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Saturday December 25, 2021


Thursday November 25, 2021

Some of you will get this!


Northwest True Scale Classic NASCAR Race at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway
Sunday November 21, 2021

Northwest True Scale returned to Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway for a Classic NASCAR race on Saturday November 20th.

In a 32 minute race with 15 entries, Zack Morgan won over Craig Rieland by just a 2 lap margin!

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The Thunder Returns!
Monday November 01, 2021

Dave Smith's legendary Hear The Thunder race made a return appearance at Ron Constantin's new Viper track in Woodburn Oregon. This famous race is a spot light event for vintage Aurora Model Motoring Thunderjet 500 chassis.

For this return race Dave had set up and tuned three sets of cars for IROC style races. Johnny Lightning Corvette Grand Sport bodies were used on original Thunderjet 500 chassis for one set of cars. The second set of cars were original A/FX non-Magnatraction chassis fitted with customized A/FX Porsche 911 bodies. The third set of cars were new OS3 TFX chassis fitted with Jimmy Flintstone '33 Plymouth coupe bodies.

This was destined to be an awesome race from the start!

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NASTE Annual Halloween Race for 2021
Sunday October 31, 2021

It looked bleak at one point but we pulled it off!

Nine racers made it out to haunt Howie's Rapid Raceway in the running of the 2021 Halloween Race! The race which includes one daylight session and one session in darkness was contested by a very diverse field. Everything from skeletons to dinosaurs!

This is a race, make that an event, that has to be experienced to be understood. OK, maybe another poor choice of words. I've been too many and I still don't fully understand them, anyway they are just way too much fun!

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Clubman Class Race at Tom's World Raceway
Sunday October 10, 2021

On Saturday October 9th we raced in the OSCAR Clubman Class race at Tom's World Raceway in Bend Oregon. The race was held on the short course version of Tom's fast and challenging track. Curt was the eventual winner with JP in second, Tom in third, and our local hero John coming in fourth.


Congratulations To 2021 NASTE Champion Al Christensen!
Friday July 30, 2021

Al scored the win in the LMP Class and secured the title as the 2021 NASTE Point Series Champion! Going into the last race Al and Dan were tied. Al drove a perfect race, not even one de-slot to take the win in the LMP Class. Dan was only half a lap behind, with Rico trailing him by only one tenth of a lap! It was an awesome race!

Congratulations Meat (Al), you earned it.


Wednesday Night Racing at Pelican Park Speedway
Friday July 23, 2021

The pandemic is winding down and racing is back up to Speed at Pelican Park in Eugene. It was great to make the trip down to Eugene and get in some track time racing with this great group of guys! Racing at Pelican Park is always fast and exciting! Their 50 lap heat races keeps things moving with little down time for racers. It makes for an exciting evening!


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NASTE was established in 1996 by a small group of slot car racing enthusiasts in the Portland, Oregon area that wanted something different. At first we raced on a short, 3 lane routed 1/24 scale track. The racing was intense! Click here to view the original site. Soon we expanded adding more tracks to the racing schedule.

Our goal is to make our racing inexpensive, with the main focus being on having FUN! Besides, we have learned that low tech can be very competitive! So, check out our cars and tracks and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments. And if you're in our local area, feel free to join us. You are more than welcome.




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