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Topic: Odd Thursdays.

Okay we've gone thru a couple of computers. We can run a race thru Trackmate,  not Al's favorite. But it counts laps and there is no dreaded blue screen of death.
I've installed Race Coordinator but it needs .NET Framework v4.0 to make it run.  We can't make the WiFi work. I went upstairs and tried to put it on a stick but was unsuccessful,  it needs to he loaded directly to the C drive.
If any of you computer gurus know what to do call Al and help him out. This PC Neanderthal is out of ideas.
Meanwhile Trackmate is ready to go. It doesn't count 10ths,  it breaks ties by the fastest average lap. So we can race and the PC will decide the winner. Not usually a concern of mine.

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Out of my league

Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.

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Can you run a internet  cable down or take computer up to the cable box and download  to the drive

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