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Second Race of the Season at Rapid Raceway
Sunday November 04, 2018

Saturday November 3rd was the date for the second race of the new season at Rapid Raceway. We had a good turnout and we saw the return of Bryan Trachsel at this race. It was really good to have him back in the mix on race night!

First up for the night of racing were the Sportsman cars. This is the class being raced for points for the first half of the season. After the first Sportsman race last week it looked as though Gearloose was going to dominate the class, but tonight it was Howie taking the win.

After the points race the new NASTRUCK Class was run just for fun. This truck class based on Scholer type chassis are going to be a lot of fun!


Meat Kicks Ass at Point Race No.2!
Friday November 02, 2018

Al Christensen, we call him Meat......don't ask.....showed us all how to win a point race for the second week in a row.  Al appears to be serious about defending his championship title as he again raced to victory in the second point series race of the 2019 season. In this Le Mans Class point race Monte Saager finished second with Dan Fritz a close third.

In the support races Dan Fritz finished first in the Classic Sportscar 2 Class with Mitch Brooks second, and Rico Locati third. The Open Class race finish was Dan Fritz first, Al Christensen second, and Bill Bostic third.


NASTE 2018 Halloween Race at Rapid Raceway
Tuesday October 30, 2018

On Saturday October 27th creepy NASTE racers met at Rapid Raceway for the annual Halloween Race. Since 1996 when NASTE was formed, the annual Halloween race has been a favorite of the NASTE group. With the exclusion of only a couple years, the Halloween race has been a mainstay in the NASTE racing schedule.

This race requires special equipment, but not special in the usual sense. Special in the sense that the cars don't look much like true racing cars. Think of the NASTE Halloween race as more of a cross between the Lemons Race and a parade. The rules are very simple. Your race car must be able to negotiate the track under its own power, and your car cannot block another car's ability to pass on the straights. Basically your car can't be too wide. Cars are expected to include some sort of Halloween theme or decoration, but it is not written in the semi, sorta, official racing rules.

Originally the races were run in three segments. The first round of heat races was and still is raced with full lighting of the room and track. The second round of heat races was originally run using strobe light illumination. After a couple years of that it was discontinued because it sometimes resulted in motion sickness, not because it always involved total chaos! Strobe light heat races were definitely crazy!

The last round of racing is run in total darkness, so it is pretty much a necessity for cars to incorporate some sort of illumination, although not a requirement per the rules. Add a potluck dinner and that's the NASTE Halloween Race, just a plain old fun, crazy race! Look for it again next year in the latter part of October, and plan to attend! You won't be sorry!

Race Results:

1.  Bryan Trachsel - 130 laps
2.  Monte Saager - 112 
3.  Bill Bostic - 110
4.  Al Christensen - 102
5.  Rico Locati - 93
6.  Victoria Saager - 88
7.  Dorothy Abbott - 83
8.  Terry Abbott - 71
9.  Sherry Trachsel - 66
10. Mitch Brooks - 54


Odd Thursday Night Racing & NASTE 2019 Point Series Race No.1
Friday October 26, 2018

2018 NASTE Point Series Champion Al Christensen started defending his title by winning the first point race of the 2019 season. In the second race of the evening Al defeated the other nine racers in the Can Am Class with a two lap lead over Dan "Doc" Fritz in second place. The middle of the field racing was very close with one lap separating third through seventh.

The night's racing was kicked off with a round of Classic Sports Car 1 racing. Twelve racers competed with Monte Saager winning the race with his Ninco Jaguar XK120 just four tenths of a lap ahead of "Doc". Rico was a close third just a lap back from "Doc". The newly refined Classic Sports Car 1 Class is a popular class and very closely contested.

The majority of the racers headed out after the Can Am race, but for those that stuck around some Open Class racing was next on the agenda. The new Thunderslot cars are considered the best cars in this class, but Al showed everyone his old reliable Porsche 962 was still competitive. Al won the race with a comfortable three and a half lap lead over Rico in second.


Coming Soon! - Racing on Springwater Raceway
Wednesday October 24, 2018

It has been 2 years since Bob Nakamura purchased the two 1/24 commercial tracks from the out of business raceway in Depoe Bay Oregon. This week one of the tracks was moved to a new storage area to make room for the assembly of the track Bob is planning to keep and host races on.

The track is a beautiful Ogilvie 8 lane hill climb, with a lap length of roughly 140 feet. This particular track saw very little use in Depoe Bay and is in amazing condition. The paint, running surface, and even the contact braid are all in excellent condition, requiring no repairs or replacement pieces.

Bob reported he had just completed the assembly of the track sections and their supporting legs. This is going to be an awesome track to race on!


Gearloose Wins Opening Sportsman Race at Rapid Raceway
Monday October 22, 2018

10 racers competed in this the first race of the 2019 season. The racing was close and the strain on equipment was high as more than one racer fought with gear and motor problems. In the end Gearloose finished first with 381 laps ahead of Blake in second with 366 laps and Bob N. in third at 353 laps. If the rest of the races are anything like this one it is going to be an exciting season!


Rapid Raceway Rapid 500 Season Opener
Sunday October 07, 2018

As the cooler and wetter autumn climate gradually moves northwestern sun seekers indoors, slot car racers prepare entries for the racing season. Rapid Raceway’s Rapid 500 signals the start of the season for Portland area 1/24 scale racers.

Twelve racers attended and competed in this year’s event for NASCAR style slot cars. Rules require the cars be powered by 16D motors, mounted in an inline or angle winder configuration. Chassis design can be scratchbuilt or bolt together kit type. The car’s bodies must be either 1/25 or 1/24 scale model car kit, injection molded plastic. The race itself was broken down into two halves. Each participant raced each lane of the four lane track in four minute heat races, a total of four times. In this format each racer is on the track competing/driving for a total of sixty four minutes. There is no lack of track time in this race!

A long race like this takes its toll on equipment and the racers themselves. Even more so with these heavy yet very fast cars built for this NASCAR style race. Many of the racers had to make trips to the pits to make repairs due to the stress on the mechanical parts as well crash damage. In the end it was Marty in first place with Blake close behind in second. A big thanks to Howie for organizing and presenting this event which included a fantastic pizza feed!


Congratulations to Al Christensen - 2018 NASTE Point Series Champion!
Thursday June 14, 2018

Al Christensen won the 2018 NASTE Point Series Championship with a point total of 120. Al finished the season with four wins, six 2nd place finishes, and two 3rd place finishes. He only finished out of the top 3 in three of the 16 races, with a 6th place finish being his lowest finish in any of the point series races.

Dan Fritz finished the season in the runner up spot with a total of 103 points. Mitch Brooks took the third podium position with a point total of 87.

Congrats to all the racers that participated in the NASTE 2018 Point Series Championship!


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