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Following the Trans Am race at The Gorge Raceway on Saturday February 24th, a meeting of the PASER Club was held. In this, the first meeting, the ground work was laid for the re-organization of the club. It was encouraging to see some attendees in the meeting that actually could not make the race, but went the extra mile to make it to this meeting. We are all optimistic about what we can accomplish as a group to improve upon our racing program, and our club in general! Anyone (new racer or veteran) that is interested in being part of these ground floor activities is welcome!

PASER Charter Members as of February 24, 2024.

This is shaping up to look like a big event! The word is there are quite a few out-of towners coming in for the race, as well as local racers!

There are also two opportunities for testing and tuning of your OSCAR NASCARs. The usual OSCAR practice the day before the big race, and for this race there is a PASER Even Thursday at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway in Vancouver where one of the classes we're racing is the OSCAR Late Model NASCAR Class. So that gives you Thursday the 14th, and Friday the 15th to get your car dialed in and ready!

I received this note from John Gill: "As a follow-up from the PASER meeting last Saturday, just wanted to add a couple things for any newer guys thinking about entering the upcoming OSCAR NASCAR race. At OSCAR races everyone does a one minute qualifying run. Your best time puts you in the top or bottom half of the field. Each half is run as a separate race. What this means is that you will be racing against guys that are of similar level to you. It makes for some very good races within the race. And, if you win the race, you have the option of transferring to the faster half. (Twice the racing time)."

Bob, Scott is missing from the Race 1 results.

NASTE 2024 Point Series Championship Race No.8 @ Rippin' Ridin' Raceway February 15, 2024

Race Results - Slot.it / Polycar Classic Class:

1 Doc 83.3 laps - 6 points.
2 Al 80.3 - 5 pts.
3 Rico 79.3 - 4 pts.
4 Greg 76.4 - 3 pts.
5 David 75.4 - 2 pts.
6 Mitch 74.6 - 1 pt.

Current Standings for the 2024 NASTE Point Series Championship After 8 Races:

1 Daniel - 38 pts.
2 Al - 35 points.
3 Rico - 23 pts.
4 Greg - 18 pts.
5 Mitch - 13 pts.
6 Zack - 7 pts.
7 Chris Kouba - 6 pts.
8 David - 4 pts.
9 Douglas - 3 pts.
10 Frank - 1 pt.


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Although I had no weapon for the NASCAR battle, I did have fun in the Sportsman race! Thanks Howie!


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I miss ol' Evil! A wise man he was!


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I believe that statement to be true Doc!


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I am open to hosting a race at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway in Vancouver.

NASTE 2024 Point Series Championship Race No.7 @ Rippin' Ridin' Raceway February 1, 2024

Race Results - Slot.it DTM Class:

1 Al  78.3 laps - 6 points.
2 Doc 78.0 - 5 pts.
3 Greg 73.2 - 4 pts.
4 Rico 71.5 - 3 pts.
5 Mitch 69.2 - 2 pts.
6 Doug 63.8 - 1 pt.

Current Standings for the 2024 NASTE Point Series Championship After 7 Races:

1 Daniel - 32 pts.
2 Al - 30 points.
3 Rico - 19 pts.
4 Greg - 14 pts.
5 Mitch - 12 pts.
6 Zack - 7 pts.
7 Chris Kouba - 6 pts.
8 Douglas - 3 pts.
9 David - 2 pts.
10 Frank - 1 pt.

Race results from Feb. 1st race:





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The Portland Area Scale Electric Racers Club was established in the early 1960’s by Bob McFarland, Lee Dundas, and Jerry (Gearloose) Palfenier. Throughout the 60+ years PASER has been active, the club has always had a goal of providing a well structured environment for scratchbuilding and racing custom slot cars.  Achieving this goal and combining it with a friendly club atmosphere has been key to the clubs success throughout those years. 

Recently a group of five racers that have been previously associated with the PASER Club, met to discuss the possibility of resurrecting the club. The decision was made to proceed with the reorganization of the club.

This is our mission statement:

To provide a high-quality racing environment for everyone, with a consistent and structured program developed from the input of all members.

To maintain the tradition of building and racing original design scratchbuilt slot cars, built in the spirit of Oregon hardbody racing.

Include in the racing program car classes designed for new racers, and provide help to get them started in the hobby. This will include further development of the existing Womp, Flexi, and 2NASTE production chassis classes. 

At the end of much discussion, it was decided we could accomplish much more as an organized club than as individual track owners. The club concept allows all racers the opportunity to participate in all aspects of their racing program. Getting everyone involved in everything from car classes to race formats and scheduling. With more participants in the actual organization we will be able to hold events in addition to just the usual races, such as classes for chassis building, body mounting, painting, and other subjects. Other events such as swap meets, lunches, dinners, and awards were discussed. 

So what does it mean to be a “member”, and why should you join? As previously stated, we feel it would benefit the entire group of racers to have more people involved in all aspects of our racing. With more people involved we can form committees to help perform some of the work required to put on a race. Committees are not limited to but will include: 

Working on promotion to attract new racers. 

Planning and assembling tools and parts for instructional classes. 

Planning and scheduling races for the upcoming racing seasons. 

Establishing rules and guidelines for racing. 

If you would be interested in participating at this level, something beyond just showing up for a race, please let us know. Just as it is now, anyone will be able to race with us. You will not need to be a “member” to attend the PASER races. This reorganization of the PASER Club does not affect Northwest True Scale or the racing program at Rapid Raceway. In short this is an attempt to maintain and boost the PASER and OSCAR clubs and programs.

Our next PASER meeting will be held after the Trans Am race at The Gorge on Saturday February 24th. If you are interested, please plan to attend. Topics for the meeting will include discussion of officer positions and initial committees. 



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Thank you SO much!

We definitely do not tell you often enough how much we appreciate all you do for all the clubs!

NASTE 2024 Point Series Championship Race No.6 @ Rippin' Ridin' Raceway January 25, 2024

Race Results - Slot.it / Polycar Classic Class:

1 Doc 81.0 laps - 6 points.
2 Rico 77.8 - 5 pts.
3 Al 76.6 - 4 pts.
4 Mitch 73.8 - 3 pts.
5 Greg 73.1 - 2 pts.
6 Frank 65.9 - 1 pt.

Current Standings for the 2024 NASTE Point Series Championship After 6 Races:

1 Daniel - 27 pts.
2 Al - 24 points.
3 Rico - 16 pts.
4 - tie - Greg - 10 pts.
4 - tie - Mitch - 10 pts.
6 Zack - 7 pts.
7 Chris Kouba - 6 pts.
8 - tie -  David - 2 pts.
8 - tie - Douglas - 2 pts.
10 Frank - 1 pt.

Results from the January 25th race:





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I was searching the internet for old OSCAR articles and info, and I ran across this article Rich Vecchio wrote for Slot Blog. It is an excellent article with many great photos, plus it is a really good read! Thank you Rich!

http://slotblog.net/topic/100408-oscar- … cyon-days/

It was a lot of fun! Especially competing against all types of different chassis. My inline OSCAR NASCAR chassis was good enough for a fourth and then a third place finish. I'm pretty happy with that!

Awesome race Bob! Thanks!

I'm in Bob!


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I'm thinking ANYTHING might be better!


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Bring it by and we'll see what I have left. I know I did have some of those long shaft chassis at one time. I purged myself of most of that crap!


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I used to have LOTS of them. I don't have much left of that old stuff, but I may have one. Which version are you looking for?


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I've enjoyed being stuck at home! I've gotten a lot done in the shop, working on more organizing upstairs. I've sorted through and organized a bunch more parts (anybody need any plastic boxes or drawer organizers?).

But most exciting is I have been enjoying Doc's awesome salsa! I have found different foods it is good on besides eggs, enchiladas, and burritos, one of which is mac and cheese!

Thanks Doc for the salsa, it just may have saved me!


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WOW! That looks great Rico!