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Go Blazers !


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Sad but true


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We're just over half of the championship races. I'm not giving up yet. We will have to wait and see but we race all year anyway so it doesn't matter much to me if we run later in the year with the championship series .


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Odd Thursday races will be postponed until better times. Washington closed down fishing statewide which means Oregon had to close the Columbia. Wow just when it should start to be good. I hope Oregon doesn't follow Washington and close statewide

All lanes on my track are the same length by design, 66'7" there are the same number of left and right turns with the same average radius. It's fun when racers with nearly equal cars one in the red and one in the blue race. The car in the blue lane almost always gains distance at the north end of the track and the car in the red almost always gains it back at the south end. Anyway I'm overthinking and killing time here but my point is with everyone running multiple laps on all lanes the inequity of where the cars stop at the end of each heat will average out to next to nothing. We're doing well here, no cabin fever problems. I hope you all are doing well.


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We're ok here. I'm a little stuffed up but that happens every year about this time. When I get back from a walk outside it gets worse. I'm helping Donna make masks for clinics and hospitals. I can sew pretty good in a staight line. Staying home sounds like the best plan for a while .


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As the day goes on I'm felling like I might be catching something. A little stuffed up maybe a little sore throat. Might be the pollen in the air , I don't know and hate to cancel at this late hour but Better safe than sorry. No racing today .


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Odd Thursday is still on. There are usually only 8 or 10 of us. I'm in the high risk demographic but that does not mean I'm going to put my life on hold. I think we should be extra careful keeping our hands and cars clean. Be careful about what we touch. I will have the computer my cars and all surfaces wiped down with alcohol wipes. As long as we don't sneeze or cough on each other we'll be fine.
Race On


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Looks good Mitch !!!

WOW ! Where is the love for F1s ? I guess they wouldn't make good cars for beginners although the Scaley F1s with magnets do drive pretty good right out of the box.

I like the idea Tom. It works for me but I would want to keep the format as is for the other races. The problem there is one more race on the schedule and some guys often leave after the first two races. It's worth discussion.


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We had a great Christmas. Happy holidays to all ! I like my bourban with bourban, maybe a little ice !!!


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I did ask the doctor that installed my pacemaker about slot cars and controllers,he said they were alright. Whew I was worried. Not sure about soldering irons though ?


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Thanks, Guys I'm home now ! Things went well. I had to get a Pacemaker which required a second surgery and will take a little longer to recover but I'll be back racing soon.


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That was great Doc

Not to worry Doc, it was a typo. There is a race on 11/7/19 GT-3 and LeMans* . 11/17/19 is a Sunday ! Sorry for the confusion.    Al

No magnets for you Mitch ! On 9/19/19 we will run CanAm and LMP. The Point Series Championship races will start on 10/3/19. There will not be a race on 10/17/19.  I'm planning on racing on 10/31/19 Halloween night unless some of you object. Thoughts ?

Reminder: The NASTE IROC race that was scheduled for 8/17 has been moved to 8/24

The classes we will be running for the Point Series Championship 2020 will be :
   Classic Sports Car 1
   Carrera DTM

It's a free phone . My buddy got a new one because the camera was screwed up on this one. It will do for now. Thanks to Zack for organizing the race and driving us to Tacoma for a fun day! Congrats Stan!

That dirt is on the inside of my camera lens on my phone

I'm in !

I must have missed the conversation about the Division II revision. Whatever the majority goes with goes but for the record I think it's a mistake.

It was a great night of fun close racing. What's this nerfing thing ? Not sure what that is.

Maybe three more classes