Topic: PASER Race at The BullRing in Fairview

This Saturday Feb.7th I will be hosting my first PASER race at TooBad Motorplex in Fairview. We will be racing the PASER 1/24 Sportsman and NASCAR classes on my 6 lane BullRing. I will be opening the doors at 3:00pm for practice, and plan to start racing at 6:00pm. First up will be the Sportsman class followed by NASCAR.   ------------------------Bill

Re: PASER Race at The BullRing in Fairview

Nine Sportsman cars raced at TooBad Motorplex today. I met and raced with some new friends, as well as a few of the NASTE and PASER regulars. We ended up racing only the Sportsman class, with two rounds of 3 minute heats. Man, we tore some cars up! Guess they know why I call it the BullRing now!

Thanks to everybody that showed up! I had a great time!  -----------------------------Bill

Re: PASER Race at The BullRing in Fairview

Thanks for a great time Bill!!
There was a great crowd there and a good time was had by all....I wish someone had taken pics of all the carnage........I wonder what the price per pound is on plastic??...better check with the

"Due to economic cutbacks,the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off"