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Topic: MFG Review: BRM

First in our series featuring Ready-To-Run (RTR) 1:24 Scale slot cars is BRM.

RTR - Ready-To-Run 
Applied but known to be a general misnomer as almost all slot cars require some setup for optimal performance and these will be no different.

In their own words:
It all began in the mid-nineties, when the BRM founder, Mr Pascal Baratella, a passionate model maker, decided to repaint and customize some “slotcar” models of that period that had been produced to be more functional and beautiful.

The satisfaction of seeing their creations compete against each other created the conditions for the birth of the “BRM” in 2003. Initially with the opportunity to enter the static worldwide modeling market producing tires and accessories and later, in 2006, with the production of the first 1/24 scale BRM slot car model.


The most common motor we would have interest in would be the S-033S 'Black Can' T-RS EVO Motor.  This is usually the stock motor for the newer cars.

Retail is about $20 but longevity is a strong feature.

Alan Smith reports that they have had ZERO motor failures in the past three years of running the 24-Hour Enduro in Tacoma where the BRM motor IS the handout motor.  The Tacoma race is a serious event of duration typically having 55+ minutes of every hour on the track.  You can do the math but that would work out to be a lot of heats in the three to four minute range.

And beyond amazing life span, the motors also remain consistent.  One car with one motor, for years.

The bottom line here, you may not have to buy half a dozen motors to find a good one.

Typical implementations would be inline or anglewinder.


Tire wear is minimal for the conditions as the tires are quite long lasting.  Typical wear for Rubber tires is years, while Sponge tires can last for up to 6 months or more or at least 12 hours of a 24 hour race.

Both rubber and sponge tires are available and may both be required depending on the racing surface(s).  Tire and wheel combos are also available.

I'll post more soon...

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Re: MFG Review: BRM

What cars are included,  and where are we racing these?

Re: MFG Review: BRM

I think we can race them wherever there is interest and cars in attendance.  I'm sure they will run just fine out here among others.

This could be a useful alternative to the 124 scratch build classes.  There are clearly some positives that I will expand upon.

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Most of us have some 962s sitting around and a few of us have the smaller 1/24s,  Minis,  Alfas,  Escorts ect.

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We used to race those 962 every odd Thursday.covid kind of kill the turn out and 962 class just went  away

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Brought mine last night and ran a few laps but when it came to racing our third racer needed to head for home.

docdoom wrote:

We used to race those 962 every odd Thursday.covid kind of kill the turn out and 962 class just went  away

Re: MFG Review: BRM

Frankly, I think they and a few others (MFG's) need some 'shine' as they make great cars and especially for some of us that don't have time to be scratch builders.

And that's what I plan to exhibit in my RTR series.

As always, stay tuned.

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