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We pulled it off! It was looking bleak there for awhile, but 9 racers made it out to Rapid Raceway to compete (well sort of) in the 2021 NASTE Halloween Race!

NASTE has gone through many changes in its 25 years, but one thing that has never changed is the Annual Halloween Race! In those 25 years the Halloween Race has only been cancelled once or twice. Describing the NASTE Halloween Race is difficult at best. Not your typical slot car race! Part race, part parade, with a little showmanship thrown in with some engineering and artistic interpretation, in what sometimes seems like a short enduro.........Got it?......Well maybe you just need to actually experience it!

Here's some highlights:

Here's the field.

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Let's take a look at some of the cars.......well, let's make that vehicles......

Zack brought out his newly built Camaro. This was based on a clear Lexan body. I thought it was a model car body until I actually touched it! Very nice job Zack!

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Next up is Al's coffin. This car was a work of art and very fast!

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Dorothy brought out a dinosaur built by Terry that made some interesting growly noises during the dark session of the race. Not to mention it had some kind of rocking and kicking action going on!

In addition to Dorothy's new dinosaur build, Terry brought a new Lego build to race. It was fast and excellently crafted in usual Terry fashion!

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Mitch returned with his Chevrolet Hearse featuring a new chassis and motor combination. This car is a veteran of the NASTE Halloween Races and was extremely fast this year.

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Rico was out for some Halloween brutality in his usual disturbing way. Baby Head as we referred to it, was kind of unsettling to see lap the track even before the lobotomy! The lobotomy was required to gain a little underpass "clearance"! I think once Baby Head's skull was ventilated it picked up a little speed!

Rico, we need a photo of the "post" race Baby Head!

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As per the norm there was LOTS of food on hand! A big thanks to Monte and Victoria for sending along Pizzas!

And in additional to all the food, there were the candies made by Dorothy! Dorothy's candies alone are an excellent reason to come to the NASTE Halloween Races!

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And of course there were race results:

First Place = Zack with 144 laps completed.
Second = Al 124 laps.
Third = Howie 121.
4th Bill 91
5th Terry 86
6th Dorothy 84
7th Rico 83
8th Mitch 70
9th Donna 52

Thank you Howie for hosting yet another NASTE Halloween Race! We really enjoy haunting Rapid Raceway every year!

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How about some videos from the darkness rounds of racing?

Thanks for the videos Howie!

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As per request:

Daylight view

Night time view

Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.

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So that's what the soft spot really looks like!

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Nice pictures and commentary Bill! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Howie for the use of your track too.
Congrats Zack on your win!
The pictures of Baby are almost as eerie as seeing it in person!
So much good food and thanks to everyone who brought something!!

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Thanks for all those great candies Dorothy!!!

...............I'm working on my tummy ache today!