Topic: McFarland Memorial Track Tour 2022 @ Spare Time Raceway - March 7, '22

One of many McFarland Memorial Events will be held at Spare Time Raceway on 3/7/22. The Event will feature both OSCAR and True Scale Sports Cars running together in a mixed race. The event will be an informal and lighthearted affair celebrating the life of Slot Car builder and racing legend, Bob McFarland.

If you are not local and are thinking about attending, please contact Bob Hanna at 541-580-7268 or via email at

Race information is as follows:
 Either OSCAR Sports Cars or True Scale Sports Cars are eligible to compete (No True Scale GT1s are eligible)
 Doors open at 4 P.M. on race day for practice
 Bring your own food and/or snacks. A refrigerator will be available for storage.
 Racing will begin promptly at 7 P.M.
 No qualifying or tech inspection.
 Race Director will seed participants.
 Race Format will be 2 times through with 2 minute heats (may be adjusted based upon number of attendees).
 Race will be stopped to allow a competitor to address a mechanical or other problem without penalty.
 Race Director will allow competitors ample time between heats