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A group of NASTE racers ventured to Warren for the official re-opening of Hawksbill Station Thursday evening. Dennis Hart completely rebuilt Hawksbill Station into a FAST 4 lane Carrera track! Dennis set up 4 Slot.It LMP cars for an IROC style race to start the evening of racing. After the opening race we were treated to all kinds of food goodies. After we had chowed down we returned to the track for what Dennis called the "Texas Whip-out". Some of us took Dennis' announcement of this upcoming "Texas Whip-out" seriously! The initial announcement advised racers to bring "their fastest" cars out for this "race what you brung" race.  Flyin' Bryan and I had been down this road before, so we went back to the bottom of our race boxes and brought out some old dusty warriors. We were prepared!

Even before the drop of the green flag it was evident this Texas Whip-out was going to be 80 percent Texas Wipe-out!!! When the flag dropped so did the track laps records in every lane! There was crashin', bashin', and unbelievably close near misses!!! I have not laughed so hard in a ling time! This race was a total BLAST!!!

At the end of the night Dennis and Bryan were the big winners with Bryan setting a new track record with a 2.500 second lap. Just for reference the old record was 3.570 seconds.

A big thank you to Dennis and Charlotte for a fantastic evening of food and racing! I'm looking forward to more good times at Hawksbill Station!!!   ----------------Bill

The Track:

The track owner/builder: Dennis Hart

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More photos from Hawksbill Station. Somehow "EVIL Jimmy" Jones escaped my camera. However, I did get him and his voice on video!!!

Monte "Big Smooth" Saager exits the track:

Victoria Saager & "Flyin" Bryan Trachsel rest between heats:

Hawksbill Station has it all! From comet fireballs (some thought it was just Bryan going past):

To smoking volcanoes (mistakenly thought to be smoke from crash debris):

Even the Air Force was there for a fly by:

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How about some video of Hawksbill action?

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Great video Bill.  I'd say that does a great job of capturing the feel.

"Big Smooth"

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Here's more video: