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On October 30th Dave Smith is bringing back his premier HO event; Hear The Thunder!

This race will be hosted by Ron Constantin on his awesome 4 lane Viper track in Woodburn.

This is a MUST ATTEND event for any HO racing enthusiast!

Doors open at 8:00 AM.
Driver's Meeting at 9:45 AM.
Racing at 10:00 AM.

There will be 3 classes of IROC racing (cars provided).

The feature race will be (your) "unlimited" Fray style car.
           1 5/16" wide.
            "Slip on" rear tires only - no silicone/urethane coated foams.

Lunch provided - please bring your own snacks & beverages.

Call Dave with questions at 503-560-6993

Re: The Return of Hear The Thunder!

What an AWESOME race! As good or better than the originals!

Ron Constantin was the perfect host! His track is beautiful, smooth, and challenging! Thanks to him for opening up his home to all us racers! Here's Ron's Viper track:

Dave Smith put together another interesting race format with lots of door to door racing. The IROC races were all heads up 10 lap heat races where beating the other cars on the track with you was the goal. It made for some very close racing! The cars themselves were all smooth and perfectly tuned for this event, typical Dave Smith style!

There were three different sets of IROC cars, the first of which were a tribute to the cars of the original Hear The Thunder races. The first Hear The Thunder races of the 1990's were Aurora Thunderjet chassis with Lionel Corvette Stingray bodies. For this race Dave again prepared original Aurora Thunderjet chassis but chose Johnny Lightning Grand Sport Corvette bodies. These chassis were equipped with narrow tires but had a wider stance which was an improvement in handling over the originals.

Here are the results of the first IROC Corvette Challenge Race:

Re: The Return of Hear The Thunder!

The second IROC race of the day was a set of A/FX Porsche 911s. These cars were original Aurora A/FX non-Magnatraction chassis with original A/FX Porsche 911 bodies. The bodies were customized and painted by Dave. They were a little better handling than the Corvettes due to wider tires, and much faster! They were a blast to race!

Here's the results of the Porsche Cup IROC race:

Re: The Return of Hear The Thunder!

The final IROC race was with the Hot Rod Hardtops. These cars were RTR after market T-Jet replica (sort of) chassis with resin bodies. These chassis are fantastic! The cars were very fast and extremely smooth!

Here's how that race finished up:

Overall Results from the IROC Races:

Re: The Return of Hear The Thunder!

After the three IROC races were completed the Unlimited Fray Races were held. Unfortunately I was unable to stay for those races but Ron did send me a copy of the results.

The race totals from the three IROC races were also totaled for an overall IROC Champion.

At the end of the day, Rick Phillis was crowned the Unlimited Fray Champion, and Rick Mitchell was crowned the 2021 IROC Champion. Congratulations to them both!

Re: The Return of Hear The Thunder!

Although I did have to leave early, I was able to get some random photos throughout the day.

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Re: The Return of Hear The Thunder!

Re: The Return of Hear The Thunder!

Rick Phillis and I had with us our entries from the original Hear The Thunder races. These babies are over 25 years old!

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Great report Bill.  Looks like a fun time was had.  Mr. Phillis sure gets around. 

Not knowing much of the crowd, was that also a bunch of Ron's racers?

That green Vette looks to have hard a hard life.

"Big Smooth"

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I'm sorry for not remembering everyone's name. There were quite a few new racers for me to meet. The group was made up of some of Rick Phillis' regular California Fray racers, Serge (a Fray racer from Colorado), some of the local PHOSAR racers, and a few of us misc. guys. A great friendly crowd!