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Topic: 4.5 inch Flexi NASCAR Rules

4.5 FLEXI NASCAR General rules


CARS: Body must completely cover the frame and guide flag, from both top and front views.
All wheel openings must be cut open to reveal the full tire. Must have clear windows and a painted 3-dimensional driver figure. NASCAR paint styles with three numbers are required. Body height is 1.750”, measured from bottom of chassis to center of roof.

TRUCKS: Body height is 1.850 measured the same as the cars. All others body rules are the same.


Any 4.5 stamped steel chassis. Chassis may be modified to run a 1/8th inch axle. Wheel base must not exceed 4.5”. Frame may be weighted and reinforced. Frame may be bent. Motor plate may be slotted. Lead wire restraints may be soldered to frame. Pin tubes no longer than 1.25” may be soldered to frame to attach body. No other cutting or grinding is allowed. Car must have .055” ground clearance without guide flag supporting the car. Any commercial guide and wire may be used. No weighted guides.


Proslot #2101, 2001, 2003 or Parma 502 motor. No ball bearings. Motor may be soldered, taped or siliconed in place. Armature may be shimmed and the commutator may be trued.


Cars must use 1/8” axle on the rear. Front axles may be 1/8” or 3/32”. Gears must be plastic 48 pitch. Gear ratio open. Oilites may be glued, LOCTITE’d or soldered in place. No ball bearings.


Front: minimum allowable diameter is 13/16 (.8125). Minimum width is .500”.
Rear: Any rear tire combination may be used. Maximum track width is 3.25”. Appropriate spacers may be used to achieve this width. Minimum rear wheel diameter is .750”.

*These rules are the same as Tom’s World rules except for the motor rule which states:
“Anybody’s 16D, balanced or not.”