Topic: Rules for new LMP Class

Beaverton Slot Car Club LMP Class Rules

The Basic Rule
Any modification not specifically detailed below is not allowed.

1.    Body/Chassis

1.1:  Any Injection molded RTR that was marketed as a 1/32 scale slot car from the LMP classification.

Preferred List:

Avant Slot:
Audi R10
Peugeot 908

Acura LMP

Toyota GT-1
Radical SR-9

Audi R8 (Pro)


Scalextric, SCX, and Carrera may also offer choices.

This is only a list of the better solutions and not to be considered a list of all possibilities.  Cars that fit the rules from other manufacturers are allowed with the following exceptions:

Sloting Plus

1.2:  Chassis must be an inline RTR chassis from the same manufacturer as the body.  Chassis may be braced, reinforced or strengthened.  Minor trimming is allowed for body float.  Chassis cutting, chopping, sawing or drilling is not allowed.

1.3:  Guide may not project beyond the body when aligned for straight, as viewed from directly above.

1.4:  Cars must have sufficient ground clearance to permit free running without contacting track

1.5:  Bodies may be painted in fantasy or realistic liveries.  Non-decorated cars (for example plain white kits) are not allowed unless liveried.

1.6:  Headlights and tail lights are required, but are not required to actually illuminate.  Wings are required at the start of each event.

2.    Wheels and Tires

2.1:  Tires may not project beyond the body more than 1mm when the car is at rest on a level track, as viewed from directly above.

2.2:  Any wheel is allowed as long as the rear wheels fit a 20x10 tire.

2.3:  Rear tires will be NSR SuperGrip 20x10.

3.  Motors

3.1:  Any motor that produces less than 22.5K rpm at 12 Volts is allowed. Motors must be readily identifiable by label, end-bell, sight or other means. Any motor exhibiting excessive performance will be subject to review.

4.  Modifications

4.1:  Wheels, tires, gears, axles, guides, braids, wires, and bearings may be modified or replaced by any manufacturer

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