I couldn't get it to do anything last night, I barely got those 5 words typed

Never mind this site has issues


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Bill's Too Bad track was in his garage The only Issue I was aware of was when we had a drastic temperature/weather change the tape would wrinkle a bit and need to be smoothed out.

Al has had no problem with his.

Mine still takes a beating in the corners even with the new smooth surface. I'm beginning to think it may be because I run so many different brands of older cars, and run them harder than they were ever intended to run on a home track.  But it sure is fun.

Looking forward to helping you with yours.


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Looks good Doc. Shouldn't take long to whip that out with the right tools. Being in a garage with the temp. Changes are you wanting to use braid or tape?


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Back to bushes and such


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Another photo


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I was adding in some details and playing with the camera when suddenly the white lane seemed to drop to around four volts. I got out a rag and cleaned it all again looking for any cracks/tears in the tape. Finding none I started checking all of the lapped areas, no visible problems. After about an hour I found a tear under the center of my overpass. Now my arm won't fit under there very far. I managed to cut it on the outside of the bridge and peel it out, but there was no way I was going to replace it. Luckily Chris was home and can get her arm in there but can't reach both sides at once. Between us We managed to fix it.

Now I remember why my original plan had no over pass.


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From the end


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Chris is adding detail to the rock faces this evening and I have the bridge railings ready to go.


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I made some progress this week. Chris will be painting the rock faces and blending in the darker colors to match the artificial rocks I found in Tammie's train dept. These are just laying loose at the moment, I'll move them around a bit before gluing them in place. I'll be making tufts  of grass and small bushes to soften up the edges. I'll also be using train ballast along some of the edges but I need to let Chris get ahead of me a bit.

The extra plaster on the back board I intend to paint either as low clouds or as hills in the distance, perhaps a little of both.

I never handled boredom well as a kid, if it wasn't for having this track to fuss with I would have lost my mind by now.

docdoom wrote:
Mitch58 wrote:

Hook up the black and white, clip to red on to your tongue, then drive a car around. You may get a small surprise when you stop.

does it have to be the tongue????

No, but it is a rather small clip.

Hook up the black and white, clip to red one to your tongue, then drive a car around. You may get a small surprise when you stop.


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With all this time to kill I started landscaping. Tomorrow's task is to coat it all with plaster, then cloth, then more plaster. The videos make it look easy, we'll see.


  I had to go watch this video. I found it......informing.

After watching several more videos I started thinking this looks realistic and great on a train layout but on a slot car track I have a feeling I would constantly be cleaning it off of and out of the track. After all I've seen how some of us drive.

Then I thought a few well placed 'clumps" could look cool but with my modeling skills it might look like spots where some dog had crapped on the lawn. Oh and it comes in so many colors, like I'd ever get that right.  I've already solicited a promise from my wife to paint any rock out croppings I may make so they don't just look like blobs of something.


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I got it running, the BMW motor is just right for this, Next body and paint, then glass and interior. I've had a bag of these bodies sitting around for about 3 years and finally got around to doing something with one of them.

I also made a nice video but don't know how to post it.


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wb0s wrote:

I don't think any NSR tires are going to fit those wheels......BOSA makes a few different tires that will fit for vintage 1/24 cars.

In fact it looks like you have BOSAs on there now. There are also some narrower ones available.

They do, for large diameter wheels and small, narrow and wide.

Bought mine from Professor Motor I believe

They work fantastic on my track, but what I found during the DTM race was as I had broken one of my BOSA tires in the afternoon I Trued up some Supergrips and ran a few great laps before I left for Al's. During practice it still ran great laps. As I came into the race after most of the other cars had ran on the urethane tires it was loose and all over the track. It felt like I had Strombecker tires.
These 1/24 scale tires would probably be the same.


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The bracket looks great Rico

I may have the correct tires in either urethane or NSR Supergrips.

I put the Supergrips on my 906 and it runs fantastic, but if I race with other guys using Urethanes I might have a dust issue.


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The only one like that is in a complete car. I think I have one for a Cox somewhere in a box, but as Bill says they are a bit different.


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ckouba wrote:
Mitch58 wrote:

time to build?

It has been for a while, even before I gave the old one away.  It's on the "list of things to do" but has a hard time getting to the top.  If this continues a while longer, it may get there though.

If we ever get free to congregate, let me know, I'd be glad to help.


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Wanabgts wrote:
kidvolt wrote:

Zack - rod rather than tube?  Bend issue?

What are we talking about here?


I'm not sure what Monte is referring to but a lot of scratchbuilders particularly in the drag racing world use stainless steel tubing rather than brass rod or piano wire.


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time to build?

Just when I was ready to start landscaping, I'm hesitant to go get supplies, or at least discouraged by my wife from leaving the house.  I actually have enough Masonite in the garage to finish the hard scapes, that must be a motivational issue. My wife did get bored and make me some cardboard pattern of the bridge entrance which is nice.

Speaking of my wife she keeps talking about digging in the garden, never about planting anything, just digging. A large hole? I'm unsure of her motives so I keep putting it off.


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I bought a nibbler that attaches to a drill motor, it was only about $12 on eBay, they seem to be readily available.

Okay, My 962 is running well. I'll try to keep my hands off of it.


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Thanks Chris, even if those are old points that no longer matter in my life.

The last set of points I adjusted were in my '52 Chevy, and I eventually went electronic in that making it...Pointless.

good Monday to you too.


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Points? Who cars about points? I race just for the shear joy of racing.