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Eligible cars:

Ferrari 512S- Any version, long tail (coda lunga), short tail, spyder even the Playboy versions if so desired.

Lola T70

Chevron B19

Chevron B21

Porsche 908/2, 908/3, 908 Flunder

Porsche 917K, 917LH (long tail), 917 Spyder, 917 Flunder?,  Please NO 917-10 CanAm

Ford GT-40

Ferrrari 250LM kit

Any other Fly Classic car with the motor pod like the ones listed above.


Minor blueprinting of chassis and body.  ie light sanding for clearance issues. Stock motor pods required.

Stock Fly blackstripe motor.  It is permissable to cut off excess shaft to avoid tire clearance issues. Some motors apparently do not have a black stripe. If a non blackstripe motor is found to be excessively fast then it must be changed to a black stripe motor. One exception is the black endbell motor found in the Ferrari 250LM.

Stock gear ratio only but changing brands is allowed. Ratio 11t pinion, 36t spur

No magnets of any kind (except in the motor for you smart asses and you know who you are)

Stock wheels front and rear

Stock front tires

Spec rear tire- IndyGrips 3003 to fit Fly Classic

Converting stub axles to straight axles or bushing the stub axles with brass

Lead or brass weights are allowed
No exposed weights.  All weights must be inside chassis.

Any guide flag that does not require extensive chassis modification (ie for stock guide is ok.)

Any brand of braid and lead wire.

.040 minimum ground clearance.

No weight limits max/min.

Cars must retain all stock interior and glass

Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.

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Monte, Are these the current rules (first race on Jan. 3rd) for the Fly Classic Class at the Pen?

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