NASTE News for September

Congratulations To 2021 NASTE Champion Al Christensen!
Friday July 30, 2021

Al scored the win in the LMP Class and secured the title as the 2021 NASTE Point Series Champion! Going into the last race Al and Dan were tied. Al drove a perfect race, not even one de-slot to take the win in the LMP Class. Dan was only half a lap behind, with Rico trailing him by only one tenth of a lap! It was an awesome race!

Congratulations Meat (Al), you earned it.


Wednesday Night Racing at Pelican Park Speedway
Friday July 23, 2021

The pandemic is winding down and racing is back up to Speed at Pelican Park in Eugene. It was great to make the trip down to Eugene and get in some track time racing with this great group of guys! Racing at Pelican Park is always fast and exciting! Their 50 lap heat races keeps things moving with little down time for racers. It makes for an exciting evening!


The Legends Proxy Has Arrived at Mitch's Allenbrook Raceway!
Monday May 31, 2021

More info here


OSCAR Sports Car Race at Springwater Raceway
Sunday April 11, 2021

On Saturday Springwater Raceway hosted the OSCAR Sports Car Race.

You can read more about the race here


OSCAR Race at Tom's World in Bend Oregon
Sunday November 15, 2020

On Saturday November 14th four racers representing the PASER group from Portland overcame snow, ice, and torrential rains in their venture to Tom's World in Bend Oregon to compete in an OSCAR Super Stock Race.

For those unfamiliar with Tom's World, the track is a very challenging course featuring a tight infield section, a rolling hill bridge overpass, a banked curve, a long gradual curve that is driven as a straight, and a long straight in excess of 20 feet. Awesome racing takes place on this track, including spectacular crashes, and the race on this particular Saturday was no exception!

Thanks Tom, I had a blast!


Racing is Alive and Well at Rapid Raceway!
Sunday November 08, 2020

Racing in 1:24 scale continues despite the current COVID 19 crap! Racer participation is still not at 100% but, there is still a good turn out of cautious drivers. That would be cautious in regards to health concerns, NOT in regards to on track competition! The current race season includes races for the Late Model Sportsman cars and the NASTRUCK Class.


PHOSAR is in the house!
Monday October 05, 2020

Welcome to the Portland HO Scale Auto Racing group.

If you like HO racing here's a chance to get some track time with a great group as well as learn more about the HO side of our hobby,  We'll be posting their event listings and maybe get them on the forum for some slot talk.  In the meantime you can find them on Facebook at 

Small cars!  Let's race!


Racing - CANCELLED! For now...
Saturday April 04, 2020

With the current Virus situation going on most of the club racing has been brought to a standstill.  But we're hobbyists and we won't let something like social distancing slow us down! 

So if you're in need of a hobby fix or better yet, some like-minded company, stroll on over to our forum and join us for some hot discussions.  Or follow folks like Mitch and Zack on Facebook, they're always up to something.  Zack is usually working on some cool scratch-build project and Mitch is usually fixin' up about a dozen cars a day - while supplies last. 

But wait, there's more!  Bill is still holding tight to the ultimate slot car candy store while also thinking about modifying his routed track.  Holy sawdust, Batman!  Somebody get me a saw.

So, no, we can't get together to race in these days of social distancing but we can still enjoy our hobby - even together, somewhat.  Stay chipper, stay safe, drop us a line to let us know how you are and what you're up to and above all, keep it in the slot.


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Welcome to NASTE

NASTE provides slot car hobbyist’s with opportunities to further their interest in slot cars through social gathers as well as structured race programs. NASTE also connects with other clubs which provides even more options for racing.

NASTE was established in 1996 by a small group of slot car racing enthusiasts in the Portland, Oregon area that wanted something different. At first we raced on a short, 3 lane routed 1/24 scale track. The racing was intense! Click here to view the original site. Soon we expanded adding more tracks to the racing schedule.

Our goal is to make our racing inexpensive, with the main focus being on having FUN! Besides, we have learned that low tech can be very competitive! So, check out our cars and tracks and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments. And if you're in our local area, feel free to join us. You are more than welcome.




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