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Yesterday the TooBad Motorplex 3 lane routed HO track left with its new owners. Tommy, Joel, and I rolled the track out from underneath Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway and loaded it onto the trailer. When we moved here to Vancouver I built a new frame for the track using steel casters so I could store it under the 1/24 Checkered Flag track. Sadly the HO track had not been raced on since around 2007. It had been moved from the garage in our house in Fairview to the upstairs. From there it was moved to the garage of our house in Vancouver, and then into the shop. Despite the multiple moves the track was still in pretty good shape. The copper tape had lost adhesion in a couple spots, but the majority of it was still intact. All the wiring for the lanes, controller hook ups, and lap counter dead strip was still in place. The track featured inlaid steel wire for magnetic traction cars, and reversing switches for each lane. I hope Tommy and Joel enjoy the track! Maybe they will even host a race in the future?

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That was a fun track, I enjoyed running on it.

I'm sure they'll have a good time with it.  Are they part of HOPAC?

"Big Smooth"

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I don't believe they are part of HOPAC. I met Tommy and Joel a few years ago after we had moved up here to Vancouver. They are fellow Vancouverites!