Topic: Columbia Gorge Championship for Porsche 962 - Class Rules

Columbia Gorge Championship for Porsche 962 - Class Rules

Bodies will be Team Bluegroove only. No modifications. Use any paint scheme ( no x rated ). Must have driver and tray to cover the entire inside. Team Bluegroove sells exclusively on Ebay. View their store here: … 7675.l2563

Three choices: any Scholer, Sloting Plus SP800001 or the Scalauto SC-8001c or SC-8002c. The chassis can be ordered from No soldering on chassis except the bushings for  the axles. No modifications to chassis except you can cut a cooling hole under the motor. You will need to make your own pans out of any material to be bolted to the "rattle pan" only. You can make a front pan. You can make your own motor mount or stiffen up the stock one if need be. you can stiffen up the "rattle pan", I use J-B weld with piano wire along and across the pan, ( works very well ), May ream out axle housings to fit American bushings/bearings. Track clearance will be .055". Bushings only for front axles and bushings or bearings for the rear axles.

Only Pro Slot motor  #PS2101, #PS2001 and the #PS2003 motors, as well as the Parma sealed S16D. No shunts. You may use bearings on both ends of motor.

Tires: all tires will be black. Front min. diameter is 15/16"X.400" min. wide. The front tires we use are ordered from Part # 400 made by Pro Track. tires can be coned down to .250" and coated. Rear tires min. diameter is 1.0", part #N244, also Pro Track from Eagle. You do not have to use these tires, just a suggestion, they use 3/32nd. axles. Inserts for the wheels are nice but not mandatory.

Lights are optional. Absolutely no extremely bright lights, keep the lights in perspective of the scale, ( this will be a tech item! )  No other lights, reflecting paint or reflecting tape of any kind.

Front not to exceed 3.250" from outside of tires. Back not to exceed 3.310" from outside of tires.

These rules can be changed or added to as needed.

Re: Columbia Gorge Championship for Porsche 962 - Class Rules

Lets not forget the 2NASTE is now eligible for the 962 challenge and readily available.

These are one of my absolute favorite cars to run!