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Fellow Slotheads,

Bad Bob, Kimm and Howie
have commited to hosting one Tifosi IROC Challenge each
at their tracks and I would like to extend an invitation
to all members of all clubs to come and race
with us. Not sure how the schedule will unfold and
will keep you informed with dates. It looks like we
will simply replace one of our regular Oscar races
with a Tifosi IROC Challege.

I have not seen a IROC style race with the
Oscar Club and think it may have
real potential to include more racers
by removing the variable of chassis availability,
which appears to be one of the more
restricting components for Oscar.

Thank you very much for your efforts and I know
anyone who comes is going to have some fun.


Re: Tifosi Challenge

So Dave, what happened? When my name is used to promote something, I expect some action to see things through, or at least a real good excuse as to why it didn't take place. I agreed to have the race and that was the last I heard. The season is pretty much over.

Re: Tifosi Challenge

I agree.  IROC is the perfect format to exhibit a new format so everyone can give it a try without having to make a firm commitment.

"Big Smooth"

Re: Tifosi Challenge

But it is also lots of trouble, time, and expense to build four cars to see if racers are interested. I'm glad I didn't build four Hot Rods, three guys built four cars ( I built two ) and nobody was interested. In fact they were laughed at by a few despite the fact we installed sealed super sixteens. They ran great and handled good and did not touch wheels and fly all over the area as a few had predicted. For us who raced them, it was a lot fun. But if you don't have a following, the class is over. The four cars are still in existence......mmmm.

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Re: Tifosi Challenge

mmmmmmmmmmmm..................Flash forward to 2013!! After Dave went into hiding, this Hot Rod class was re-named Early Modified. For us who race them, they are fun. Open wheels are not the monster that some say they are, they handle well and are as fast or a tad faster then the Econo/Sportsman as their chassis are the same design.