Bill: Thank you for sharing the pictures.

"if it is not broken-leave it alone". My $0.01 worth!


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I second you're sentiments bill. Such sad news, especially after his heart operation to correct blockage(s).

Rest in peace Jimmy.


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What happened to "F-1" class(s)? I would still like to run them.


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class 1 div I
class 1 div II
7 - can-am
8 - le mans


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Where are the "Neighborhood directions"?

Thanks Al for another fun night of racing, food, air conditioning.


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Greg: go to page 1 of this section, and scroll down to class vintage I, and other class's for updated rules/changes.

Bill: Do not know if this was done on purpose, but it appears that the "USRRC" rules have been separated from the "Trans Am" section rules. They used to be listed together since we race both classes at the same time.
Just wondering

Al; Thanks for the fun racing night and the snacks, also please give the wife a special thanks for the warm delicious brownies she cooked up.

Thanks folks for the fun Sunday of racing and giggling and snacks. Thanks Dorothy for the pictures.


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I am in favor of Chris' proposal.


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Additional thoughts:

I am open to motor Mfg'r , would like to stay no higher than 18k.

I forgot to mention that we should have a gear ratio spec also, maybe a numerical lower ratio for the longer straights (w/18k motor).

With regards to AMC car rear wheels/tires, should we not use the same set screw 14" wheels size we use on existing T/A cars, and use same tires we also use now so we have apples to apples here?

Maybe we could refer to this "new" T/A class as; "T/A Modified Vintage", or "T/A Modern Vintage" w/reference to current Vintage racing venue.

Monte: Would the MRRC chap 2c be considered a scratch built if the front/rear has set screw wheels added, and a upgrade in (FF) motor to 21K?

Al: Thanks for the fun night of racing. Rico thanks for the chicken & car loan, & Greg thank you for the car loan also.

Monte: I enjoy the Trans/Am class of cars. May i please ask you what you feel is wrong with this class?


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Thank you Al for a relaxed fun night of racing and snacks.


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Hi Bill: May i suggest you keep the track if it does not sell and when you get the new home location, (if you still have track) then see how much you can incorporate any existing track pieces into a new track that will fit into the new home track area.

Bill: sad to read that you are taking it down, hope you can keep it for future racing. Really enjoyed running on that track.

Message to anyone that placed a pre-order with Becky ( ) for the new Scaley Javelin T/A, she needs to know if anyone that placed a order with her to please contact her and let her know you still want purchase from her. The slot cars are to be in stock for her soon. Remember that she will PayPal invoice you directly.
Thanks slot racers.
Gary (goose)

Hi Victoria and Monte: Thanks for the fun day of racing, and the snacks you share with us. Candy Lady; thanks for the great sweets you bring to munch on. Bill: thanks for the ride.

Hey Al: Thank you for the fun track time on you're track.


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Yes Bill; i am enjoying running BOSA tires. I also would like to to thank you and Monte for all the effort put into this tire project for the Naste racers.



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Thank you Rico for sharing, enjoyed the pictures.

Bill: Thank you for providing a great venue of racing for us to have so much fun. Lots of close finishes.