is there I height limit? if so is it measured from the ground to  highest part of the roof or from bottom of the chassis to top of roof?   thanks.


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wish I could have made it.  I want and need to build a can am chassis


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cool!!!   sounds like we might fill up four lanes so far....


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I got a 1/32 Eldon set first.    then tyco HO and then settled on tjet and afx HO slot cars as a kid.
Like terry said when I found the naste group I was introduced to all scales of racing.   
I hope maybe next year I can get back into the 1/24 scale cars.  I have some of  the classes but need the time and parts to build the others im missing.  plus It depends on how my arm and fingers feel..... it was brought up to  build a foot throttle    that got me thinking...……...


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nice!!!    it was pretty fun running a few cars after I got the track cleared off and cleaned...


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Well I got WFO speedway up and running after maybe a two + year hibernation.   I was wondering how many others out there are still into running tjet slotcars.     I  was thinking of having a day to just  have people come out and run their cars on the track and play and see what we might be able to set up some racing.
if I hold a race it will be run your own tjet car.    not sure if I will do anything iroc or not at this point.
I am only interested in running tjet cars    no magnet traction or G-plus …. just to fast for this short track.
I guess ill see what kind of response I get and then try and pick a day to open the track for whoever wants to come by.

that's what im hoping...

great job bob!!!!   the track look great ..

I have two slight used professor motor controllers       they have the throttle and brake adjustment knobs on them     they were used for 1/32 cars.   both have grip wraps on them.    $45 each.


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Great fun and great people!    yes thank you  Howie for providing a great place to hang out and  race.


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I have some 1/24 slot car stuff for sale as well as 1/32 slot cars and parts for sale.  several cars all still new in the box and some parts and lots of paul gage tires still new in the packages.
I don't know how to post pics of this site but I have lots to sell.
you can get ahold of me at and I can send you pics of what I have.


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Is there anyone that would like to take over as treasurer for the club?  I have not been around for some time and might not be back for a while and I'm not sure who is  collecting money for the club now.   If anyone is interested just let me know and I can get together and give you what I have that way all the club funds are together.   

I am  selling lots of 1/24 stuff and some 1/32 stuff as well     still thinking of selling my HO track and HO cars and parts... that's something I'm still thinking about at this time.   


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Excellent!!   congrats to Chris    and congrats to everyone involved with the gravity team.   I bet a lot of the long time guys there are wondering where team naste came from.   sounds like you guys had a great team and made it happen.   I think it was all the teamwork,testing ,testing and more testing that did it.  you guys were prepared and had the kill switch engaged.

Will there be a Mklll   and Mkllll next year?


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looks good   well done Chris!


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who has used one and how good are they?  I have heard good things but not seen anything.  I need to get one


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Bill the new ride looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have some 1/32 slot cars for sale...all are new in box never out or raced

Lola T-70MKII  #30 Dan Gurney   $45

Lola T-70 MKII  #6 Mark Donohue   $45

Revell Shelby Daytona coupe   white #56       $35

Revelle Lotus Cortina  red #27       $25

Revelle McLaren M6A  #5    yellow? orange?  Denis Hulme   $45

If I could figure out how to post pics   I would... sorry.


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yes excellent night of fun for sure!! Thanks Howie for letting us use your track.. sorry you were not able to run with us..I think we should post every three months on naste that the Halloween race is coming up...  Lol    so everyone will be prepaired for next year...


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Thanks Rico had a great time racing and thanks to Kelly for the great food  always a great time   great to see AJ


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Hats off to AL for hosting his first naste race...      great time and I must say I think I am a womp  believer!!!   also I thought Dominic drove great   very fast


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sweet!!!   cant wait to see it....     I wish I could find another 55 chevy kit


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check it out.   its like facebook but better I think... you just post pics  with no political crap on there... that's how I find lots of car stuff and slot stuff


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social media!!    I mention NASTE on instagram  from time to time..


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SWEET!!!!   these cars look like a lot of open wheel fun!!


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Thanks for a wild and crazy time....after about 30 minutes in and we figured out we were a different color and why we were not getting gas that was a game changer!!    Lol      I must say that's the first time I used the new controllers and they worked great!!  well done Sir