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4 Inch Flexi.

4 Inch FLEXI General rules


Body must completely cover the frame, wheels and tires, and guide flag, from both top and front views. No open wheel type bodies (i.e. Indy Car, F1, dirt modifieds, etc.).
All wheel openings must be cut open to reveal the side profile of the tires. Must have clear windows and a painted 3-dimensional driver figure.


Any 4 inch or 4.5 inch stamped steel chassis. Chassis may be modified to run a 1/8th inch axle. Wheel base must not exceed 4.5 inches. Frame may be weighted and reinforced. Frame may be bent. Motor plate may be slotted. Lead wire restraints may be soldered to frame. Pin tubes no longer than 1.25” may be soldered to frame to attach body. No other cutting or grinding is allowed. Car must have .055” ground clearance without guide flag supporting the car. Any commercial guide and wire may be used. No weighted guides.


Proslot #2101, 2001, 2003 or Parma 502 motor. No ball bearings. Motor may be soldered, taped or siliconed in place. Armature may be shimmed and the commutator may be trued.


Cars must use 1/8” axle on the rear. Front axles may be 1/8” or 3/32”. Gears must be plastic 48 pitch. Gear ratio open. Oilites may be glued, LOCTITE’d or soldered in place. No ball bearings.


Front: Standard original 4 or 4.5 inch flexi fronts or any suitable replacement.
Rear: Any rear tire combination may be used. Maximum track width is 3.25”. Appropriate spacers may be used to achieve this width. Minimum rear wheel diameter is .750”.

Production Hardbody 1:32. This is basically the NASTE Open Class (only a little more open).

Full fendered 1/32 scale RTR production sportscars  which ran in FIA, IMSA, or SCCA sanctioned events.

Must use a readily available production chassis. After market 3D chassis are allowed. 

Any stock unmodified production motor available for 1/32 cars.

Any wheels, tires, gears, and guide flag.

Bodies must be injection molded or resin cast and not vacuum molded.

Over 55. This is a loose (very loose) version of the NASTE Over 50 Class. Think of it as an semi-open vintage class.

Class Goal: To provide racers the opportunity to run and race their old '60's type slot cars. Rules limiting the modifications to the cars to retain the classic feel and tradition. Minor modifications will be allowed to enhance the cars performance, durability, and "fun factor".

Body: Clear type bodies or injection plastic molded bodies are permitted. Clear type bodies can be no less that .010" thick.
          Bodies must be representative of cars raced or produced before 1970.

Chassis: Any production chassis manufactured in the 1960's may be used (i.e. Classic, Gar-Vic, Cox, Strombecker, Russkit, AMT,
             etc.). Any vintage slot car that is not of an angle-winder motor configuration. Chassis may be production or scratcbuilt,
             but may NOT use a floppy pan design. This is to limit entries to the technology of pre-hinged pan designs.

* Lowest points of chassis must meet .055 inch minimum clearance.

* Chassis may have weight added in the form of lead pieces.

* You can NOT add side pans to the chassis.

Motor: Motors must be of the type the chassis was originally designed for (i.e. 36D, 26D, early 16D, 13D, Pitman open motors,
          KTM style "padlock" motors). Late model 16D type motors are NOT legal for this class.

Tires: Rear tires may be newer style "natural rubber", with a minimum diameter of 1 inch, and with a maximum width TBD.
         Minimum ground clearance: .055" at lowest point (includes spur or crown gear).

Car weight: Maximum car weight shall not exceed 205 grams.

Allowable modifications: Motor = NONE.
                                    OK to replace original threaded REAR axle with drill blank type to allow use of set screw type wheels.
                                    OK to replace original spur, crown, or pinion gears.
                                    OK to replace original guide flag.
                                    OK to replace original type guide flag braid.
                                    OK to add weight in the form of lead or brass for ballast. Added weight must be well secured to chassis.

Everything else is open. This will be a "bracket" or Break-Out" class with the break out lap time set at 6.5 seconds. If you complete any laps quicker than the break out time those laps will not be counted.

These rules are preliminary and will be refined as testing and competition develops. Because of the broadness of the 60's chassis designs as well as motor developments, there will be some disparity between different car types and brands. But the real goal of this class is to get the old cars back on the track and have fun with them! Keeping this in mind these basic rules will get us started!

Womp Class:

Class Goal: Keep this a budget class, limiting it to primarily STOCK 1/32 Parma Womp chassis, keeping the cars as close to OEM components as practical. Low cost motors are a priority for this class. A lap time break-out of 5.5 seconds will be used as a way of limiting motor performance. Some speed may be sacrificed in order to gain better handling and closer competition. Most any motor rated at approximately 25K or less should keep you within the 5.5 second lap performance window. Any laps made quicker than the 5.5 second break-out time will not be recorded by the lap counting/timing computer system.

Chassis: Must use a STOCK 1/32 Parma Womp STEEL chassis. - NO modifications to the chassis, and NO additional weight/ballast
                                                                                            may be added. That means NO bracing, NO bending, NO lead, NO
                                                                                            brass! Stock means STOCK! The only allowable modification is a
                                                                                            slight bend to the motor mount to align the armature
                                                                                            shaft/pinion angle to the rear axle.
Axles: 1/8" or 3/32" axle in the rear. Front axles must remain stock at 1/8". Bushings only - no bearings. Bushings can be soldered or glued in place.

Gears: 48 or 64 pitch gears only, any brand.

Wheels & Tires: Front stock "O" ring tires. Front wheels may be set up to rotate individually. Maximum front track is 2.5" (same as chassis width).
                       Rear tires = Natural Rubber / foam tires. .650" maximum width. Rear tires not to extend beyond body wheel
                                         opening when viewed from above. Maximum rear track width is 2.5" (same as front).

Clearance : .055” at lowest point. Crown gear must have .055" clearance from track surface if it hangs below chassis.

Body: Any 1/32 body made to fit the Womp chassis. All cars must have a driver figure.

Motor: FC or FK can motor with a maximum rating of 25K will meet the 5.5 second lap time break-out parameters.

This class will be raced in a lap count heat race format, using a minimum lap time break-out system.

* This class is still under development with ongoing testing on Mondays.

* Rules amended 11/16/2021