Topic: OSCAR Trans Am Race at Electron Raceway in October '18

Electron Raceway will host the inaugural event of OSCAR’s 2018/2019 season with a Trans-Am extravaganza. Race date is October 6, 2018. I cordially invite each and every one of you to attend. 

Here is a link to the Electron Raceway’s events page where all information about the upcoming OSCAR race can be found … ng-events/ The events page currently includes the following.

·       Race flyer

·       Race reports (including many images) for OSCAR Trans-Am events held at Electron Raceway way back in 2007 and 2008 in an article entitled “Trans-Am Rebirth at Electron Raceway”.

·       Race Roster for the upcoming OSCAR Trans-Am Event

The events page will be updated as race date approaches so check back from time to time. I will also try to keep you informed via email as to updates.

If you have an interest in attending the event, please let me know by replying to this email. Also, if interested, send an image of your ride if you wish. I will post your name along with an image of your ride, if applicable in the Race Roster thread. Obviously, plans can change so don’t feel that a response is an ironclad commitment but simply an expression of interest.

In addition, for those who might not have been to Electron Raceway below is a link to the track specifications and pictorial tour … rial-tour/

For those interested in the history of the 1 to 1 Trans-Am series below are links to two articles:

“Trans-Am Terrors” by Sam Posey … sam-posey/

“Trans-Am - The Early Years” by J. Huffman … j-huffman/

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Will BRM Trans Am Cars be competitive?  If not, what will be required?

"Big Smooth"

Re: OSCAR Trans Am Race at Electron Raceway in October '18

The BRM Trans Am cars would not be competitive in the OSCAR Trans Am class. Here are the rules I found online for the OSCAR Early Trans Am Class. The BRM cars would be lacking in speed due to the less powerful motor and in handling characteristics due to basic chassis design. It would be like trying to complete against the Thunderslot cars with a stock Ninco Classic Porsche 356 Coupe!

Early Trans Am

Scale 1/24th , 1/25th

Years: 1964 to 1974

Motors: Parma 501 and 502,  Proslot PS2003 and PS2002, Hawk 7

Drivers: Vacuformed or Resin cast

Bodies: Body height from bottom of chassis to top of car must be at least 1.695 “

Bodies may not be flared to add extra width unless flairs were part of the kit.Driver is responsible to authenticate  Trans Am participatin for any kit to tech officer. All OSCAR general rules apply.


All chassis must have beveled pans to protect track surface from gouging.

A. Must be a 90 degree inline configuration
B. Chassis may be constructed using any material.
C. Cars will have a minimum of .055” ground clearance.
D. Chassis cannot be visible or protrude past the body perimeter when viewed from above or through the drivers compartment.
    Visible chassis parts must be painted black or darkened as not to show.
E. Either oilites or ball bearings are legal  for axles unless stated otherwise.


A. All four tires must touch and roll on the track.
B. All tires will have black sidewalls
C. No tire will have less than ¾” diameter.
D. When viewed from above, tires maky not extend beyond the widest part of the wheel opening , when the chassis is at its
     center of lateral movement.
E. Front wheels must not be partially hidden by the front or rear edges of the stock  front  wheel well. (This  does not include the
    top of the well.)


A. Guide flags must not extend  past the foremost part of the body when viewed from above.
B. All cars will have a painted, detailed driver to scale. Interior cockpit tray must conceal the whole chassis.
C. All cars will be painted. (clear coat does not count) and numbered in at least three places. Numbers will be at least ½” tall.
D. All bodies will begin races intact and complete, with no missing parts Bodies will have front and rear windows.
E. Replacement windows other than stock are not allowed.
F. Bodies may not be stretched or modified  to fit the chassis.
G. Bodies may not have material moved unless specified in the Modification section of the class.

Sealed Motors

A. Super 16D  Parma #502, ProSlot # PS2003, PS2002, Parma 16D #501, Hawk 7 are allowed in those classes that require a
    factory seal.
B. Motor brushes and springs may be  adjusted or replaced.
C. No shunts allowed

The complete list of OSCAR Rules can be seen here:

OSCAR Website:

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kidvolt wrote:

Will BRM Trans Am Cars be competitive?  If not, what will be required?

Bring them to Al's.  We ran them last week as one of the after-hours races.  They were quite fun on his track and ran well with both the sponges from the 24 and the stock rubber.

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These cars a basically what they run at Howie's with the exception of 3/4" tires, Howie's minimum rear tire size is 1"

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Richard Vecchio <>
Thu 10/4/2018, 10:54 PM
Late this evening I received a couple of phone calls regarding the OSCAR race which was to be held at Electron Raceway on Saturday, October sixth. The bottom line is that after several cancellations, at most, only 6 people might attend. Sorry folks, not enough for a race. I regret that the Trans-Am race will be cancelled. I have no plans to reschedule.