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Topic: OSCAR NASCAR Race at Springwater Raceway, March 16th, 2024 Results

The first OSCAR NASCAR race at Springwater Raceway is in the books. A sunny, warm day greeted 19 racers, competing for 18 starting spots from Bend, OR, Eugene, OR, Seattle, WA. and a host of local racers. Qualifying determined the starting spots for 2 races. The first race is the “B” main (Xfinity Series) and the second race, the “A” main (Cup Series), John Gill (Turing John) posted the quickest lap at 5.269 seconds and received the Fast Time award. 10 racers competed in the “B” main, with the winner having the option to move up to the “A” main or get the winners plaque. The offer goes down the finishing order until a racer chooses to move up. Scary Gary chose to move up to the “A” main. A special “thank you” goes out to first time OSCAR racer Scott, who offered hats and calendars to everyone who attended. The final results shoe how close these events are in the midst of crashes, car failures and provide close side by side racing throughout the field of both races. All things must come to and end, so here are the final results.
“B” Main (Xfinity)
Name                                        Laps
1st. Fly Racing  (Craig)              459.4
2nd, The Stig (Michael)             452.8
3rd. Wild Wild Wade                  442.7
4th. Patrick                               437.5
5th. Rico (Chet)                         430.1
6th. Professor Fate (Jim)            420.0
7th. Team Beau / Kaelah            403.0
8th. Scotte                                351.3
9th. Hersh                                 315.8
Scary Gary moved up to the “A” Main (455.6 laps)
“A” Main (Cup)
1st. Turing John                         505.5
2nd, Gary Tipton                        487.7
3rd. NakNak (Bob)                     483.5
4th. Bad Billy                             483.5 (Tie breaker-fastest qualifying lap)
5th. DC Dynamo                        468.4
6th. Captain Kirk                       465.3
7th. Scary Gary                         462.5
8th. Terrible Tommy                   423.1
9th. Captain Chaos                    397.3   
Captain Chaos won the "Racers choice" award with beautiful White and Orange Hardees
Chevy Monte Carlo.