Topic: PHOSAR Race

I've been struggling with no racing going on so I went to PHOSAR's Oregon City race last Saturday. I wasn't sure if I would like the HO cars since you can't see them drift the way that you can a larger car, but it turned out to be fun. They hold a Trans-Am race and then 2 novice races at each event to help people like me try it out. The cars and the controllers are supplied by the club so your first few times are free. It was a fun group of guys and they were very helpful. I would recommend anyone who is itching to race to give it a try. The cars they race are not very expensive and they all used the club controllers so the cash outlay is very cheap (or maybe they are just luring me in the way you guys did) Lol. They are only racing once a month right now, but I plan to attend when possible for some much needed trigger time!