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Topic: Changes to Odd Thursday Racing

Today is another Odd Thursday

  Tonight is the last race using the old classes that we have run and added to, changed, tweaked for the last 10 years
Tonight's classes are GFX, basically, but not limited to Slot It Class C cars, and LeMans, Stock Fly, Scalextric, Ninco cars running the Black Stripe Scaley/Fly motors.

Starting with the next Odd Thursday we will race our new classes. The changes made are more Brand Centric in an attempt to be less complicated. Several center on Slot It/Policar cars, as these are simple smooth and fast. They can be made to run very well with just minor tuning. They also perform very well out of the box. As an example my new 512 runs about as well as many I've fussed with, all I have done is loosen the pod screws a quarter turn. I haven't even changed the tires or removed the body, and you can't beat the price. Most comparable cars are twice the price.

Our horribly complex and confusing F1 class is now limited to the Policar F1 cars simplifying that a lot.

We are also running Revoslot GT2 cars together as their own class. These will be raced stock making for some close competitive racing.

Another "as they come" class" will be the Slot It DTM class.

Classes like these were made to allow new racers to be competitive right from the get go. And new racers still get to use magnets until they win, then they get to learn basic tuning skills.

See some of you tonight, enjoy.

Re: Changes to Odd Thursday Racing

I'll be there... got some new stuff to play with, also some "next year mods"-back to "stock"


Re: Changes to Odd Thursday Racing

Yes  sir looking forward to to great racing tonight. Remember  it's  not the size or the car that counts it how  well it races that matters.. close racing is were it is at..A little jab at those die hard 1/24 guys it all in fun...

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