Topic: Team Bluegroove Bodies!

I have Team Bluegroove Lexan bodies for sale. I maintain an inventory of various 1/24 bodies for the classes we use them in.

I will inventory what bodies I currently have and post that list in this forum. I will keep the list updated with what I currently have on hand. If there is a particular body you are wanting, send me a message and I will see if I have it on hand. If I do not have it in inventory I will add your request to a list for the next order. When the list includes enough body requests to warrant an order I will submit an order to Team Bluegroove. I think an order for a quantity of 10 would be sufficient to offset the shipping cost.

In addition to 1/24 bodies, I also have 1/32 and HO scale bodies.

Here is a link to the Team Bluegroove site where you can see all their offerings: