Topic: NEW 1/24 Class info from Howie @ Rapid Raceway in Portland!

David and fellow racers; I have decided to go with true scale racing starting in Sept. '09. I have a few bodies in mind in the GT format such as the Nissan R390 GT1 by Tamiya. I already have four racers ready to give it a try. The chassis is a choice between the Tifosi and chassis #SCH1102001 found on http://WWW.PROFESSORMOTOR.COM under 1/24 parts bottom of page. As you can see this is an angle winder chassis. This will be a spec. car. Motors, tires, bushings etc. will not be an option. What is optional will be a choice between about 6 or 7 bodies, (all hard bodies), gear ratios and how much you want it to weigh, and as stated above the choice between the two chassis. I'm in the process of getting the parts together and do some fine tuning. Decals will be another choice but must be registered with me so we do not have duplicate cars. You could use decals from NASCAR or the Porsche 962's. The decal choices are almost endless and you can paint whatever color you want, but would like it to be in the style of GT cars, in other words, no flame jobs, etc. These are production chassis that are bolted together, so you don't have to be a soldering guru or spend much time building. Also both chassis are adjustable. Let me know if any one else is interested. I have thought about this a very long time and in great detail and have listened to my fellow racers and looked at what racers are doing in Europe. I believe this GT class will go over pretty well once the word gets out. Also Beau is working on a vintage open wheel class that will also be launched at the same time.Rapid Raceway I believe is a good track for this class and the open wheel format.Let's have some feedback. Head and tailights might be fun also. I do not intend to do away with NASCAR or Sportsman. True scale and f1 would be add on classes. Update: We now have 5 confirmed racers. Jan.20,4:40PM.

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