Topic: PASER Even Thursday Race at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway on June 20

It was warm weather for this Even Thursday night race at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway in Vancouver. Five of us started the evening out by meeting up at Shari's Restaurant for a bite to eat. Attendees for the race peaked at nine by the start of the second race. Considering the high temps outside, the climate around the track was warm but never too uncomfortable. The first class on the schedule to be raced was the ever popular Womp class. This class features inexpensive cars and close competition! The Womp race consisted of one round of three minute heats. Bob "Nak-Nak" Nakamura won the first race of the evening.

The second race was for the Flexi class. The racing in this class is always extremely close, even though this class has been dominated by the JK chassis ever since Bob made the RTR cars available to PASER club members.  The format was again one round of three minute heats. After crediting Bob with the three laps he missed by crossing the lap counting deslotted, results showed Bob won with his JK car with a 143 lap total.

The last race of the night was for the PASER NASCAR class. This is a hardbody class open to most any chassis configuration as raced by any of the local club's rules. If you have a 1/24 scale hardbody NASCAR you race somewhere, it is legal for a PASER NASCAR race! Bob again lead the way to the checkered flag, completing a clean sweep of the evening's racing!

Racing started at 6:00PM and the last race was over by 9:00PM. The evening had cooled off a bit allowing for a really nice B.S. session outside. After the leisurely discussions a couple of us went out for pie. Over the past season these evening races have been a lot of fun. I know I have enjoyed them. Questions did come up about continuing the even races; i.e - what days? Continue over the summer? Include them in next season's schedule? ....Lot's of questions for the rest of this year as well as next season...

Re: PASER Even Thursday Race at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway on June 20

I sure hope we keep  the even Thursday.  Maybe keep it to a couple  of tracks one on each side of the river. Knock the classes down to 4 or 5
That way the racers have cars ready and built. My suggestion. 1 womp 2 flex. 3 trans am 4 sports man. 5. Nascar. I do believe  most every body that were making out had a car that would work in each class. Yes some where faster  than others.  I'm working on that...

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