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Today John Gill and I finished up some last details on his new 3 lane routed track. John and I built this track over the last few weeks. Actual time spent to complete the construction was approximately 8 days total. The layout is a simple, with no overpass and a minimum of corners. John wanted a track for testing his 1/24 hard body race cars as well a track for racing 1/32 cars. John used recessed magnetic braid for the electrical contact.

We also added a built in test strip in one corner of the track. The test strip is controlled by a toggle switch, features a high amp potentiometer for speed control, and an indicator light to let racers know the test strip is powered up.

John used Slot Car Corner controller hook ups. When ordered as a kit it comes with terminal blocks, screws, electrical connectors, and wire. One thing to note is; if you are planning to run 1/24 cars with S16D motors, the circuit breakers supplied by Slot Car Corner will not work. They cannot handle the current needed to run super 16 Ds and will trip. We removed the circuit breakers from the positive side of the circuit, but left them in the brake circuit to protect controllers.

This is the test strip set up we built.

This is the technical end of the track.


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that works. have a name for it yet? I say name it K.I.S=== keep it simple

The secondnidator

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You guys are freaking wizards!

And Bill, you are so very generous with your time.

We're fortunate to have you.

"Big Smooth"

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Thank you Monte!

It was a fun project!