Those look great, Bill.

Ya'll need to jump on these before he decides to fill them full of cars.


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So, one day when we were hosting the NASTE series races on Saturday's, Dennis showed up for the race on Sunday!

We chuckled a bit, invited him in and turned on the track for some laps and conversation.

When he was ready to leave, we awarded him a trophy and thanked him for coming.

I always enjoyed my time with Dennis, he will be missed.

Well, let me fix that for you.

Thanks Stan and Mitch for the organizing.  It was nice to spend an evening among the natives.

And it's always good to brush up on the putting cars back in the slot skills.  Fortunately, I was not tasked to display my controller connection abilities.

Is there an external link to this proxy?

I could make it over to Mitch's.

We wait to hear more.

Let us know what you decide.

However, I'm sure Mitch or Al would be amenable to hosting.

Your math is skewed...

9 cars and 4 lanes makes 9 heats with rotation.

Three minute heats with a minute or two in between makes about an hour.

The Alfa is up and running, we can make it.

Four hours...  how many proxy cars?

Doc, the engine has about 200 miles on a rebuild.  We should be good.

Lately?  No.

Ever?  Absolutely.

I bought it in Burbank and drove it home. And it's been driven to rallies, ran the event, and then drove home.  More than once.

I'm gonna bring it to your driveway so you can enjoy the sounds of the fabulous Busso six-cylinder engine.

Then we'll go for a little ride and you can enjoy the amazing handling due to the 50/50 front/rear weight distribution. The edge of death is never far away!  Why you can even monitor the light that is labeled CLIFF ALARM.  But don't be alarmed - there's a rally man at the wheel.

Beware.  Be very ware...

I wouldn't make you do that.  The most likely action would be to get the Alfa moving.

I'll have an update on that by tomorrow.

Vic is out of town that day, so no car for Monte.

By my calendar, 4/1 is a Monday.

Do the tires sides on the back match those on the front?  Jeff was a tire changer.

Yes, I'll commmmmmmmmment.

I adjusted Docs' text to be a little more presentable.

So, is the issue being addressed that the cars are not fast enough to make a satisfactory driving experience?  And what classes are you running that don't take a lot of car prep?  Because it sounds like the simple class is heading for the upper reaches of performance tuning.

That is to say, few will confuse a Scaley car with any of those other boutique brands.  Nor should they.


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Ah, what we all know...

Bless the eye of the beholder. 

The customer is always right.  wink 

Later we'll get straight to what's left.


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The first IROC set has arrived, a nice grouping of RevoSlot Toyota GT1's as pictured above.

Got a favorite color?

Road Rally days would be the conflict for us.  Those are typically on a Saturday here and there.

Next one is 3/23.


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You only need TWO cars.  I'm sure we can find something beyond the Fickle Fiats of Fate.


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That was a bit of philosophy from our favorite wise acre - Evel Jimmy!


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Thanks guys.

Terry and Mitch are on board too, I'm guessing we can get a slot out of Stan too.

We're progressing!


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I'm looking at reviving the NASTE IROC series.

Toward that end I just ordered my first set of IROC cars for use on any of the 132 scale IROC races.

They are RevoSlot Toyota GT1's.

I'll be ordering a 124 set of cars as well.

We might as well run a decent set of modern cars whenever possible.

Drop a reply here if you are interested in being a host regardless of scale.

The hosts get paid!

There will be an entry fee and the resultant fees will go to the track host.  No requirement to feed the horde.


Track Hosts:

The first IROC set has arrived.  RevoSlot 132 Toyota GT1's.


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I've updated the RevoSlot GT rules to include the Toyota GT1.

Also changed Revo Slot to RevoSlot.  (details matter) wink

Please.  Any idea how many cars are in the field?