Your right Bill. Perhaps it's not having too many classes rather than trying to prepare for and race too many classes per season. Maybe we should look more at our scheduling and try to race fewer classes each year. Most of us would probably be better off pouring resources into maybe four classes each season than trying to cover ten or however many we currently are trying to run.
         Some cars can sit in a drawer for a while, believe me I know.

kidvolt wrote:

And list as not useful all the rest maybe.  ;-)

At least it supports the spirit of the Can Am class.

Not to argue the vote but I only saw two, not six.  What did I miss?

Well now, Actually we now have a few Slot its and a couple of NSRs capable of Thunderslot times, though most but not all have come off of the same workbench.

The other way to look at it is for the new racer rather than spending $50 on a Slot It and another $30 to make it run like a Thunderslot they can just spend $79.99 on a Thunderslot and be ahead of the game.

  And while a Slot It and an NSR can be made to run that speed a Thunderslot is much easier(shall we say effortless) to drive that fast, this is also in the new racers favor.

I'll also say that at the moment my fastest Thunderslot is faster and smoother than it has ever been, yet there are three non Thunderslot Porsche 997s in a proxy box downstairs that are faster.   Go figure.

That's why I passed on Monday. I'll pick through what's left over later. I have a bunch in a drawer. I'm more interested in the ones I'm not so familiar with.


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Okay, let's run these cars Sunday afternoon we can plan to start 2ish but I'll have the track open by one if somebody wants to just run some cars around.
These are some of the fastest, smoothest cars I even seen in a proxy. A few of them were hard to stop after they completed their qualification laps.
  I spent couple of hours working on my fastest Thunderslot and it might have qualified 3rd.

I came home and started digging thru my 1/24 stuff to repair mine and found an original Hanna chassis, probably what I should have started with.


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Great Photos Bill.

kidvolt wrote:

Mail order available?

If you have a particular interest I can bring something by Monte

My Harley is begging to leave the garage.


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It is, I'm think perhaps Sunday afternoon if there is any interest.

wb0s wrote:

Heads up guys. I went through some boxes and I will have a crap load of NEW motors for sale at Al's next Odd Thursday Night Race. I have a LARGE variety of motors for $6 or less!

I pawed through these, they are not junk. Slot-It, H&R, Scaleauto, ect.


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You haven't driven my Thunderslot Lola lately. Solid 5.6s on  my track all day long, I'll try to remember to bring it to Al's on Thursday.


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I don't remember the name but it is a car/motorcycle museum., oh and my Fly Ferrari for LeMans is running 6.3s

You learn a lot of tuning tricks from well built proxy cars, even without taking the body off.


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The car are qualified. We need to pick a time that works for the most people in the next couple of weeks. If you like fast cars you'll want to participate. The slowest car ran a 6.6, the top two ran 5.3 and the rest were of course all in between. Until this morning 5.4 was the fastest lap I've ever ran here.

Perhaps an evening will work best for most of us.

Chime in and let me know.


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As most of you know there have been issues with Race Coordinator on some of our tracks, Mine, Al's, Montes, Howies, ect.

Some of these have been fixed by switching to Trackmate hardware.

My issue wasn't loss of power like the others, Mine would go to a blue screen and having to restart the PC. Sometimes this would happen while idle, most of the time it was when adding racers or setting up a race.
I took the PC down to the local guru in town  He checked it out and told me there was nothing wrong with the unit and it was probably something in the digital download. His suggestion was to remove the program and install it again.
I did this repeatedly to no good affect. 
  Monte and Al set up my timing system while I was recovering from my stroke so my awareness was somewhat limited, but since I had no wifi or internet downstairs at the time we downloaded the program on the PC upstairs and put it on a memory stick to transfer to the race PC.
  After adding Wifi downstairs I had never tried a direct download to the race PC. That was the trick, in my case it has worked flawlessly since. I think part of the program is getting corrupted in the memory stick transfer.

Just an FYI for those of you who are wanting to set up a timing system at home.


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I had this idea about limiting myself to just one car for each class so I could give it all my attention. It's not working out so well at this point.


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Those look great, If I hadn't just done a bunch of work on mine I would grab one.

docdoom wrote:

if no body takes it Montie I store it at my place till somebody steps up. may need to have someone with a full  pick up help with the move

I'll help Doc, I've got a trailer too.

docdoom wrote:

Looks like Le Mans has jumped out to good  lead..looks like the real fight is for the last class between classic one and PGE. maybe we get some late night ballots come in  and change the results....

Or maybe not...

kidvolt wrote:

Can you vote more than once?  Will we need to have the counts audited?  Are there restrictions?

From the looks of it, Rico voted for Mitch.  wink

I can't help it if Rico picked all the right classes.

I no longer have the room but I like that track Monte.


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Yes Doc.


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Okay, I talked with Al and Sunday afternoon works for most of us, and less traffic too for those across town.

Lets say 3;00 and I'll have the track open by 1;30 if anybody wants to bring cars over and just run around the track. I also have a few cars and controllers if you are traveling light.

Anyone else is welcome to come race, marshal ect.

PGE, GFX, Cam Am, and LeMans


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I received a box of proxy cars today.

These are Nascar cars divided into 2 groups, COT which is open to all makes, have an open motor, and pods with after market chassis are allowed.

The other is Winston Cup which is made up of Scalextric '80s Monte Carlos and Thunderbirds. These car run stock chassis and either H&R, Piranha, or Predator 18K motors.

I'm here every day, I'm open to a weeknight (even # Thursday) or a weekend time to run these. Chime in here and let me know what works and I'll come up with something that works for the most volunteers. 

Thanks, I'll try to qualify these cars tomorrow.


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Looks good Monte, great job Bill.


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To escape the heat I spent the morning in the basement getting three Trans Am cars running smooth as glass and lapping 6.8ish,  not bad.
  Then I looked at the schedule to find we are racing PGE and GT3 this week.
  Oh well now I have a project for tomorrow morning.