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PHOSAR is in the house!
Monday October 05, 2020

Welcome to the Portland HO Scale Auto Racing group.

If you like HO racing here's a chance to get some track time with a great group as well as learn more about the HO side of our hobby,  We'll be posting their event listings and maybe get them on the forum for some slot talk.  In the meantime you can find them on Facebook at 

Small cars!  Let's race!


Racing - CANCELLED! For now...
Saturday April 04, 2020

With the current Virus situation going on most of the club racing has been brought to a standstill.  But we're hobbyists and we won't let something like social distancing slow us down! 

So if you're in need of a hobby fix or better yet, some like-minded company, stroll on over to our forum and join us for some hot discussions.  Or follow folks like Mitch and Zack on Facebook, they're always up to something.  Zack is usually working on some cool scratch-build project and Mitch is usually fixin' up about a dozen cars a day - while supplies last. 

But wait, there's more!  Bill is still holding tight to the ultimate slot car candy store while also thinking about modifying his routed track.  Holy sawdust, Batman!  Somebody get me a saw.

So, no, we can't get together to race in these days of social distancing but we can still enjoy our hobby - even together, somewhat.  Stay chipper, stay safe, drop us a line to let us know how you are and what you're up to and above all, keep it in the slot.


Our Mentor Bob McFarland
Thursday February 13, 2020

Tonight is yet another sad night. I learned today that Bob McFarland passed away yesterday. Bob was one of the nicest and most generous men I have ever known. He loved the slot car hobby more than anyone I have met. He did more for the slot racing community than anyone I have met. He was a talented innovative builder and an awesome competitor. Bob was not only a leader in the slot car racing community, he was the spirit of slot car racing in the Northwest. Our slot racing community will feel the loss, and I will miss him greatly.


Springwater Classic NASCAR 500
Friday January 31, 2020

Springwater Classic NASCAR 500
Saturday, March 7th , 2020
Springwater Raceway

Track opens: 9am
Tech: 10:30am
Race starts: 11:00am

Rules: NW True Scale Sportsman Class with 1:24 Monogram NASCAR bodies from 1981 - 1992
Cost:  $10.00 (includes lunch)

The race will be run as 5 minute heats, three times through.

For those planning to attend or for more information please contact Bob Nakamura at so he can get a head count for lunch preparations.


Columbia Gorge Championship Opening Race at Springwater Raceway
Sunday January 05, 2020

The first race in the Columbia Gorge Championship series for Porsche 962s was run at Bob Nakamura’s Springwater Raceway yesterday. The race was a huge success with eleven racers competing. This eight lane Ogilvie track is huge and wickedly fast! Racing the Scholer nuts and bolts type chassis with Team Bluegroove .030” lexan bodies mounted was a real challenge. The racing was extremely close with these cars as they were all very close in performance. Not only did racers had to watch traffic and avoid on track pile ups, they had to carefully choose where to try and make a pass. Passing was treacherous, sometimes requiring a racer to hang back a little for several laps. 

Here’s what I really liked about this race: 

1. The race format. We raced 4 rounds of 4 minute heats on the four inside lanes of the eight lane track. This gave each racer just over an hour of on track, controller mashing race time. 

2. With these long heat races if a racer suffered problems (like me multiple times with crash damage, from a huge wreck in the bank, and later gear failure) there was time to make repairs in the pits and still get back into the race. 
3. The track. Super-fast and very challenging when it came to dealing with traffic. A good portion of this was because the Porsche 962s were not only fast, they were wide!

4. The cars. This is an awesome class Howie has put together. These cars are very evenly matched. They are relatively easy to build and they are durable. The Team Bluegroove .030” lexan bodies held up very well. 

There were a lot of on track close battles throughout the race. Almost every racer suffered some type of race related damage or breakage and had to pit for repairs. More than one of those races battled back from those issues to finish well. It was truly an awesome race!


Checkered Flag Raceway Re-Opens to Racers
Sunday November 24, 2019

On November 23rd 2019, Checkered Flag Raceway re-opened. Checkered Flag Raceway, long time home track to the PASER slot car club, was shut down last year and moved to its new location in Vancouver Washington. Now referred to as Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway, the opening race was held for PASER's Late Model NASCAR and Can Am Classes.

Attendance was good for the race with a dozen people on hand, with racing grids totalling nine entries in each class. PASER is the oldest active slot car club in Oregon, being formed in the early nineteen sixties. Two of its original and founding members are still active racers and builders and, are still the guys to beat!

The Late Model NASCAR Class was first to the start line. Stewart finished in first place with Dennis just four laps behind. Bob and Jerry filled out the podium in third and fourth respectively. In the Can Am Class Dennis finished first, followed by Ted in second, Zack in third, and Jerry in fourth.

I'd like to thank everyone that came to race, and I'd like to give a couple shout-outs! Dennis, thanks for making that long drive from Seattle! Zack, congrats on your third place finish in Can Am, especially considering this was your first time on the track, and for helping me out with the track official duties! A very special thanks to Bob for letting me become the new caretaker of Checkered Flag Raceway!


Oregon Donors take 3rd at 24 Hours of Tacoma
Monday November 11, 2019

The NASTE Traveling Race Team took 3rd place in the 24 Hours of Tacoma this past weekend with their best showing so far.  Hats off to the team of Chris, Zack, Ray, Tony and Monte. 

Driving a trio of cars in yellow for 8 hours each - a Mini Cooper, an Opel Kadett with lights for the night portion and finally, a Simca - the team stayed strong throughout the event with only a few minor repairs required.  By the conclusion they had run the second most laps but a points system knocked them down to third.  Well done team!


Springwater Raceway's Opens With The OSCAR Sports Car Race
Sunday November 10, 2019

Bob Nakamura's Springwater Raceway opened to racing with the OSCAR Sports Car Race on November 9th, 2019. The day started with the doors opening for practice at 7:00 AM. Racers travelled from Bend, Eugene, and Roseburg to attend this opening race. 14 cars were gridded for the start, each to compete in 48 minutes of racing.

Springwater Raceway is an extremely fast, smooth, and challenging race course. All of the cars entered performed very well on the track. The grip level was high and the car's tires could be heard squealing as the cars rounded the corners. Racing was close and intense!

In addition to the fantastic racing, Bob and Teresa treated us all to a great taco bar lunch! There's not much better than slot car racing and FOOD! Thank to Bob & Teresa for putting on an awesome event! 

Read more and see videos and photos here:


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Welcome to NASTE

NASTE provides slot car hobbyist’s with opportunities to further their interest in slot cars through social gathers as well as structured race programs. NASTE also connects with other clubs which provides even more options for racing.

NASTE was established in 1996 by a small group of slot car racing enthusiasts in the Portland, Oregon area that wanted something different. At first we raced on a short, 3 lane routed 1/24 scale track. The racing was intense! Click here to view the original site. Soon we expanded adding more tracks to the racing schedule.

Our goal is to make our racing inexpensive, with the main focus being on having FUN! Besides, we have learned that low tech can be very competitive! So, check out our cars and tracks and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments. And if you're in our local area, feel free to join us. You are more than welcome.




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Upcoming Events

The Halloween Race will be on Friday October 30th at rapid Raceway.

Doors open at 5:00 PM.

Rules: Same as always!

This will be a pot luck event so please bring snacks, food, or drinks.


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