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NASTE IROC Season Underway
Monday January 15, 2018

The first event was held the second Saturday of December in Hillsboro at Monte and Victoria’s Penguin Point Raceway.  Competition was close through two exciting heats of racing action.  The opening set was Slot.It Group C cars with the second set being those treacherous Ninco Stratos!  And surprise, surprise, the winner was not the track owner but Terry Abbott who took both opening rounds to take the early points lead.

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Clean Sweep at the Opening Race of the 2018 NASTE Point Series Championship!
Friday November 10, 2017

Congratulations to Mitch Brooks on his clean sweep of all three classes at the first race of NASTE 2018 Point Series Championship! A great way to start off the season! Is there a new champion on the horizon? 


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 9
Monday October 23, 2017

The NASTE Second Saturday Series for 2017 concluded with a great evening of entertainment at Al’s Rippin’ Ridin’ raceway in Portland.

Al’s track is one of the regular stops on the NASTE Thursday schedule, so racers were well acquainted with the circuit.  It’s a smooth, flowing track where good skills can get you a good result.
Eleven racers took to the start line for the nights first event featuring three of Al’s Sportsman cars.  These are very cool, old-school cars.  They can be a little tippy, sometimes a little short of brakes.  Rather fun and exciting.

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NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 8
Saturday October 14, 2017

The NASTE Second Saturday Series returned to Portland on Saturday, September 9th at Hammer Time Speedway courtesy of Dorothy and Terry Abbott.

The ‘Speedway’ is a small, tight HO layout that though simple in design maintains a great amount of danger at most every turn.  A clean run is a matter of skill with a pant full of luck thrown in for good measure.

With a large field of sixteen racers in attendance the battle began with some of Terry’s dune buggies.  Looked more like we should be driving to the beach with a surfboard than racing.  But racing we were.  Amid the collisions that gives the track the look of a parking lot everyone wants to exit.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 7
Wednesday August 30, 2017

The NASTE Second Saturday Series invaded Hillsboro on Saturday, August 12th.

The Penguin Point track is a 50+ foot analog track.  With some tight turns the accent is more on handling than all-out speed.

For tonight’s battle Monte had set out a set of Ninco GT’s for the opening salvo.  With small numbers in attendance Kleo Kitty came looking for track time and almost got some.  Eyeing the table he leaped into the air landing square upon the racing surface like a fur-footed Godzilla.  As luck would have it no cars were eaten, clawed, or otherwise damaged in his dynamic and dastardly display of cat-fury.  This would be the most ferocious event of the day.  


BRM Race Day at Rapid Raceway
Saturday June 17, 2017

Team NASTE will be hosting an open race day on June 24th for the 1:24 scale BRM cars at Howie's Rapid Raceway in Portland.  The day will feature an IROC race plus one or two individual races.  Some loaner cars are available - please contact us to make arrangements.

Check the calendar for more details.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 2
Friday June 16, 2017

After some delay the long awaited second race of the new NASTE Second Saturday Series finally arrived in Hillsboro on Saturday, June 10th.

The Jacquelin Park track is a 50+ foot Carrera Digital track.  Digital racing allows for multiple cars in the same lane.  It can become quite intense and sometimes quite silly.  Finding the balance is sometimes important but it’s not always easy.

For tonight’s slug fest Monte had set out a set of classic Porsches – a pair of 917K coupes and a pair of 917-10 open cars.  The coupes were fast and tricky, the open cars felt more stable but since it’s IROC you get to race them all in turn.  The racing would be the standard local Saturday night fare – qualifiers with mains.  Monte’s idea.  However, there would be no fuel – Victoria’s idea.

Each driver would drive each car in a series of 25 lap qualifying heats.  At the conclusion drivers would be ranked by lap total with the lower four drivers running a 35 lap B Main.  The winner would be bumped up into the A Main with the remaining three drivers.  In each Main, the higher ranked driver would get choice of cars.

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2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 6
Sunday May 14, 2017

Another scheduled date, another actual race!

On Saturday, May 13th 10 hearty racers were treated to food, fun and frolic.  As for the hearty part – torrential rains made the trip to the start quite interesting with lakes appearing in the middle of intersections.  We forded a few on route.  Once there food caught your eye on the way to the track.  It was excellent as always.  Kelly never fails to disappoint.  Some very tasty pizza gave way to a selection of great cookies.  I felt guilty taking the last of the chocolate chips but when I returned later, more had magically appeared!  I did the only thing I could and had another one.

On the track, more magic.

For starters Autumn Hills is a beautifully detailed but somewhat tight circuit that will keep you on your toes.  Keep the car moving at speed and you’ll do well, scrub a little off on the bridges here and there, not so much.  But to be sure there’s no time to rest.

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