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"The Dale Earnhardt Memorial race was held May 18th at Tom's World Raceway in Bend, OR. This is the premier event for the OSCAR Race group each year. A huge turnout of 21 racers came to contest this yearly event to battle for the win. The event was broken up into 2 groups, determined by a 1 minute qualifying session. The faster group is named the Cup series and the slower group is the Xfinity series. The winner of the Xfinity race has the option to move up and race the Cup series race. Stew meat won the Xfinity and moved up to the Cup race. Scary Gary was awarded the win. Action was non-stop as each group raced 4 minute heats, 3 times through for a total of 48 minutes of driving time for each racer. In the end, Tom Street prevailed as the winner by 1 lap. Here are the results of both races. Thank you to Tom and Susan for hosting, and to Mike Leech for providing the food and beverages." - Race report from Bob Nakamura.

Thanks to Bob Nakamura for the race report and photos!

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Here are some great videos that were taken at the race by "Nick Nick". … 9070556638 … 4683438719 … 1948689269

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Great racing all around. I had a great time and cannot wait for the next one. I added a few more photos from the day.