Race results from Sept.15 , 2022:




Here are the results from the race:



Ron Constantin was the overall IROC winner and took home the trophy!  Congrats Ron!

Ron and Dave were nice enough to send me some photos from the race.




Saturday September 17th 2022 the place to be was Woodburn. Ron Constantin's Country Club Raceway (a Viper continuous rail track) hosted Dave Smith's Hear The Thunder Event for 2022! And what an event it was! The place was lively with 20 entries for the four separate races. The racing itself was extremely close!

Rick Phillis of The Fray In Ferndale fame, brought with him the computer software and hardware required to run the races using the Fray format. Personally I like the 10 lap heat races as run at the Fray. the racing moves along quickly and each heat is exciting! Racers must go all out in each of their heats. You just can't hold back or sandbag!

First on the schedule was the IROC T-Jet Beetle Cup. These cars featured Aurora Thunderjet 500 chassis massaged over by Dave. They were a challenge for sure, but very smooth handling!

The second race was the IROC T-Jet McLaren Cup. These chassis were set up Fray style.

The third race was another IROC style race, the IROC TFX Hot Rods. The cars featured TFX chassis with resin hot rod coupe bodies.

The last race of the day was for "Unlimited Fray Style" cars.


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This guy is THE up and comer! He is no longer the "new guy". He is now fast and consistent! (Plus he brings AWESOME cookies!).

A big thanks goes out to Herb (pictured right)! He broke early in the race but stuck around and turn marshalled all day long! Thank you Herb!

Craig came all the way down from Seattle to compete. He is FAST!

Gary T. and Bob waiting on the start of the next heat race.

So this is how my day finally ended. I battled problems all day long and thought I would be able to at least finish the race.........uh..........NO........Three wide in the bank ended badly for me!


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Drivers get ready for the first heat. Left to right: Rob, John, Al, Bart.

You can tell this was taken early in the race. It still looks really good!

Al servicing his car between heat races.

The calm between rounds.

Douglas cooling his car down between heat races.


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Yet another thrilling race at Springwater Raceway!

Thank you Bob for hosting and opening our racing season with the Patriot 500!

Here's some photos I took at the event:

Left side of track at the Donut. Denni8s standing and Douglas seated at his pit area.

With controllers in hand, Gearloose and Gary K. get in some practice. Seated behind, left to right: John, Al, Gary T., Mitch.

Our host Bob N. holding the driver's meeting. In rear left to right: Gary T., Rico, Hersch, Dennis.

Racers paid close attention during the driver's meeting! Left to right: Gary K., John, Al, Mitch, Rob, Herb.

The field for the 2022 Patriot 500.


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Looks good Mitch!

Final Stop in the McFarland Memorial Track Tour 2022 at Inslot's Checkered Flag September 24, 2022!

In Bob McFarland's honor, the feature race for this event will be a Sports Car race for cars that comply with PASER rules.

Preceding the feature race there will be a short race for Trans Am cars. This is a Trans Am challenge race put forth by the racers in Roseburg for all the other "hardbody" clubs/organizations in the Northwest.

The race director will set the racing field by using the random placement option on the computer program
Motors: Any D can motor up to and including S16D open large arm for any class. Stock falcon style FK motors may also be used. No shunting, no shimming. Arm must be labeled. No outlaw unlabeled American arms
Race information is as follows:

Doors open at 7:30 A.M. on race day for practice

These general rules will apply to the day's racing but, this event is meant to be a day of remembrance more than anything. With that in mind please be respectful of the rules, but keep in mind they will not be strictly enforced:

No qualifying or tech inspection.

Race Director will seed participants.

Race will be stopped to allow a competitor to address a mechanical or other problem without penalty.

Race Director will allow competitors ample time between heats.

Racers may work on their cars at anytime during the race provided there are adequate turn marshals available.

Racing will begin promptly at 11 A.M. with the Trans Am Challenge Race. This will consist of one round of 3 minute heat races for Trans Am Class cars that comply with the rules under PASER, OSCAR, Northwest True Scale, Pelican Park, or the Roseburg tracks.

Lunch will be provided and served immediately following the Trans Am Race. The anticipated time for the lunch break is 1:00 pm, dependent upon attendance. The lunch will be BBQ style prepared by chef Patrick Handy featuring Checkered Flag style hamburgers (cheap and easy!).

After the lunch break the race for the PASER Production Sports Car Class will begin. The race Format will be 2 times through with either 3 or 4 minute heats (depending upon number of entries). The race format will be finalized the day of the event with a 6:00 PM maximum finish time as the goal.

We will have a good selection of loaner cars available for the Sports Car race for anyone that does not have a car for this class (some were actually built by Bob!).

Bob was one of the key motivating personalities for club racing in Oregon. Were it not for Bob many of the current tracks and clubs would not exist, as well as many of the friendships we have established over the years! Therefore I feel it is only fitting that this invitation be extended to anyone that races or is interested in slot car racing throughout Oregon.



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In memory of Bob McFarland....


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Al Prepping his car for one of the 50 lap heats.

L - R: John, Bob, Deke.

In the heat of the race: Gary, 'Basil', John, and James driving, with Gary T. watching from behind.


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All four walls are FULLY decorated!

This is the section of the track that gives me the most problems!

Left to right: Al, Tom, Paul, and John running some practice laps.


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This is the home of the Pelican Park track. A low profile building once located in the middle of nowhere, is now surrounded by new housing developments.

The only clue as to what waits inside!

And just inside the door.......


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Round 6 of the McFarland memorial Track Tour was held at Pelican Park Speedway in Eugene on August 20th, 2022. We had a really good turnout with racers from Roseburg and Portland as well as the usual Pelicans. The class of cars chosen to compete at this event were the Pelican Park Big NASCARs. This class was a favorite of Bob McFarland's and he made many trips down to Pelican Park to compete in their Wednesday Night race program.
For their Saturday memorial race Pelican Park ran their normal Wednesday night race program which consists of 50 lap heat races in a ladder type format. This format provides some fast and furious racing! Every heat counts as points are scored for finish positions in each heat race.
In the end Gary Tipton posted the win, followed by Bob Hanna and Gary Klein. A big thanks to all the Pelican Park members for hosting this event! It was a very good time!



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Entries in the Trans Am race:


The finishing order in the Trans Am race. Thanks to Bryan Trachsel for loaning me his awesome AAR Cuda for this race!


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Here are some of Rich's cars:



This Shelby Cobra Daytona GT body is a resin casting made by Rich.


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Here are some of the photos I took at the McFarland Memorial Race at Electron Raceway in Roseburg:

Electron Raceway - the track:







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The results and report for stop number five were posted in a different place on this forum, and I forgot to get my photos from the race uploaded. Here are the details and photos from round 5 of the McFarland Memorial Track Tour at Electron Raceway in Roseburg:

Ten racers made it out for the Monday evening event. Seven local racers and three out-of-towners. Rich's beautiful track is tricky and challenging, especially for the out-of-towners (who came to be known as The Three Garys; Gary T., Scarey Gary, and The Turd Gary. I suppose you can guess who the Turd was....).

In addition to Rich being entered in the race, Bob Hanna was in attendance, which meant there were some seriously fast racers on hand! Rich allowed both the usual for Roseburg racing, big wheel style Trans Am cars as well as the OSCAR spec Trans Am cars to compete. The cars entered to race were beautiful to look at! All of them were very nicely painted and detailed! Once the racing began it was clear that Bob Hanna and Rich were the guys to beat! I couldn't believe how quickly they could get around that technical course! In the end it was Bob Hanna victorious over Rich Vecchio. Following those two were Ron Leuenberger, Lowell Buehner, and Mark Colby. The top five finishers received some very cool awards hand made by Rich.

In addition to the standard style of distance over time racing, Rich has a computer program he uses to determine finish positions by handicap. So at the completion of the race, some of us less skilled racers have a chance to finish a little higher in the secondary results, based on our actual performance average over our "handicap". It's an interesting system, and well to be honest, it worked out well for me! Thank you for hosting a great race Rich, and another tribute to Bob McFarland!

You can read Rich's full race write-up complete with more photos here on Slot Blog: http://slotblog.net/topic/100544-mcfarl … n-on-6622/



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Monday August 22 brought some great racing to Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway! At noon we ran the usual Womp race using the 20 lap sprint race format with three rounds of heats. Bob Nakamura finished in first in what ended up being a very close battle.

In the Flexi race John Gill proved to be the man to beat. John took the win over Bob Nakamura by just two laps!

Flexi Race results:

Congratulations to Doc, the 2022 NASTE Point Series Champion!


Race results from August 11th race at Ripin' Ridin' Raceway:




Hey guys,

I posted up a bunch of new in the box Ninco parts for sale on the Home Racing World Forum.

https://www.hrwforum.com/forum/the-back … ose-estate


Dave Smith is promoting yet another one of his awesome races! This is a "must attend" event!



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GREAT looking car Mitch!


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YES - SALSA by DOC!!!!