Thanks for the tire choice info Smooth. Will install some on my new car. I wanted to do some track time, but my cold just did not feel up to it.

Al: Thank you for opening you're home to me (and my cold sad ) had fun. Thanks all for sharing there snacks with me.


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Mitch58: sent you a "PM"


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Hey Bill; thanks for hosting such a great night of racing, and for the pizza, thanks to the racers for their food shared.

Bill i think you are the one that set fastest lap, not me!

Mr Smooth: question; am i correct in understanding that the Slot it "McLaren F1 GTR" cars did not run in Group C class?

Thank you folks for another wonderful Sunday event at you're open house.


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Happy & safe Thanksgiving to all the Naste racers and their families.  big_smile

Glad to be a Goose and not a Turkey today!  tongue

Hi Bill: Thank you for another great evening of racing and snacks. A note to Mitch58, sorry for the bumps you had laid on you by last night by me, you do not deserve that, my apologies.
Bill, thank you for letting us add the usrrc/can-am class, those cars look really neat running around the track, like the t/a class cars do.


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Bill: Thank you & Diane for having me over for a fun "Sunday mass" day of racing. And thanks to all for sharing the snacks with me.

What a fun night of racing! Really great to see the close lap finish's. We have a great group of drivers and car builders. Bill you have done a wonderful job of managing the rules to keep the competition so close. Congrats to Al for another 1st place finish, he can really drive that Cheetah! I had a great time racing with Bryan with our Tyrell F-1's. And i did not burn up another controller, thanks to my old "Godzilla" i dusted off and brought out for race duty!

Thanks Bill for another wonderful evening.

Thanks Bill for a wild night of racing. I now get to join ranks with Mitch with a DS controller failer, or maybe i blew it up test running a over 50 Kemtron motored chassis. My turn to call Alan @ 132scotcars.


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Hi Mitch: Did you find you're "POT" yet? What flavor do you like best? If you need some help with installing it let me know.

You're high flyin goose buddy!


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Hello Mitch: Thank you for the tire dimensions. How do you like you're new "DS" controller? Looked like you were getting around the track pretty good yesterday at the proxy race, and looked like you had less "car out of the slot" excursions.


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Victoria & Monte: Thank you for the wonderful day in you're open home. Thanks to all for sharing their snacks with me. It was another wonderful Sunday of racing with great racers.

Bill & all the other racers: Thanks for the fun/hard racing & sharing of you're cars ( BRM by Chris) & snacks (Rico thanks for the hot chicken for my dinner). That close racing and finish's by only tenths sure make for great racing.


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You are welcome Rico. I enjoyed helping out, and being with fun people. Life is more enjoyable with the Naste group than working everyday with a d!*k head boss and tired/overworked/grumpy co-workers!

Thank you Victoria & Monte for having me over with great people/shared good food & lots of good racing. Also thanks for keeping the warm sunshine around for us, made for a beautiful Sunday.

Bill: Thank you for another fun filled "fast & furious" Thursday night of rock an sock-em racing. The competition is really closing up! I really enjoyed driving the proxy cars around. I hope people enjoyed the new class, and looking forward to seeing some more car examples out there. Thanks to you Bill & Rico for sharing a car with me to get thru the night.


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Smooth: Nice to have the Naste site/forumn back up & running. Big thank you for the hard long journey getting the site back up for us!


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Hi Mitch: I saw you're post on HRW about AW vs SW motor setup. I am interested in the follow ups from other builders about you're question. I do not remember knowing about the slot track in Albany, i looked it up on line, what a track! I do have to ask though how well did you're 1/32 cars run on that 1/24 size track with their higher voltage rating. It would seem it would be difficult to gather car handling information with "Naste" ruled built cars on that big track. I hope you did get some feedback to share with us for setting up angle-winders. Looks like they have a nice Hobby shop to visit also.

Bill: Thanks for fun/wacky night of hard racing and good snack to munch on.


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Hey club racers; Luf e-mailed me to let me know he now has tires for the Scalex McLaren, Tyrell and Lotus, older Lotus/Eagle and Fly Brabham/March/Lotus/Williams, F-1 cars. I need to order some tires and at this time, and am asking if anyone needs to place an order for some tires along with my order. We can save shipping combining order.
Please let me know ASAP by e-mail -


Hi Bill: Thank you for hosting another fun night of hard racing. It sure is neat to see so many "core" club racers show up to battle it out against each other. I also really enjoy seeing their new cars they bring to race. I am enjoying the various classes you have established for us too.


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Bill: did you win the BRM?


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Bill: I am not bidding on it. I am bidding on this … EBIDX%3AIT