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PASER started an Open Track Monday schedule that has died off substantially. In my mind simple schedules have always been a plus! I.E., Odd Thursday Night racing. You always know when it is happening. You don't even have to keep your eye on a calendar.

This year the racing schedules for Saturdays are FULL, and attendance has been pretty darn good! Again, easy to keep track of. It's Saturday there's racing somewhere.....

With all that said, and keeping "simple" as a priority, PASER is moving their Monday Open Track schedule to EVEN Thursdays. Opposite weeks of the NASTE Odd Thursday schedule with the idea of; it's Thursday, there's racing somewhere! Racers can adjust their week knowing and counting on Thursday as "race night"!

Emails will come out soon with the dates, times, and details regarding the PASER schedule.

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Fantastic move. I will do my best to make the next one!


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So, with these a done deal, what classes we run at the track going be decided on the track owners then? or why going to have a handful of cars that will be run. Asking because I don't have ton of 1/24 cars in my collection to choose from. I would hope we keep the womps class and just add one or two of the pacers' classes cars to the race night and keep it simple.

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Doc, here's what I know for sure.

We are moving from Mondays to Even dated Thursdays for racing at my Inslot's Checkered Flag in Vancouver, Bob Nakamura's Gorge Raceway in Troutdale, Rob's Redline Raceway in Vancouver, and Howie's Rapid Raceway in Portland. The race dates will be rotated between these tracks.

The classes to be raced have not yet been determined. We will be discussing possible classes next week. There may be some differences between the classes raced at the various tracks. I have sent out messages and questionnaires in an effort to understand just what racers are interested in racing. However I did not receive much input at all. As I see it we are re-starting the weekly races from square one. I have talked with a few racers while the discussions about re-organizing have been going on, and some have expressed a desire to keep the Womp class and the Flexi class.

Rapid Raceway's Even Thursday race dates will feature existing Northwest True Scale classes. The Womp class will not be part of the races held at rapid Raceway.

Part of this re-organization is an effort to make the weekly racing schedule simpler for everyone interested! Instead of juggling race days and dates, all of the local racing will be taking place on Thursdays and Saturdays. We will be putting out a schedule with dates, times, and classes as soon as it is finalized. In the meantime if anyone has any ideas they would like to express they should contact me and let me know. I AM keeping track.


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hopefully these helps with attendance on odd Thursday racing also

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That is part of the plan Doc.

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The first even Thursday is at Rapid Raceway on Dec. 8. What I am doing for that race is having an Early Modified race in order for the racers to prepare their car for the Sat. race of Dec. 17. This makes it simple, one class for the evening and be done by 9:00pm. I am not crazy about the Womps but I am not apposed to them either, the big thing is to get a good turnout and that is not happening with that class at this time. I am open to other classes beside the True Scale stuff, such as Classic NASCAR, Trans-Am, etc. It is a shame that this Monday thing was started with a lot of enthusiasm and dropped off almost completely. Track owners like Bill opened his doors in the morning and if no racers showed up, he was stuck at the track waiting for people to show up.

Things are not in stone yet and talks are going on. This even Thursday thing is a way to have more racing for those ( like myself ) who want more racing and have a fun laid back night of racing. What the track owners need of course is participation from the racers. I really hope this works out.