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Howdy all.

Here's a few things I have picked up recently that could use a new home.  Contact me if you're interested.

See below...

"Big Smooth"

Re: The Monte Shop

Ok, here's a couple of items for Mad Dog Monday.

The Cobra:

Yes the same King of the Ninco Cobra's that terrorized so many.  Has been returned to original parts.  No motor - fits long can.  Will need to replace the rear drive (cracked rear wheel), glue rear bushings, add a motor and go.

Priced to sell:  $10

Pyramid Power Supply: 6-15V, 30A

The power supply that has been running the Penguin Point three lane track for some years now.  Voltage appears reliable, can not guarantee current for bigger draw motors.

Yours at $15

Contact me directly at if interested.


"Big Smooth"