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Topic: Opening Shayne's Christmas gift 12-21-23

We had a gathering tonight at Al's home to race, but mainly to open a gift we were given by our new friend Shayne! He sent a Christmas gift all the way from Australia! We opened the gift and found Vegemite and TimTam biscuits inside, so we set about trying them out! Bill got the white bread Shayne requested we use for the Vegemite and as soon as we all had a piece in our hands, we proceeded to give it a try! I think we all enjoyed the TimTams much better than the Vegemite, but now we can all say we've at least tried Vegemite! 
Thanks Shayne! ❤

Hmm...Okay. I tried to post a couple of photos, but none showed up. Maybe it's just too late and my brain isn't working right.
I'll try again another time.

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Re: Opening Shayne's Christmas gift 12-21-23

Thanks for fixing the forum Monte. Let's see if I can now post one picture!

Nope. lol

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Okay. I still can't post pictures here, but you can see them plus the videos from Bill on the FB NASTE page.