Topic: PASER Flexi race 3/11/2023

Today's substitute PASER 4" Flexi race was quite an adventure. New Racer, Jim Mitchell, showed up, bought a RTR car and did an amazing job being there for the first time. 8 racers came to navigate the tricky Rob's Redline Raceway. The race program consisted of 5 minute heats with two times through for a total of 16 heats. Thank you to those who showed up to race.
The final results:
    Name                           total laps           
1. Turing John                   523.8
2. NakNak                         490.1
3. Jim Mitchell (Vdome)      488.3     
4. Tiny Tim                        435.0
5. Rob                               412.8
6. Timba                           368.1
7. Skid Mark                      303.3
8. Prozack                         10.0

Re: PASER Flexi race 3/11/2023

What time did you all finish  up at. I almost  came over after my work but figured  you all most likely  were done or close to it. Would of been around 4pm

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