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It's Trans Am and Can Am this week. It's been a while since we've had the Trans Am cars out.


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We all have them, hidden away in drawers and boxes. Those old "toy" cars that we used to race but seldom see the light of day any more.  There is still a bit of fun in these old cars
   I came across this old Ninco Mercedes CLK the other day and out of boredom started fussing around with it. One of the plastic wheels was broken and the original crown gear was badly worn. So It now has Ninco Prorace wheels, hardened axles and a 25T Slot It crown gear.
  I did all of the things I knew how to do with these old plastic chassis and it was pretty smooth with an NC2 doing decent lap times geared 9/25. I replaced the NC2 with a hotter Ninco motor and gained a 1/10th or so but I didn't like the way it came out of the corners. I put the NC2 back in with a 10T pinion. I kept the 1/10th but it is much happier leaving the corners.
  It is turning the exact same laptimes  (6.4) as a stock Slot It LMP car I have, But I probably can't do it for 25 laps in a row like I can with the Slot It.
  Anyway I managed to spend an entire 90-degree afternoon in the cool basement and didn't spend a dime.


He earned it, Al wasn't giving it away.


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We ran this tonight. Thanks to the guys who were able to stay late to do this. Fernando,  Rico,  Doc and Al. Well Al didn't have much of a choice,  he sleeps there. Also thanks to Al for helping to retrieve the results. After running out of ideas we restarted the PC and there they were. Monte we miss you.
  Jeff it was nice to see you,  for those who don't know, Jeff is relocating to Colorado and this was his last odd Thursday unless travel/work schedules coincide for another race night.


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Due to how busy everybody is this summer after two years of covid I'm going to make a change of venue for this round of the proxy. That and even the slowest car is capable of launching off of my overpass.
  This next odd Thursday (7/7) I will bring the cars to Al's to race after our two regular rounds of racing. We encourage any who are interested to stay and race. If you haven't been out to race recently come on out, our regular classes that night are LeMans and LMP.   If you don't have a car we'll have extras.
  These proxy cars are very fast with 28-30K motors on finely tuned chassis. In qualification I ran faster laps than I've ever run on my track.
  Hope to see you.


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docdoom wrote:

I just saw that there was a race at Bob new track on Monday.  How did it go. So are back to racing every Monday except on the 4th.

Traffic around Troutdale was a disaster, it took an hour to get from the exit to Bob's house.  There was Bob, Dave, John and myself. We didn't race, we all race laps for a while then did some socializing until it was late enough to start worrying about work traffic.


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At Bob's will we be racing the same Womp's and Flexis? If so at what voltage?

Bob had talked about using a lower voltage as the cars were such a handful on his track.


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Great Racing there, thanks Howie, it was a great time.


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It's odd Thursday, don't forget your toys as you head off to work.


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These cars are coming to Tigard for the next round.
  I'll post more info when I have it.

I was on pace for a fantastic round until I had a wire come loose towards the end, my "backup" car just didn't have the same speed or traction.


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I do have some extra 1/24 RSK and Lotus bodies with mostly complete chassis laying about. They came with the "keepers".


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I'll pass, the last 60 seconds of a 4 minute heat are a struggle for me.


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I only have the one, I'm inclined to keep it. Good luck on your search, most people keep the body and trash the chassis.


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I replaced my crown gear and am ready for a rematch.


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This Saturday's race at Rapid Raceway



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Let us know when you want help "rubbering" it in.


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I think they are probably the future for scratch building.  I think 3D printing is still in the early stages of development. The finished product is already better than it was a year ago but what I've seen they are not shall we say Impact Resistant.

  In a couple more years we will probably see great things coming out.


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Hello Sam, glad you dropped in. We exchanged a few posts the other day.


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New/more classes? That's going to be a hard sell.

  This class started as a '50s open wheel class with Scalextric and Cartrix cars mixed in with a few scratchbuilds using Strombecker and Monogram bodies.

  The modern stuff kept creeping in like a cancer.

"Was bart feeling ok driving a chevy"?

  If he races it again he will probably have a Ford 9"
He wasn't having much luck with that GM drop in third member.

I liked his gold and white paint, it was easy to follow around the track. There were a lot of black cars, sometimes Bill and I would go under the bridge and I'd be watching his car when they came out.

"Mitch (L) and Susan (R) doing whatever people do with those flat things"....

Probably re-reading the rules looking for 'shortcuts".

Yeah, they are a lot of fun aren't they.

reek455 wrote:

Contrary to popular opinion that was me at Al's last night sans licorice.  Sorry, no time for a store run yesterday. As per Doc's news flash there was a good amount of close hard-fought racing last night. Thanks again Al for letting us use your track for these contests. Looking forward to the next race.



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It'll be fine Howie,  we all know how real modefieds look in person.
  You're just going to be a bit more authentic.

Mine have been ready to go since Sunday. My '69 Camaro hit a 6.5 on my track, I'm trying to NOT touch it until tomorrow.

  While my 917K is a bit quicker I think I'm going to race my 917/10 as I can go lap after lap without coming out, that should make up for those couple of 10ths difference