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The index showed your track as having no posts, which didn't seem right. I hope you can get your remodel completed so we can race at your track again.


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Ill be happy with just racing again... I dont even have a track to run laps on anymore........

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I'd be overjoyed to have the remodel completed! Our contractor had his heart procedure done a week ago Friday; he has to "rest" for two weeks and then he can get back to work. The framing is 99% done. Once he's finished with that and does a little more work on the roof, he can get the building inspector out to approve the work. When that's finished, then it's time for insulation, drywall, painting, finish plumbing and electrical. Those folks have crews, so the work should go much faster. I would hope to be finished by the end of March, but it looks more like mid-April now. We have Airbnb bookings for the end of May, and then June, July and August bookings, so we'd better be done soon!

And I'm not going to require masks, but folks can wear them if they want. Airbnb requires super cleaning, so the place will be sanitized within an inch of its life. Should be very disease-free!