Topic: HOWDY

OK tiny racing men (and women). Here is the place to talk in tiny voices about the smallest scale racing!

I'll try to get some race results and pictures posted up soon.

In the meantime, don't miss our upcoming HOPAC race in Canby in March. This is the Oregon HO Championship for HOPAC. Racing on the beautiful Brystal routed 6 X 18 track. One of the fasted HO tracks we race on, this track is truly awesome.

You can find more information in the calendar section.


Howdy Andre and welcome!  Please post whatever info you can.  No telling when one of us will get a little itch that needs a tiny bit of scratching.

"Big Smooth"


Hello Andre, Good to have you here! I'm hearing you guys are fast in 1/32 too!!! Looking forward to meeting you and all the HO guys!  ----------------Bill (really old HO guy!)............