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Join?  Show up at the next race and JOIN the fun and excitement, simple as that.  The next and 1st race of the new season is at Jeff Courtney's in NE Portland (60th & Alberta). There is a picture of the track in the Tracks link on the Naste Home page.  Cars and controllers are furnished, Jeff usually provides some form of "flexi chassis" with various bodies.


Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.

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YES, come on out Mike. Jeff's place is on 68th & NE Alberta. Shoot me an email at wb0s@hotmail.com (wb zero s@hotmail.com) and I'll reply with his address and phone number for you.

Jeff said we will be racing the NASTE Vintage Modifieds. If you have n't raced these before you are in for a treat!  Think NASTE 55 Chev's only faster (Ok, not much faster) with open wheels..............1930's to 40's bodies, no fenders, RadioShack motors, and hard rubber airplane tires!!!!! They are a HOOT!!!