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Since the Ferrari F40 is now 30+ years old making it a classic in the real world perhaps we should include it into our classic Slot It/ Policar class.
This may help it from becoming yet another GT40 class.


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You should have stopped by Doc,  we were still racing at 7:00 and some of us hung out until aroung 10:00.


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Digging through the parts bin today I came up with enough to build a Power Wagon.


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Tonight's classes,
Revoslot GT


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I may have missed something but in the schedule I see several Even Thursday events that do not say what we are racing.

Some of us slower builders need a bit of notice to get something together, or to have our "Crew Chief" build something suitable.


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Today is another Odd Thursday

  Tonight is the last race using the old classes that we have run and added to, changed, tweaked for the last 10 years
Tonight's classes are GFX, basically, but not limited to Slot It Class C cars, and LeMans, Stock Fly, Scalextric, Ninco cars running the Black Stripe Scaley/Fly motors.

Starting with the next Odd Thursday we will race our new classes. The changes made are more Brand Centric in an attempt to be less complicated. Several center on Slot It/Policar cars, as these are simple smooth and fast. They can be made to run very well with just minor tuning. They also perform very well out of the box. As an example my new 512 runs about as well as many I've fussed with, all I have done is loosen the pod screws a quarter turn. I haven't even changed the tires or removed the body, and you can't beat the price. Most comparable cars are twice the price.

Our horribly complex and confusing F1 class is now limited to the Policar F1 cars simplifying that a lot.

We are also running Revoslot GT2 cars together as their own class. These will be raced stock making for some close competitive racing.

Another "as they come" class" will be the Slot It DTM class.

Classes like these were made to allow new racers to be competitive right from the get go. And new racers still get to use magnets until they win, then they get to learn basic tuning skills.

See some of you tonight, enjoy.


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If Gearloose had stayed and equaled his first round he would have placed fourth, not bad Birthday Boy.

We tried running the Revoslot GT2/GT1 cars in the regular GT series wherever they fit. Though they only have a 21K motor they had enough torque to be quick enough on Al's track. It was the lack of traction that held them back so when we were discussing new classes it was decided to run them in their own class. It appears that many other clubs and proxies have made the same decision. The loss of traction appears to be related to the slight texture of the Magnetic primer. On my track for out at Bill's track the Revoslot tires seem to like the smooth surface allowing these cars to hang with the Slot Its and NSRs.
  When I hosted the Revoslot proxy the cars qualified close enough that it was literally anybody's race to win.
As for the smaller cars I have the Alfa and BMW. the first thing I did was replace the 21K motor with an H&R 18K making them legal for classics ll. However I never intended to race them, they are just perfect for my track this way. As for Trans Am racing they would probably also need their own U2 Revoslot class. You also wouldn't be able to fit the spec Black Stripe "trans am" motor as they are all bell driven and the Revo chassis are all can driven.

It was a good night. 8 racers. It was great to see Chris Kouba again and welcome to Elliot a new/guest racer,  we hope to see you again.

Nice race. I had planned to come and had a Testarossa ready,  but we ended up with kids and grandkids this weekend.


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I had planned to come and race Womps. The cars and controller even made it up to the front door.
  But then plans sometimes change.


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Bring it.

docdoom wrote:
Mitch58 wrote:
docdoom wrote:

Racing was a bust. Not enough  guys to race so it was test a tune kind of night. Try again in two weeks..

I had a family thing in Salem I didn't know about till the last moment.
  Nobody tells me anything.

   Well if it anything  like me and my wife. You were told but it was registered  in your brain as back ground noise...

That's what she said.

docdoom wrote:

Racing was a bust. Not enough  guys to race so it was test a tune kind of night. Try again in two weeks..

I had a family thing in Salem I didn't know about till the last moment.
  Nobody tells me anything.


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I went by Al's today after he got home and visited for a bit. At this point he's feeling pretty good.
  Unless there is a sudden turn around he plans to have the track open this Thursday.
  If we don't have enough racers for an actual race it might be a good time to test some new cars that are part of the new classes, so bring your Revoslot and Slot It DTM cars if you have them. I'll bring extras for those who don't have them so guys can get a feel for them.
  Bill has posted the new classes and rule changes to the website, most changes just simplify some of the classes by having us tune the stock parts rather than heavily modifying the cars.

docdoom wrote:

Look like it was a fun race for all..

It was Doc at least until I smoked my 502.

As for the Revoslot tires: They make three compounds, the stock one that comes on the car and a medium, as well as a soft. Jeff Fields and I tried all three. On my track with its smoother surface it didn't make much difference at all, on Al's track with the slight texture there was no difference whatsoever. We ran several laps with each tire on my Viper and Toyota GT1, the lap times never varied at all.
  I really don't think it matters.

I already built mine with a Team Bluegroove body last year as I didn't like the "squishy" feeling of the others.


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Thanks Howie for hosting a great event.
We had 13 racers come and race Nastrucks and early Sporstmen cars, two of my favorite classes.
Though far from the top of the leader board I was able to complete 52 minutes of racing without any mechanical breakdowns allowing me to finish ahead of some of those who did break down. 
  Some of the faster guys broke down and still came back and beat me. But that was expected.
Looking forward to the next one.


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Yesterday I was on the phone with Robert Lee (AKA REL-13) one of the east coast proxy organizers.
During the conversation we talked about the difficulty of getting a group together to run proxy cars which led to the subject of how covid and people moving has led to low racing attendance in general.
  He said that in Conn. they had the same problem for a while. They have 4 or 5 tracks that they rotate through as part of their regular racing.
  What they did was have each track owner build a set of IROC cars for each track and have a few extra controllers, they included this IROC race as part of their weekly program at each track so that new racers can just show up and race without having to buy a box of equipment they know nothing about. They are now back up to about 10/12 regular racers each week.
We should discuss this as an option.
  For (guest) racers at my house I have already built 3 older Slot It cars with 18K H&R motors, these cars are very smooth and easy to drive yet are capable of running in the mid 6s on my track. I also have three non adjustable 35ohm controllers that work very well with these motors. It allows everybody to be on the same footing the only advantage going to those most familiar with the track.
  We already talked about moving the BRMs from being on the schedule every week to a rotating basis and replacing it with another 1/32 scale class.
  My initial thought is to replace it with something like this as the first race each evening allowing new racers to come and participate on an even footing then perhaps stay and Marshal or borrow a car and controller and continue racing for the evening.
  This may help new racers get their feet wet without the intimidation of having to buy $$$ worth of a product they are unfamiliar with.
  Just an idea, we can discuss it as a group either on this platform or in person when we get the chance

docdoom wrote:


"AK GT40 class" My P68 may take exception to that.

To any other racers I'm bringing the DaVols Forums Cup cars to run after our regular cars. They are made up of mostly stock but well tuned Scalextric 70s Nascars with 18K motors and modern Nascars with 3D chassis and no motor limit.

Bill,  do you want me to bring you a classics l car?


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I plan on racing,  however life seems to be getting in the way lately. But count me in.