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This just in...

Dates are November 10-13, 2022

Do those dates work for you Stan?

Anyone else- who's in?

Full info:  https://132slotcar.us/the-7th-annual-br … -of-tacoma


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Hey gang,

Who is joining me this year?  I am working on getting the actual dates from Alan but I am entering a team.  I know I haven't been around too much but this event I will not miss.

Post here or otherwise let me know if you're interested.



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From the corner which hasn't been racing in forever...

Why limit the scratch build to brass and 3d prints.  What if I scratched up a styrene chassis and fitted a pod to it?

I would like to see a place for the Revo's.  They should fit into the LMP class for both the GT and their GT1/LMP cars (based on years, I think), and I love the idea of them being set up for Classics II competition.


Stolen shamelessly from said article:

The Mark VIII:


And Jenny "Third Degree" Burns:


No record, but improved my personal best to 71.3 seconds.

Oh yeah, and still won it again.

Thanks to Stan and Rico their help, regardless of how unglamorous the tasks I requested.

Things went well all day and the car and Michael (my pusher) were great. I am off with my dad for a few days but will update when I get back.

Another fun derby in the books!


Canopy secured!! Thanks Bill!!!


Still seeking a canopy if you're willing to lend for the day.


Stan- It'd be fantastic to see you on the hill and will have a shirt ready for you.  I think we're good from an assistance perspective prior to the event.  We did our testing last week and it went well enough, so I think we're good.

Bill - You've already paid for your shirt many times over (and your money's no good to me anyway).  You will absolutely be getting a shirt.

Anyone else heading to the hill on 8/20?  Anyone from Vancouver?  Dick Gehrke is interested in attending but is looking for a ride to the show.  He lives about a mile west of I -5 and a mile south of the fair grounds.


OK, it's time to order T-shirts.  I know that's not a terribly lucrative reward for a day in the sun but I'd like to make sure anyone who's willing to spend the day with me at least has something to show for it.  Please let me know by Fri if you think you'll be on the hill 8/20.

And for those who are wondering what this year's car looks like, it's a big brick of a car which I call "the Full Monte" and it's painted a bright yellow.

Just kidding.

It's white with red and clearly pretty sleek, based on the numbers we've seen at testing.

I give you the Scuderia Kouba Mk VIII:

Our prior top speed, set with the 2019 car, was 53.2 at our Larch Mountain site.  Last week we crushed that with a 60.3 mph pass.  This car is FAST!!

So it's been a week since I posted.  Is anyone planning to join me on the hill this year?  As I wrote above, the volunteer slot is already filled, so no need to worry about being drafted into service for that.

Basically I am looking to make sure I have enough shirts ordered for whoever wants to be a part of the team.

Hey All,

Just checking in...

I know I haven't been racing much these days.  This has been due to many factors, one of which being the building of the Scuderia Mk VIII.  It has been going well, and we just had our first test day with extremely pleasing results.  It's a fairly bad-ass car and it eke'd out a new top speed for the section we test on- despite the horrid deterioration of the pavement.

There have been no replies to this post, but at this point you don't need to worry about volunteer assignments and working FOR the derby AT the derby.  The volunteer slot for the Scuderia has been filled by Andreas (2019's 3rd place driver), so many thanks to him!!  He's getting a Fri eve volunteer shift and will be on the hill with us, and Michael has signed on to be a pusher.

What I am looking to know is if anyone is interested in being under the tent on derby day- helping out in the pits with me.  There will be some T-shirts made this year- so if you need some new threads, this would be one way to get some.

Also, I forget who has lent me an easy up shelter in the past, but if anyone has one and is willing to lend if for the day, I would appreciate that.

Hope all is well!


Congrats Doc, it's been a long time coming.  You'll need to change your signature now!

Yeah, good luck and speedy recovery wishes!


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I know I've been non-existent lately on Thurs nights...  I need to change that but seems like I never have the time to do so.  I have always enjoyed those events, in a somewhat masochistic manner, so yeah- I'm in.

As we get closer, we can go fish up north again and see if there are people looking for a team to join.  We can also keep pushing it around here to see who we might be able to con into it...

Regardless, I (or more appropriately, WE) will be entering.


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You know I am in Stan.  I will happily sponsor the Oregon Donors' entry.


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Mitch58 wrote:

...now to figure out what they've come off of.

I would hazard a guess of "slot cars".

You're welcome.

Tip your waitress.


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wb0s wrote:
ckouba wrote:

A slot car that Bill the Pusher doesn't have??  What?!??!!!

Well, to be totally accurate.......HAD, but sold.....I believe Monte probably got it.

Ok, that's better.  All has been righted in the world.


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A slot car that Bill the Pusher doesn't have??  What?!??!!!

Word is out, there WILL be a derby this year.  I think I have had enough of a break to commit to running it again, and I know the Fabulous Burns Family will be charging down the hill this year.

Question is: Does any one else want to come out and play?

There are spec karts available for entering as well as potentially a new, non-streamliner build for the event.  It all depends on interest and ability.

We also need volunteers for the teams we enter, and while I have taken a liberty here for the purpose of registration, neither entry has a confirmed individual.

The date is August 20, the place is Mt Tabor.

Also, you'll be happy to know that we have again been the impetus behind further rule manufacturing.  One of the new rules they cooked up in the off-season was a team can only have 2 entries, solidifying the Scuderia's place in derby history of the only team to ever sweep the complete podium. 

Never to be seen again:

An accomplishment and record which can and will never be broken!!!

Until they change the rules again.

If you're interested, let me know.



docdoom wrote:

...Everybody has really stepped up their game...

Brings to mind one of my favorite quotes:

         "We've upped our game, now UP YOURS!!"


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wb0s wrote:

I think this body is beyond repair!

He was talking about the slot car, Bill!


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Mitch58 wrote:

As far as the Mclaren '93/'94 is the split.  If the car came out before '94 but was raced for several years like most privateer cars were then it would be legal for LMP as the rules are written. The F40 is an example of that. It appeared in '92 I believe but was competative for several years making it legal for both GFX & LMP.  The Marcos, Dodge Viper, the Porsche 962, and a few others all fall into this category. There are also a few that crossover from PGE to GFX, the GT40 being an example. '68/'69 being the break here.

To pile on to Mitch's post...  The reason we broke out the GT class into the divisions was to see era-compatible cars running together.  If they ran in both periods then they are allowed to run in both divisions.  They don't necessarily have to have run against each other in period, just that they played in approximately the same sandbox is good enough.

The true intent is to not have McLarens running against Audi R8's.


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Bringing this topic up from the dead....  I haven't made catching up on this a priority.

Matt- still interested in the #6?  I will pass it along if you are.


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I wish I could've made it but it was a Sat work night for me, and I am back at the cube for the rest of my week.  Looking forward to another opportunity though...  Looked like it'd be a fun place to hang out...

...I mean race.

No objection on my end.