassis up from Bob tonight or tomorrow, but that got scrapped.

Hurry up. I'm ready

Doc, Scaleauto also makes a nice selection of Gt-3 cars, smooth and quick. I have their early Mercedes and a C7 Corvette, they are as smooth and fast as anything else I own.  Ninco also made some with flat chassis we should have run with with the others. I have a Stock Toyota and a Lexus that will run circles around my Scaley cars.

I used to keep several videos on my work computer for safety meetings. Besides the typical ones where someone does something stupid I had a few where everything was done right and still bad things happen, usually because a chain/cable/pick point or a piece of machinery broke. To remind the guys/gals that we were in a dangerous business and accidents are still going to happen.

I drove home from Bend today over the Santiam, First time in the Black Subaru, I can tell you that there are at least a couple of tight corners that are banked the wrong way.

Looks good Bill.

All the old track records are now obsolete, you'll/we'll have to start over.


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From a working man's viewpoint I can only think, what a shame, what a shame, what a shame.

That's a pretty wicked knife there Bill, just so you know they make some pretty awesome specialty tools that are a lot easier to use than that knife.
Let me know if you need help. If you cut your self I can even sew you up, you may squirm a bit but that doesn't bother me much, at least it didn't the last time I did it.


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Ewww, how do you ever get past that?


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If your anything like me you have some GT-3 cars sitting around that just never cut the mustard. The worst of the bunch was my BMW Z-4.
So I dug it out of the drawer of dead cars, gave it a shot of Rustoleum Black, A Piranha motor, some Slot It wheels, axles, gear and NSR tires. It no longer fits into our GT-3 class and it's not fast enough for our other GT class but it sure is fun to blast around my track. I may have to build it something to run with.


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Another odd Thursday comes and goes.


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Tom, because most vary a bit, typically you want to get the body you want first, then build the chassis to fit it.