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We just finished our wrap up from the 12-hour Enduro this past weekend in Tacoma.  Our 8th place finish tells us we're on the road to improvement but nowhere near where we need to be.  So it's time to get organized.

To that end we're planning some practice sessions to get familiar with the cars and the track in preparation for the 24-hour Enduro scheduled for this coming November.

But, we need more of us on the team.

If you can commit to a race day or two in November please let us know.  We guarantee you'll probably have a good time.  It's 1:24 scale cars that really fly.  Part of it is in the dark.  This time the heats were only 25 minutes but for the 24 we expect them to be 50 freaking minutes!

The early word is that it will be a battle of BRM Ferrari 512's vs. BRM Porsche 917's.  Cars with metal chassis.

The tracks are great, the facility top-notch, the competition intense. 

Let's show them that for one night we can still howl at the moon!

Bill, Chris, Monte and Stan

"Big Smooth"

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Re: Join the Team!

I can stand by Monte with the same promise- you will absolutely probably have a great time and witness some fantastic competition.  They released their first modern GT car last year with the McLaren F1 and had that as the ride for the 24h.  This is the "details thread" on SCI from that 24h, in Nov 2014, and this is the "after" thread.

THIS is the thread for the recent Scaleauto 12h.  The "after" coverage (not much currently though) begins on Page 6 of the thread.

The event for this November will be BRM cars, but this time their classics line: 917 and 512's, head to head for 24h.  The 917 has been out for a while but the 512 was just released last month.  We should have plenty of time to shake both of them down and prep one.  There will likely be events during the week leading up to the 24 over the weekend, so keep your calendar clear Nov 10-15. 

Great people, great cars, great track, great facilities, fantastic event... get in on it- become part of the Oregon Donors!