Topic: Flexi Race at Pelican Park - For Real!

Those familiar with Pelican Park Speedway in Eugene are going to have a hard time believing this but, on May 11th 2024, Flexi cars competed for the first time in over 30 years of active racing on this famous road course! Eleven racers form the surrounding area, and as far north as Vancouver Washington, showed up to participate in the traditional Pelican Park style racing format.

The race started with 50 lap qualifying heat races in a round robin style rotation. A point system was used to determine seed positions for the following brackets consisting of Semi's (The Fast Eight they call them), Consi's, The Hooligan, and of course the Main. For all the races after the initial qualifying heats, each racer drew a colored chip from the "rattler" box to determine which lane they would race in.

There was one run off race with the bottom (read last) two racers, to fill the final spot in one of the Semi's. The top two racers in each of the two 50 lap Semi's advanced to the Main. The bottom two in each Semi went to the Consi. After the Semi races were completed the bottom four racers were placed in the Hooligan. From what I can tell, "Hooligan" is Pelican for "Losers"! After the Hooligan, racers lined up for the 50 lap Consi race. Once the Consi race concluded it was on to the Main event to determine the race winner.

Overall it was an exciting day of racing! The pelican Park style racing format is different and a lot of fun! I'd like to send out a big thank you to Pat Hurley for organizing this race, and to all the Pelican Park members that made it happen! Rumours have it there may be a second race for Flexi type cars sometime this summer. Keep your eyes open for a date. It will be a race that shouldn't be missed!

Re: Flexi Race at Pelican Park - For Real!

The starting grid for the first Flexi race in the history of Pelican Park! (Doug would never have approved of this!)

The Pelican Park track is beautifully detailed!

Flexi type cars were lined up through the pit area. A scene never before seen on this track!

The drivers for the Main Event prepare for the start.