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One of the issues with attending this event is race scheduling. We are lucky and unlucky in the amount of racing available in our area! Pretty much every weekend is scheduled with races locally! The weekend of November 11th is scheduled for the first race in the Northwest True Scale Porsche 962 Championship series. This is a big race for us here. Many local racers have cars for this event so turn out will be very good! I would love to be able to attend more races, but there is only so much time to dedicate!

As far as 1/24 slot car racing, we are spoiled in our area. We have what I believe to be the best 1/24 hardbody slot car racing in the nation, at a minimum. We have 1/24 hardbody cars that are very close to Flexi type cars in performance! The difference between the cars raced here locally and the 1/24 BRM cars is similar to the difference between 1/32 RTR cars and HO cars. The cars are not comparable in performance at all. So it boils down to what the racers enjoy the most and fast, good handling cars are addictive. Personally I like ALL slot cars regardless of scale or style, but as I get older I like racing our local 1/24 class cars the best. They are easier for me to work on, and I like the way they can be pushed hard and fast through the corners.

The 2024 racing season is officially on! We had a good turn out of drivers for the Even Thursday race on September 28th. After some of us met for a bite to eat at 3:30 PM, the doors opened at 5:00 PM. By 6:00 PM and time for the Womp race we had 8 cars on the grid. One of the new racers to fill one of those spots was Greg Watkins. Greg also races HO, and he quickly adapted to the Womps! Womp racing isn't for everybody, but it does provide some really close, competitive racing! Rob Enders was lightning fast as usual, and was able to stay in the lead until the checkered flag dropped. Here are the Womp race results (you can see just how close the racing was!):

1st Rob 109 laps
2nd Bill 109
3rd Kirk 100
4th Frank 98
5th Bart 97
6th Tim 95
7th Mark 82
8th Greg 79

As the Womp race came to a close and we readied for the 7:00 PM Flexi race, two more racers showed up. Jerry (Gearloose) and Ken Palfenier brought out their beautiful Can Am cars, ready for action! This was Ken's first visit to Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway since it was moved from Bob McFarland's shop in Aurora. Ken adapted quickly to the new course configuration, and had he not suffered an equipment failure, I'm sure he would have finished higher in the field. Frank Lynn entered his brushless motored car. Although the NASCAR style body presented a slight disadvantage, the car showed real promise! It was extremely fast, and never got even a little hot! In the end it was Kirk Smith in the lead for the win. And just like the Womp race, the competition was close! Flexi race results:

1st Kirk 139 laps / 4.492 best lap
2nd Bill 139 / 4.360
3rd Gearloose 131 / 4.745
4th Bart 130 / 4.961
5th Rob 122 / 4.235
6th Tim 121 / 4.650
7th Frank 112 / 5.199
8th Greg 107 / 5.223
9th Mark 106 / 4.620
10th Ken 98 / 4.967

David Bond has a 3 lane wood oval track he would like to sell. Just the mdf part no frame, electric.

For more info contact David on Facebook, or send me a note and I'll get you in touch with him.


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The NASTE Odd Thursday schedule is also posted on this NASTE website's Calendar.

Sept. 7th Race Results:

Slot.it Polycar Classic Class:
1st Al 82.1 laps
2nd Doc 80.7
3rd Greg 76.3
4th Mitch 73.8

Revoslot Class:
1st Doc 79.4 laps
2nd Greg 74.9
3rd Al 74.2
4th Mitch 73.5

Open Class:
1st Doc 86.3 laps
2nd Al 84.1
3rd Mitch 78.8


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A BIG thanks to Monte Saager! He has updated the NASTE website to make it easier to find the rules for ALL the local clubs! Just click on "Race Rules" on the Home Page for the links.


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kidvolt wrote:

Difficult to find?  Do we need a site redesign?

I'm happy to accept input on that.

Hey Smooth, I do get a few questions and comments regarding where to find information. I made a slight change to the wording under the Home Page link to "Race Rules". When someone clicks on "Race Rules" they will now see "Rules For NASTE Odd Thursday Races - NWTS and PASER Rules are listed in the Forum". Hopefully that will help direct them to the proper spot. For the most part a person just needs to know which group or club's race rules they are looking for. For example; for racing at Howie's Rapid Raceway, you need the Northwest True Scale (NWTS) rules which are listed in the Forum under Rapid Raceway's heading. If you happen to look under Northwest True Scale's heading the link takes you to the rules listed in Rapid Raceway's forum. PASER Rules are listed under PASER's Forum heading.

It doesn't seem that tough to me, but then again I am in here all the time!

To the top....


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Mitch58 wrote:

And just where would these rules be posted?
This site has always been difficult to find anything.

Uh.......Scroll UP!

Rules updated Spt. 9, 2023.

The NWTS Classic NASCAR Class has now been designated as a PASER Class. The rules have been moved/placed under the PASER Rules. They are no longer listed with the NWTS Rules for Rapid Raceway.


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Rules updated Spt. 9, 2023.

The NWTS Classic NASCAR Class has now been designated as a PASER Class. The rules have been moved/placed under the PASER Rules. They are no longer listed with the NWTS Rules for Rapid Raceway.

I do not speak D I G I T A L so I am totally CLUELESS!


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A big thanks to Monte for taking good care of our website!


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YEAH! Thank you Monte!!!!!

YEAH!....What HE said!!!!

Chris, the computer I need would have to have the old style "slot thingie" (correct technical term unknown to me) installed to accept the SRT board. SRT runs in DOS (I think that's what it is referred to).........

I don't do that anymore!

I will be helping Chris Kouba shake down his PDX Adult Soap Box Derby entry for this year's event!


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You've got some great builds you could show off Doc!


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I like this idea Rico! This is cool! You have some really nice cars there!

I know Monte has some great old stuff! How about it Smooth? You've got nothing better to do!!!


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A 1/24 Revell Ferrari GTO. A pretty nice original car.

This is a very nicely painted and detailed 1/24 Revell AC Cobra.

Monogram Daytona Cobra GT Coupe in 1/24.

These are all the cars currently in my display case. That is up until today anyway. After making some repairs to the case, I now have to load all the cars back in....Things may change......a little.......


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A very nice example of a Monogram Ford GT Roadster. Complete and clean!

Another Russkit Porsche. A little worn, but still pretty nice and complete.

It looks like this Dynamic chassied car has seen some racing action! I love these padlock style motors!


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This appears to be a factory paint clear body shell mounted on a Gar Vic chassis.

This is another slot car I have had many of through the years. However this was the first that was original and complete. Most were broken or cut up.

These 1/24 Revell Cooper Fords are hard to find in this condition. It took me a few years to find one this complete, and this nice!


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Another Cox 1/24 Cheetah. The body on this one is clean, original, and complete. The chassis is missing some parts.

I like the paint job on this 1/24 Porsche. It is mounted on a modified Dynamic chassis.

K&B Lola T70. This is a nice original. It's just missing the wheel inserts.